~Extraterrestrial Chapter One:~

Raining men

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Troy Mathews was the complete archetype of sex on legs.

Everything about him was sexy; from his sexy wind-swept auburn hair, to his sexy, incredible, make-you-melt blue eyes, all the way down to the sexy little mole on the side of his big toe. I could stare at him all day. And I did, peering covertly at his luscious form from the girl's bathroom strategically located across from his locker, or from my seat at the opposite end of our English classroom, or even, as I was now, from behind my physics text book on the bleachers that just so happened to conveniently overlook the football field.


Just look at him. He moved with the litheness of a cheetah through the African savannah, muscles rippling as he ran circles around all those pitiable, unfortunate noobs that were foolish enough to engage him in of a friendly game of flag football.

What a man.

"Give it a rest Alina," an exasperated voice scoffed, "Anyone with eyes can tell you're not actually reading that book."

I glowered at Austin from over said reading material.

And just who was he to judge my motives? I could have a very important exam coming up thank-you very much.

I didn't, but that was beside the point.

"And what," I retorted smartly, "Would give you that ludicrous impression? I am actually quite fascinated by the dynamics of physics."

And I am also quite the liar. I hated anything to do with numbers. Well, except money.

Austin was on to me, brown eyes glimmering mischievously and dimple flashing as he drawled will ill-concealed mirth,

"Because books are meant to be read right-side up."


I frowned, turning the hardback towards myself only to flush when I discovered it was, in fact, upside down.

Smooth one Alina, you should become president.


"That proves nothing." I rebuffed and the Spanish boy launched off in a rambunctious fit of hysteria, going as far as to even drape himself dramatically across the bleachers and clutch at his convulsing stomach. Idiot. It wasn't even that funny.

"Right!" he snorted, guffaws elevating in volume, "Nothing at all."

I wanted to hit him so badly at that moment. He was causing a scene dammit! What if they heard him?

"Shut up fool!" I hissed, taking a furtive peek down at the field. Some of the boys were watching us curiously, while others waved at Austin as they jogged past. I could see Troy by the water fountain, an indecipherable look on his handsome face as he stared in our direction.

Damn. He spotted me.

I proceeded to groan into my palm. How embarrassing. I did not want to draw any attention to myself; it would undoubtingly make me seem like a total creeper. And now, because of the cackling nimrod beside me, I would have to relocate or risk a restraining order.

Can't a girl enjoy some man-candy every once in a while without some moron ruining it?

I cut my eyes at Austin who was still laughing.

Obviously not.

I resentfully snatched up my bag, stuffing my textbook inside and snapped to my feet. I had to find somewhere else to observe for the time being. When I moved to walked past Austin blocked the aisle with a cargo-clad leg, and I scowled at his perfectly raised brow.

"Where are you going?"

Somewhere where I can ogle Troy without his knowledge.

"None of your business," I snapped instead. I didn't owe him an explanation; it was his fault I had to leave in the first place!

He smiled.

"Aww, c'mon Lina," he wheedled, making puppy eyes. I hate to admit, but they softened my irritation a bit. But just a bit. "No te enojes. Don't be mad, you were obvious. I actually did you a favor."

Aaaaannnd it was back.

"In what universe?" I snarled, kicking at the offensive appendage. He winced, but didn't remove it. "Now he knows I'm here. Watching him. Like a stalker."

He had the audacity to snort.

"But...aren't you?"

That's it, I'm out of here."

"Austin Torres, I bid you farewell," was my oh so eloquent reply then I stepped over his leg, snickering at his failed attempt to keep me prisoner.

Pfft. As if.

Of course he had to get the last word in.

"I love you too!"

I flipped him the bird.


"Okay, what's wrong with you guys this week?"

Freya's hazel eyes were alternating between Austin and I in obvious distress. She hated when we were like this. The two of us were shuffling through the school parking lot with a ten foot radius between us that neither seemed keen on narrowing, leaving the dark-skinned girl to walk awkwardly between. She had attempted to start conversation on numerous occasions, but each was somehow twisted into a competition in which Austin and I tried to see who could make the most hidden jabs at the other. Of course mine weren't very subtle, and after ten minutes of our constant bickering I assumed she'd had enough.

