Being a werewolf is not awesome. It's not cool, it's not a a gift, and it's not fun. Forget all that the media has ever show; the Twilight bullshit, the Skyrim stuff, everything you've seen in Underworld. Nothing that they show can ever compare to once you experience the real thing. It's hell; a curse and nothing more. The feel of bones breaking, skin tearing, teeth and nails splitting through, and just the feel of changing- the experience of your body resetting itself- is worse than any mountain you can tumble down, any car that hits you full force, any knife that plunges within you.

Books and movies glamorize it too much. They try to make it look like that being a werewolf is a big loyalty kingdom thing with alphas and betas and mates and all that "Pack is strength, pack is life" shit. Completely not true.

Anybody has thought that being a werewolf is one of the best experiences in the world has obviously not been startled awake, finding themselves in the middle of the forest with torn clothes, covered in dirt and blood, having no memory of how they got there or why.

The nightmares are the worst. When you toss and turn in the middle of the night, dreaming of images so horrendous and bloodcurdling you never thought it was possible for even the most cold blooded killer to dream them up- only to realize that they're not just dreams. That they're memories. Memories of what you did the night previous, memories that you cannot control or get rid of.

Still not satisfied? Then go ahead, turn the pages of this journal, let the curiosity get the better of you. But if you're looking for an archaic gothic romance that has drama, seduction, and fantasy in it; then I suggest you put this journal back right where you found it and walk away- because rest assured, this has nothing of the sort. No, the content that you find as you turn these pages is something that will fill your head with questions. Something that will change the way you view the outside world; something so awful that not even the minds of Stephen King, H.G. Wells, or Michael Crichton combined could even come up with.

This is the truth.

This is what your parents never talk about.

This is my story.

And if you still have enough willpower to finish, you may reconsider who you trust, and realize that there are a lot more secrets you have yet to uncover.