A Letter Addressed to Winter

To Winter, my tragic love

From the day we met we were bound to quarrel

You taunt me with your snowfalls

Send me winds so cold as to freeze my lungs

Overwhelm me with your death

Surround me with it

Everywhere, until I feel no life and struggling for breath

Cry at the loss of it all

And then you allow me to sit on your snowy lap

And entertain me with your clear black skies and cold white stars

As you did that one night when you called me tenderly to your side and I sat with you

For hours entranced by your cold vast beauty, the glorious shimmer of your gown

You sat and listened as I mourned the beautiful lifeless wasteland around me

You alone have taught me not to fear death, for in all death there is life

Telling me softly the stories of the Phoenix and wiping silently away my tears

You have taught me the value of your silence, to hear in it that noble somber song

We have shared our love of Night, my companion since birth and with whom

I've spent much time and have come to appreciate her more

You alone have tried my temper and still continue to teach me patience,

Optimism in spite of pessimism,

Hope against the surrounding gray death

Ah Winter my love, my enemy

My silent killer, my soft spoken beauty

I curse you, you punish me

Then silence falls and we come together again

More sweetly than before