"He's an ass," I quipped as the same moment he tattled, "She's being a stalker again!"

I glowered at the dark-haired boy.


The snitch. He knew that I told Freya I had abandoned my Troy expeditions. But how could I? He was like my Coca Cola to those freaky polar bears on that commercial. I just couldn't leave him alone.

My best friend was giving me an exasperated look that caused my cheeks to burn in shame, making me feel much like a child caught with their hand elbow-deep in the cookie jar. I cursed myself for the sensation.

What did I have to feel guilty of? It was just a crush.

Yet my stomach continued to churn.

"I was not stalking," I denied, shooting Austin a pointed look. This was all his fault. "I was merely watching. From afar."

"From behind an upside down textbook," he mocked and I lunged at him, only to be halted half-way by Freya. I wriggled with all my might, but she had me in an iron grip.

I guess playing volleyball gave you arms of steel, because there was no way I was breaking free.

"I swear," she huffed, voice strained as she struggled to keep me from throttling our classmate, "You two have the weirdest friendship. One minute you're sharing sandwiches and the next you're attempting to kill each other. Can't you call a truce?"

Over my lifeless corpse.

He ruined my Troy gazing time!

"Never!" I rebuked, then added as an afterthought, "And the sandwich thing only happened once. And I regret it; Every. Single. Day."

Freya rolled her eyes, slowly relinquishing her hold.

"Just get in the car Li."

I grumbled beneath my breath, but obeyed, yanking open the door of her black Nissan and flopping into the passenger seat. To save gas, the three of us carpooled to and from school. This week was Freya's turn, and I prepared myself for the rollercoaster ride I was sure to endure. She was a terrible driver. So terrible in fact, that whoever gave her that license should be fired immediately for endangering anyone within the city limits. Said girl settled into the driver's side while Austin collapsed into the back, winking lavishly at me from the rearview mirror.

I swear, he was so immature. Yet I found myself laughing anyway.


"See?" Freya tusked from beside me. She backed out of the parking space with a speed she probably shouldn't have, making a turn I was almost positive was illegal, and swerved onto the main street. I could hear horns honking from somewhere behind us, but Freya acted as if she didn't hear a thing. "Now was that so hard? You guys already made up!"

"He has the IQ of a rock," was my blunt retort, "There's no point of staying angry."

Two lanky arms snaked across my shoulders from behind, giving me a tight squeeze.

"Aww," Austin cooed, and I could feel the cold tip of his nose nuzzling my neck, "Yo sabia que me amabas. I knew you loved me Lina."

I scoffed, but didn't bother untangling myself. All he would do was whine and bitch the entire way home.

"You know," Freya mused, peering at us from her peripheral. She drove straight through a stop sign, nearly hitting an elderly woman on the sidewalk. She was shaking her cane at us as we rounded the corner, "I always thought Austin sounded sexy when he spoke Spanish."

Um, Barf?

Austin and sexy didn't even belong in the same sentence. Troy however...

Yum. Insert X-rated images.

Austin turned his head so that he was facing Freya, curly hair tickling the skin exposed on my back.

"Gracias. Eres tu mismo cariño muy sexy." he purred and I could feel his breath sweeping the side of my neck, "You're quite sexy yourself love."

Freya's face pinked, and she gave him a shy smile from beneath her colossal fringe. Austin waggled his brows suggestively in response and I could feel bile gathering at the back of my throat.

Good God that was gross.

"Ew guys!" I exclaimed, horrified. Did they really just do that right in front of me? "Could you at least wait until I'm out of the car to start flirting? My ears are burning."

Freya's flush deepened, but Austin just laughed, giving me a knowing look that made my skin crawl. I wish he would stop doing that. It gave me goose bumps.

"Don't worry Lina," he assured, patting me as if I were mentally ill, "One day you will have someone of your own to flirt with, and won't be so bitter about witnessing it."

I bristled at his tone.


I could feel my blood rushing to my face in rage. How the hell was I bitter?

