Alyssa Jackson

Are you tired of living in a humdrum, backwater town? Looking to move somewhere exciting that still allows a semi-normal life? I know just the place. Because of its scenic location, the revenue the tourists bring in, and the endless amount of entertainment possibilities, I believe New Orleans, Louisiana, is the best place to live.

Firstly, the area surrounding the city is gorgeous. Settled on the southeastern corner of Louisiana, New Orleans boast a plethora of eye-popping flowers. For example, firecracker plants, otherwise known as Mexican honeysuckles; Chinese wisteria with their elegant, draping bushles; and zig zag irises, soft blue peddles waving like a long lost friend, demand attention from travelers trailing down the roads. Additionally, water surrounds the New Orleans on two sides. The city straddles the mighty Mississippi River; the rushing river slithers along, snake-like, next to the French Quarter. On the other side of the city, the waves of Lake Pontchartrain lap at the rocky shores, and on the edges of the lake, the ever-famous bayou, containing multiple endangered species, sits. No matter which part of the city you choose, New Orleans gives you a beautiful view.

Along with that beautiful view, New Orleans offers a stable market for those in the business industry due to the tourists that visit annually. Believe it or not, New Orleans ranks in with the top ten "most visited cites in the U.S." with a whopping 9.1 million plus travelers visiting annually. Now, where there are people, there is money, and these tourist spend significant amounts of it. More specifically, their spending generates a jaw-dropping $5.5 billion each year. That money accounts for 40% of tax revenues for the cities inhabitants. Further securing their weight in the greatest tourism cities of the United States, New Orleans has won numerous awards such as America's Favorite City for dining and live music and TripAdvisor® Travelers' Choice Award for Best Destination in the U.S. and World for nightlife in 2010. As you can see, anyone looking to set up a business should keep New Orleans in mind.

Although a view and money are both important, the splendor and fun the city presents contributes to make it the best place to live. First of all, the restraunts -some world famous- showcase the very spirit of New Orleans. If you need a light snack, give Café du Monde's sugary beignets a try, but if you require a more substantial meal seek out Antoine's, Arnaud's, Tujague's, or any of the other multitude of eateries, each boasting their own unique flavors and styles. While in the after glow of a delicious meal, settle back into a horse-drawn carridge and tour the city to the clip-cloping of the horse's hooves. The city offers hundreds of different tours such as: historic tours, supernatural tours, restraunt tours, and simple sight-seeing tours. Additionally, the boats patrolling the harbor intice other visitor and citizens alike to come for a dinner cruise. Not to mention, on every street corner, you find musicians performing and brandishing their arts, filling bystanders with the thrill that only music brings. Lastly, New Orleans hosts various festivals -including Mardi Gras- on every subject imaginable. The city truly holds up to its stereotype as a party city. Chris Rose, author and native of New Orleans, once said, " If there was no New Orleans, America would just be a bunch of free people dying of boredom." New Orleans, the City that Forgot to Care, is never boring.

Surrounded by natural beauty, earning money from people from every nation, and offering a variety of entertaining activities, no other place beats New Orleans, the Cresent City and Big Easy, for the best place to live.


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