A girl stood on top of a high tower, looking much like the Eiffel Tower, yet at the same time not looking anything like it, and called down to the body so many floors beneath her. "Are you okay" she asked.

"YOU PUSHED ME OFF THE BUILDING!" Barbie gasped, examining her broken bones. She tried to stand up, but couldn't. "I think I broke my spine!"

"Oh that. Yeah, that was like so totally two minutes ago. Get with the times, girl!"


"Fine, fine, fine - I'll help you," Magical JM said, flying down to help. She had all the powers of a superhero after talking to some dolphins on a boat (she was on the boat; not the dolphins) and coming in contact with the magical moon-ray-beams. After that she was able to beat up the horribly annoying smart girl at school named Valedictorian and the other horribly annoying smart girl at school named Studies-a-Lot. Unfortunately, two of her enemies went uncaught; the Posse of Losers (which involved Mr. Needashave-Haircut, Mr. FailTroll, and Mr. Wimp) and the evil, sinister, evil, sneaky, evil Abe Lincoln Lover.

At this point I guess you should know that Barbie (Magical JM's sidekick, who's signature move is a side kick) has personality issues and is bipolar. These personas have names, too – one is Barbie and the other is Abe Lincoln Lover. However, this has nothing at all to do with her getting pushed off the building – that happened because Magical JM was just being a jerk. Barbie is a very good person and she's better than everyone else because yeah. Ignore the fact that she's also the archnemesis of Magical JM.

AN: Hey guys. I'm really tired so I'm not going to finish this chapter yet, but tell me if you like it so far.

I have no idea what will happen in this story but I can bet that Valedictorian and Studies-a-Lot will come back. Or maybe have some other people to interact with...?