I turned my head to glower at his smiling face, daring him to say another word.

"Shut your trap or you die Torres," I gritted dangerously.

His expression was fixed into a deceitful innocence that would have fooled even the most experienced shrink. Of course I knew better. The conniving little shit was picking at me.

"Why so hostile Lina?" he inquired, an impish gleam appearing in his eyes. Freya was shaking her head, a weary groan escaping. She knew how this conversation would end.

Austin wasn't as perceptive to my gradually flushing face, or the slight tick in my eyebrow. If he had been I would bet good money the words he uttered next would have never left his throat.

"Is it possible..." he murmured, pausing for dramatic effect, "That my words hit a nerve? Troy doesn't really acknowledge your existance does he? Must be depressing."

His scream could be heard three blocks down.

"Alina dear, do you mind passing the peas?"

Her black hair was styled to perfection, make-up flawless as she reached a manicured hand across the length of the table. I stared blankly back at her, comtempt barely restrained when her lips curled in a deliberate smile.

Yes. As a matter of fact I would mind.

But of course I couldn't say that out loud. I could feel my dad's brown eyes burning into my face from beside Miss Perfect, and mustered up my fakest smile.

"Why of course Marge," I replied in a syrupy sweet tone, passing her the bowl filled to the brim with sphere-shaped vegetables. She took it from me gingerly, smile bright, but I could see the resentment simmering beneath her angel-like facade.

I hope you choke on one bitch.

"I want peas!" Vinny protested from my other side and I smiled at the six year old. A real smile.

"Don't worry Kiddo," I assured, patting a chubby brown arm, "I'll get you some when Marge is finished."

He beamed like it was the happiest day of his life.

"Okay Li!"

"So Alina," Dad addressed pointedly and I resisted the urge to flinch. I knew what he was trying to do; he was trying to start a dialogue, craftily implant Marge into it, and get the two of us talking. Sorry Pops, but I was not talking to that witch. You'd have an easier time getting a cat and mouse together without bloodshed. But don't get me wrong, I wasn't against my dad dating other women since my mother's passing like those brats on television, but this one happened to be a skanky, sneaky, gold-digging, good-for-nothing whore.

Yet Daddy remains blissfully unaware. It was beyond irritating.

"How are Austin and Freya?" he attempted, "They haven't been around in a while, I sort of miss the noise."

Nice try old man.

"Good." I answered simply. Vinny began fussing and I swiftly served him some peas before he started wailing. The kid had pipes like a friggin chimpanzee on steroids.

Dad's eyes clashed with mine.

"Good?" he echoed, "How so?"

You're really pushing it buddy.

"Good," I repeated, struggling to conceal my frustration. I picked at my food, pointedly evading the things that Marge had prepared. I wouldn't put it past her to poison me so she could get my inheritance."Nothing bad has happened if that's what you mean."

It wasn't, and we both knew it.

"I like them," Marge inputted, catching on to my father's motives, but not because she actually wanted to talk to me. She just wanted to stay on his good side. "Though I don't understand how you all fit together."

I stiffened.

To an outsider the comment seemed innocent enough, but I knew what she was really implying. She thought they were too good for me. Freya was a knock-out in the looks department; a perfect ten out of ten while Austin, admittedly, was a very attractive guy. She was wondering why two individuals of their genetic blessing would hang around girl that, at best, could be described as 'cute.'

Not everyone was as superficial as her!

"Well they don't like you," I quipped, dropping all sense of formalities. If she wanted to toss insults than so would I. "They say your boob implants are lop-sided."

I watched in satisfaction as her mouth fell open in shock, green eyes nearly as large as the plates we were eating on.

Yeah bitch, I said it.

"Alina Char Whitmen!" Dad admonished severely while Vinny giggled, echoing over and over, "Boobies!"

"Apologize!" he ordered.

Yeah. Like that was going to happen.

"I'm staying over Freya's tonight," I announced, standing from the table. My father's face was deadly, frown etched so deep I was sure it would make a permanent dent in his forehead.

