The cold beasts are all around me now. Blood drips down from their fangs making puddles beneath their feet. I try to back up but I stumble on something behind me. When I look to see what it is I am shocked. It can't be him. It just can't be. They start to close in on me now. I close my eyes and scream.

I wake up in a cold sweat. Again. This is the third night this week. My sister walks in with her tooth brush in her mouth and hair all matted up.

"Alex, shut the hell up. Mom is trying to concentrate and I have a huge hang over."

"Sorry Dayan. I just had the dream again." She took the tooth brush out of her mouth and came to sit on my bed with me. She put her arm up in the way she did whenever she wanted me to lay my head on her lap. I did, just because I loved to. She played with my hair with one hand and held her tooth brush with the other. As she played with it I saw the jet black curls falling in front of my eyes.

"Tell me about it again. I think I almost have it figured out." My sister started studying dreams and what they meant ever since she got her powers five years ago.

I looked up at her. I wished I looked more like my sister with her long, wavy strawberry blonde hair and big beautiful blue-green eyes. She had a perfectly shaped nose it was short and cute but not stubby like mine. Her skin was silky and she had that perfect olive color she had been working toward all summer. She tried to get me to join because I was so pale but every time I went out my bikini shorts were too big and my top was too small and then even if I got enough courage to go out I always got a terrible burn and had to stay out of the sun for a week.

"Well it starts off as me waking up in a room. A dark smelly room, I get up and walk out. I go down a hallway to another entry way that seems to have some light flickering in it. Torches line the walls of this large room and in the room there are big rectangular boxes. As I step closer to one of them I realize they are not boxes but coffins lining the wall. One starts to creak and then opens and a person, no, a vampire steps out with blood shot eyes and fangs extended. Then the others begin to do the same, creaking and moaning as they open. I run back out of the room down the hallway. I run into a boy who grabs my arms I think he's one of them so I try to fight him off. For some reason he holds me and its calming. When I try to look at his face it's like it's not really there. It's blurry everything but his eyes. They're such a dark brown almost black. I instantly fall in love. He tells me to run and then takes off in another direction. I run until I get to a dead end then I turn around and try to head back but they are there. I try to back up but stumble over something and when I look down it's the boy."

She nods her head and raises her eyebrow. A sign that she is thinking hard.

"And you are sure you don't know who this boy is?"

"No clue. I feel like I know him but I can never see his face clearly enough to know for sure. I mean Dayan what if it's the future?"

"It's the Mother Goddess showing you what is to come if you don't get up for school my young kitten." We knew she was there before she said anything.

My mother, sister and I have a strong bond between us. We know when to come to each other and when to leave. It has always been this way, ever since I was a little girl. My mother tells me it's this way with all of our kind, but I wouldn't know since the only witches I've ever seen other than my mother and sister were in movies and on Halloween. My mother steps in, more like floats in, to my room. Her long brown hair is in a messy braid that reaches her waist. Her blazing green eyes sparkle as she opens my curtains and starts humming a tune from my childhood. The bright light blinds me for a second and it almost sends my sister flying back to her dark room but then it feels nice. Each ray of sunshine kisses my face and bare skin telling me it's time to wake up.

My sister slinks back to her room to be away from the light and noise of this morning. My mother walks around my room touching almost everything. She stops at my jewelry box and picks up the necklace she gave me when I was twelve and I told her I could see things others couldn't. She holds it in her hands and studies it.

"This was mine when I was young. It protected me from evil and helped my powers grow into something good." She looked up at me with worried eyes. "Your sixteenth year draws near my little bean."

Her hand brushed my check and then she quickly walked out of my room still holding my charm. I followed her to her room and before I got there I could hear the ruffling of things. When I stepped through the door I felt an energy I had never felt before, it nearly knocked me over. Then my eyes started to adjust to the brightness of her room. The walls were lavender and the carpets were an off white color. There were huge windows that were always uncovered by curtains, even in the winter. She had many old treasures from family and past witches she has collected that covered her walls and tables. She was shifting threw a chest when I walked over to her closet. She pulled out a beautiful charm necklace that sparkled in the sunlight.

