Deep within the petals of a rose the fairy so small she finds her home.

Wings of gossamer, skin of ivory, here she hides among the ivy.

Face of mischief and naughty glee wings nimble to fast to see.

The dancing fairy swings and dances among the flowers as she prances.

Giggles and shrieks feet so quick a little game a little trick.

So full of joy simple and light her little soul glowing as she takes flight.

Flitting flitting rose to rose where she goes no one know.

A fleeting glimpse in the corner of your eye never truly seeing as she hides.

A true treasure of natures making not owned of stolen not for the taking.

Little fairy in her rose a figment of imagination there she goes.

Did you see her? Did you wish? Did you believe? Did you leave a gift?

Only the worthy will see her dance, only the worthy may steal a glance.

Fairy softly in her rose falls asleep safe in repose.