Chapter 5

I felt like I was flying. In a way, I suppose I was. it wasn't like you think it was, I can guarantee that. It was more like an endless tornado that wanted nothing more than to throw me from Andrea and send me gliding into the endless abyss that lie below my feet. Andrea sensed me slipping, and she grabbed my shirt by looping her hand through the arm and the neck so there was no way I could fall off.

Erin looked like she was having a grand old time, as if she loved the twister. She might, though. I don't know what she and Andrea do with their time. They very well may spend every waking hour flying through portals for entertainment. All I knew was that I had to hang on and I had to prevent myself from vomiting all over Andrea.

Finally we touched ground, and the spinning stopped. Imagine a bridge, a very stable one, without any supports and without being attached to anything. Looking down is no help, because there is no ground. It doesn't end, it's simply space. The bridge is attached to no land and no ground, but has closed doorways with nothing behind them resting on each side in rows. Each doorway was different. it reminded me vaguely of Monsters Inc., except, you know, with a vast space of nothingness surrounding me.

I followed Erin and Erin followed Andrea, who was studying each door intently, picking from each one. Every once in a while she would tell us to grab the rail and she would swing one open. An opened door was like a black hole, except it was like looking at the sun without sunglasses. The tugging almost got me one time, and my hands slipped off the rail, but Erin caught me, so I didn't go flying to my demise.

After what seemed to be an hour of walking in a straight line, passing door by door, Andrea smiled. She stopped in front of an old, wooden door, and had me stand in front of her, directly parallel with the door. "Okay, Ah, Ivy, When I yell jump, you need to jump. Both feet off the ground. You can close your eyes if you'd like. No need to travel towards the door. It will pull you through. Would you like Erin to do it first?" I nodded

Erin stood, eyes closed, listening apprehensively to Andrea count down. When she reached one, she yelled "jump", as she promised she would. Erin jumped from the ground, and Andrea threw the door opened. Except this one was different. It was a calmer light, and a gentler pull. Erin slid in gracefully, and Andrea promptly shut the door.

"Wait, how will you get through?" I asked, "There's no one to help you with the door!" She simply shook her head and laughed. "Ivy, I've been doing this for a long time, I don't need help opening the door!" I nodded, and gave her a smile to show I wasn't afraid. but I was afraid, actually, extremely so. "3...2...1...JUMP!" I jumped, and felt a tugging in my stomach as I was lurched forward into the spiraling light.

A strong pair of hands caught me, and steady me. I opened my eyes to find Erin holding me by the forearm, and smiling up at a majestic, old mansion that stood before us. It was alive with the cries and calls of many people, some old, some young, but all filled with the strength and energy of youth. I hear a popping noise, and Andrea suddenly flew out of nowhere, not missing a beat as her experienced feet hit the grass. "Where are we?" I asked, in inquiry, but mostly in awe.

Andrea smiled up at the building in front of us. It wasn't her reassuring smile, though. It was reminiscent and nostalgic. "Ivy..." she dressed me, "Welcome to the Academy."