I recognized it soon after she handed it to me. It was a protection charm but much more powerful than the one I had before. It had a purple stone in the center of a Wiccan triquetrous. The edges of the charm had been worn but I could still see something printed. It was in Latin a language of our people, I was still learning it. All I could make out were the words "potentia venit ad illi qui tenant" which meant power comes to those who wear. I looked up at my mother and thanked her with a smile, she nodded and stood.

"Go now or you'll be late, and I'll have to talk to that awful teacher of yours."

I gave her a hug and rushed out of her room into the bathroom. As I got ready for a shower all I could think about was the charm and the way it felt when I touched it. I stepped into the tub and pulled the curtain closed. The water was freezing as first but became warm as it ran down my bare neck and chest. I dried off quickly and ran into my room knowing Dayan would be ready to go soon and would be yelling for me to come down. I grabbed my favorite pair of black skinnies and pulled them on. They fit snuggly around my thin frame. I walked over to my dresser and pulled out a white tank and dragged it over my head. Then I began the long process of picking out a shirt so I could get to the even longer process of brushing the knots out of my hair. I finally decided after throwing many shirts down that I would wear my ripped Disturbed T-shirt. I brushed threw the knots and got to the final stage in my preparation for school, make-up. I grabbed my eye liner and drew dark lines under my eyes and right on the edge on the top. I heard Dayan yell my name so I grabbed my bag and ipod and ran down stairs just in time to kiss my mother and jump in the car before my sister drove away.

We didn't really live close to town so they didn't send a bus to our house like everyone else. My sister started driving me when she first got her license. After she graduated it was hard for her to get up and drive then come back home so she got a job in town at the drug store. I looked over at her and saw she was putting our windows down, meaning she was about to smoke. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against smoking I sometimes have one or two myself but my sister smokes all of the time.

"Can't you wait till you drop me off?"

"You're starting to sound like mom."

"If you want me to sound like mom I can." I tried sounding as much like our mother as I could. "Poisoning the body is like poisoning the soul."

"Now you really sound like her." She laughed and handed me the cigarette. I took a quick drag and handed it back then blew out the window but something caught my eye.

"Hey look over there."

"Over where?"

"At the old Woodhull manor I think I see the gates open." This was a shock to both of us since no one has lived in that house in over 40 years.

"Maybe they're just remodeling or something." She leaned over me to look at the manor down the long driveway.

"Keep your eyes on the road!" I shouted right in her ear and she almost swerved off the road.

"What the Hell Alex! I was paying attention…" Her voice trailed off as I stared at the old gates. Something intrigued me. We drove the rest of the way without talking all you could hear was the silent singing of the radio. I think she might have felt the same way I did.

When we got to the school there were a few kids trying to make it in on time, carrying projects and books. I got out of the car said bye and shut the door. I looked at my phone and saw the bell was going to ring in about 5 minutes not enough time to get to my locker which was far away from these doors and then get to my homeroom which was on the other side of school. Why they didn't make sure your locker was at least walking distance away from your classrooms was beyond me. I practically ran to my locker but when the bell rang I got scared and jammed the door trying to close it, which made everything tumble out of my locker. I looked around at the few kids standing around staring at me. I got a little frustrated that they just stood there while I struggled to shove everything back in and close the door. I finally got it shut and starting running to Miss McBurger's room. I was just about to turn into the hallway which led to her class when Big Mike, the head security guard, stopped me.

"Why are you running in the halls Miss Channing, late for class?"

"No Big…I mean Mr. Mike. I was just out for my morning jog."

"Very funny kid. Where are you going now?"

"To Miss McBurger's room." Big Mike grabbed my arm and walked me to Miss McBurger's room. When he opened the door and pushed me in I saw Miss McBurger stand up and straighten out her blouse and skirt. Big Mike and Miss McBurger had a thing going, weather it ever left the class room was news to everyone but me. I could see into the past, like seeing the future but I see things that already happen. I started seeing things in my dreams when I was thirteen but about seven months ago I started seeing things while I was awake. When it first happened I was in gym and I had it during dodge ball. It knocked me on my ass and the teachers and kids around me thought I was having a seizure but I have it almost under control now.

"Well how nice of you to join us Alexandria." She looked me up and down and then wrinkled her nose.