"You will do no such thing," he contradicted, standing as well. He made an intimidating figure, but I knew he would never hurt me and wasn't fazed. "You've been rude to our guest and need to act like a mature young woman and apologize!"

And she needed to stop picking fights with a teenager half her age!

My patience was dwindling. Another minute and I would be snapping at my father, and I really didn't want that. The funny part was, we got along so well before he started dating Marge. Even now, I could see the underlying of hurt beneath his anger.

He hated fighting as much as I did.

I sighed, the fury draining out in a mighty swoosh.

"I apologize," I gave in, aoiding Marge's undoubtingly smug expression, "Now may I please stay the night at Freya's?"

My father's face softened.

"Of course."

Austin actually lived a lot closer, but there was no way I was crashing there. His sisters already thought we were dating, (yuck, not even if you paid me) and were ten times as obnoxious as he was. Not to mention I figured he'd slam the door in my face after the black eye I'd given him earlier.

That he deserved.

I exhaled, squinting past my dashboard into darkening streets. It was begining to drizzle, and I groaned when the rain became more intense, giving my no choice but to pull over to the side of the road until it lightened.

"Great," I huffed, slumping in my seat, "This is just great."

This whole day was a disaster. First, my Troy-time in interrupted, then I let Marge get to me and almost get into a conflict with my father, and now I'm stuck in the middle of a downpour. Alone.

The universe hates me.

I'd forgotten my cellphone in my haste to escape my house and was bored out of my mind, amusing myself by predicting which direction the raindrops on the window would trickle. Then when that no longer served to occupy me I attempted to wrestle my crazy hair into something manageable using the rear mirror. It remained stubbornly wild to my dismay.

It was durng that moment that the unexplainable happened.

From within the mirror a dark shape dropped from seemingly nowhere, landing behind my car with a solid 'thump.' I froze, too startled to even breathe.

What…was that?

My chest was starting to sting from lack of oxygen, and I sucked in a shuddering breath to ease the sensation. Whatever it was, it fell right from the sky. A bird maybe?

Birds aren't that big you imbecile!


So the only logical thing I could come up with was a person. A person-fell from the sky…

I've got to be losing my mind.

Lightning flashed, illuminating the interior of my car in an otherwordly glow before vanishing, and thunder boomed like a ravenous beast, vibrating my seat with it's power. This was unlike any other storm I'd ever experienced, and suddenly I was growing concerned for the individual outside. Were they hurt? Did they need medical attention? What if it was my fault they died because I was wasting time in the car!

The last thought coerced me into action, flinging open my door and rushing headlong into the pouring rain without a moment's hesitation. I was drenched instantly, and I winced as I was pelted with what felt like a thousand little needles.

Whoever it is better live, because I was definantly going to have one hell of a fever after this.

As if proving my own point I sneezed, peering through the dense curtain of water to the motionless figure on the pavement. My stomach sunk at the sight, and I was at their side within seconds.

"Hey," I whispered, patting an ice-cold cheek. I couldn't make out their features very well in the heavy shower, but managed to make out a head of snowy white hair plastered to down over their face.


Whatever, that didn't matter. I needed to get them to the hospital A.S.A.P.

"Hey!" I repeated, giving them a gentle shake. There was a deep groan and I knew he had to be male, "You alright?"

Pease, please be okay.

There was another labored groan, before he sat up abruptly, nearly bumping foreheads with me. I yelped at his proximity, scuttling back on my arms and legs. He rubbed his forehead, snapping his head in my direction so fast I could have sworn I heard a sharp 'crack.' We stared at each other in silence for what seemed like an eterninty, before I echoed the question I've been asking since I kneeled beside him.

"Are...you okay?"

"C-cold," he chattered and I exhaled in relief. He was okay, though freezing.

I stood, offering my hand. He stared at it distrustfully, eying it like some sort of venomous snake.

Paranoid much?

"Come with me," I encouraged, shaking my palm for emphasis "I'll find you somewhere warm for the night."

When his hand hesitantly grasped mine it was like a whole new door was opened from within the depths of my mind, and I released a soft gasp at the foreign sensation flowing through my veins.

It was just the beginning.

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