Favourite Songs

I was already sure I liked the sound

before I really heard the song.

Sure I liked the promise it held

before I could sing along.


The tune crept inside my head

and caught itself on repeat,

an ever present melody

and time consuming beat.


And then the words appeared,

just an accompaniment at first.

A voice to put to the music,

memorable, new, rehearsed.


The more I listened the more I learned

about what it truly contained.

The mind behind the lyrics,

the composition now explained.


Now and then a new meaning comes

and I learn a little more

about one of my favourite songs;

I open another door.


I won't ever stop finding them,

I hope I never do,

like turning the pages of an unread book

and learning something new.


But now I've really heard that song

and I've kept it on repeat

and I know that whatever I hear now

will find it difficult to compete.