"I caught her trying to cut class she was running through the halls." Big Mike had a huge smile on his face until I jerked away from him and shouted. "I wasn't cutting class! I told you I was walking to class I was just late."

"Well thank you Michael, I'll take her now." Miss McBurger told me to take my seat after giving me two detention slips, one for being late and one for talking back. I walked to my seat near the windows. Got a few dirty looks from Miss All High And Mighty, Hannah Kennedy, two rows away from mine but I ignored her sat down and took out my notebook and pencil to take notes.

Miss McBurger started to write down our classroom assignment when the principle walked in with two large men behind him and what looked like another person behind them. I couldn't tell because they were so big they towered over whoever was there. Miss McBurger looked alarmed but then was relieved when Mr. Stipple, the principle, whispered something in her ear.

"Class please rise and greet our new student, David Woodhull." There were many whispers but as soon as Mr. Stipple raised his hands it went silent. The boy standing behind the two bodyguards stepped out and told the two men to wait outside. I couldn't really get a good look at his face until he faced toward me then I saw him. I mean really saw him. He was beautiful with straight dirty blonde hair that covered his eyebrows and a smile that could kill. He was tall and muscular but with the sweater he was wearing you could barely tell. He started walking down the aisle of seats in the row next to mine. I looked over and saw the only empty seat in the whole room is right next to mine. He glanced at me but looked away then sat down. I wouldn't say I was staring but I do tend to look at people for longer then I should, so when Hannah shouted "look the witch found a new toy" I quickly looked out the window while everyone was laughing at me. I didn't know or maybe I didn't want to if he was laughing.

For the rest of the period I doodled in my notebook and watched the clock on my phone until the bell rang and everyone rushed out. I stood up slowly and gathered my things. The massive guards were standing at the door waiting for David as he talked to Miss McBurger. I managed to squeeze between them to get into the hall before Miss McBurger wanted to have a word with me. I walked close to the wall like I always do and no one got near me for fear they might get cursed for stepping on my shoe.

I live in a small town with small town people. Gealach, Massachusetts is where my mother decided to move when she was pregnant with me. Before that she lived in Europe with my sister. I've lived in the same house for fifteen years, in the same bedroom. I've had the same number of friends all of my life, zero, unless you count my pets and the incident with Sarah Crew.

Everyone knew about my mother and that meant everyone knew about me. Or they thought they knew. Most of the town was religious and thought we worshiped the devil. That still didn't stop the occasional visit from people who wanted to curse others or know what their future held in store for them. My mother didn't mind that the town thought we were freaks, but I did. I didn't like any of the people in the town I just wish there was someone I could be close to. Someone that wasn't my sister or mom.

A rather large boy jerked into me and I tripped. I fell and started cursing at the wind. A hand grabbed my elbow and I jolted back, hitting my head on an open locker. I was rubbing my forehead when I heard the most splendid voice asking me if I was okay. When I looked up his hair shined a greenish color in the school's terrible lighting, but he still looked like the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen.

"Your name is Alexandra, right?" David smiled and helped me on my feet.

"Yeah but I like Alex if you don't mind."

"No problem." He smiled again and this time I got a better look at his teeth. Mainly his canines, they were much larger than most. Then I looked at his eyes and they were almost like animals. They were so gold and narrow. "…and I was thinking maybe you wanted to hang out some time."

"What?" Did he just ask me out while I was staring at him?

"Oh sorry was that to forward? I mean if you don't want to we don't have to."

"Oh no It's just..." What do I say? I can't say I wasn't paying attention.

"You have a boyfriend. I knew it."



"I mean, this is going to be lame but I have to check with my mom. She doesn't really like me going out with people that she doesn't know." Even though I have never gone out before in my life and she'll probably be excited.

"Oh okay." He smiled and shook his head. Then asked for my number. I took out a pen and took his hand. I then saw the two large body guards standing behind him.

"You have to go to class master David." Master?

"Yes I know give me a minute. Hey Alex can I walk you to class?"

"Sure." I smiled and then saw he had extended his elbow for me to take. I grabbed it and we walked to Mr. Marks's calculus class which I had learned he was in as well. It wasn't a shock I mean he did seem older and maybe he just wasn't very good at science. In this class I was the only sophomore all the rest were seniors and juniors. I wasn't sure what he was though.