Hope you guys like it :) WARNING: STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT. Here's a list of the songs from the story:

The Clincher - Chevelle

Face to the Floor - Chevelle

Get Some - Chevelle

Until You're Reformed - Chevelle

Comfortable Liar - Chevelle

Enjoy :)

~ The Piercing ~

"Oh, come on Rachel." Amy tugged hard on my arm, trying to get me to move. "Don't be such a-"

"Don't say it." I held up my free hand, shaking my head. "I'd like to see you get this done. You'd cry like a baby."

Amy shrugged. "Maybe, but I'm not the one who agreed, am I?"

I sighed, glancing back at the storefront. It was a dark looking place in the middle of a long strip of dark looking places. The letters above the door gleamed in threatening green neon.

Empire X Tattoo & Body Piercing

I hated myself for taking this dare. I mean...how completely idiotic! It wasn't even a lost bet! It was a dare. I could've turned it down then and walked away with my pride. But now...well, now it was way too late. I couldn't turn back.

Not if I didn't want to give my four best friends license to mock me for the rest of my life.

"Fine," I ground out. "Let's go in."

She dragged me through the metal bar-covered door with a devilish grin, and I couldn't help but be reminded of my ex-boyfriend when he thought of something particularly nasty. That was a long time ago, though...

What time was it, anyway?

I glanced at the clock above the front desk, which was littered with tattoo designs and ash trays. Almost eleven at night.

"Couldn't we come back tomorrow?" I whispered to Amy. "You know? When it's light out!"

She shushed me, turning away to bat her eyelashes at the employee who walked around to tend the desk.

"What's up?" he nodded at us, mohawk stiff on his head. "Can I get you ladies anything?"

Mentally, I grimaced. He was smothered in tattoos, and I was led to believe that, should a magnet pass over us this instant, he'd be sucked up like dust in a vacuum. Piercings everywhere.

"Yes, actually," Amy responded without hesitation, doing her stupid, casual flirting thing. I rolled my eyes from behind her. "Rachel, here," she snagged my arm and pulled me forward, "wants a piercing."

"'Sup?" he said again, holding out his hand to shake. I shook it as best I could without flinching. It wasn't that he was gross or anything...just a little scary. "I'm Matty."

"Nice to meet you," I muttered.

"First piercing, huh?" he asked, bracing his arms on the counter.

I shook my head. "No. I had my ears done a few years ago."

"Oh yeah? Just lobes?"

"No, I got a helix too." I tucked back my hair to show him the cartilage bar.

He grinned. "Looks good on you."

Nervously, my eyes scanned the contents of the case in front of us. All the menacing gauge jewelry and skull tattoos on display.

"So, what'd you have in mind?" Matty asked. "Brows? Lip? Nose? Naval? Maybe something more extreme?"

"Definitely more extreme," Amy piped up.

Matty rose a studded brow, "Gauges?"

"NO!" I shrieked immediately. Amy thwacked me on the arm and Matty just laughed.

"No gauges, then."

"Actually, Rachel was going for something a little more...private," Amy explained.

I felt the color rush to my cheeks immediately and bowed my head in shame. Why the hell was I doing this?

"Nipples?" he asked curiously.

I bit my lip and forced myself to whisper, "No."

There was a pause. And then it dawned on him.


I groaned, covering my face with my hands and drowning in the sound of their laughter.

"Don't sweat it," Matty said once he'd recovered, giving me a good-natured pat on the shoulder. "I've got a Prince Albert."

Amy snorted, but I glanced up from my hands. "What's a..."

"Prince Albert? Well I can show you if you like-"

"No!" Amy was choking back a fit of laughter. "It's a dick piercing, Rachel! A dick piercing!"

I flinched, but couldn't help the small smile that spread across my lips.

Matty just shrugged. "Hurt like a mother, too. Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Do you have an exact style in mind?"

I squinted rather bashfully, "I didn't know there were different kinds."

"Hell yeah, babe. Hood, Diana, lateral, you name it. We've just got to see what you're anatomically suited for."

I could feel the nervous jitters in my stomach start to build.

"Okay," I said, trying to sound casual and brave, but my voice wobbled. "Where's your female staff?"

My first sign of horrible luck was the confused furrow of Matty's brow. Then his hesitation. Then his stutter.

By the time he actually spoke, I already knew I was done for.

"We...don't, uh...have and female staff. But I could take care of it, or I could get Nick."

"What?" I nearly screeched. "Nope. Sorry. Not happening." And I did a full 360 before Amy grabbed me again.

"I'll say it again, Rach. Don't be a pussy."

"You never said anything about a guy doing it," I snarled.

"Just relax. They're professionals. They'll be gentlemen about it."

I looked back just in time to catch Maddy's wink.

"Not. Happening," I stressed.

"Look babe," Matty said, "I know I'm kind of intimidating and all, but at least meet Nick. The guy's never had a bad review. Not to say that I have either, but...you know."

"I can't-I just--ugh!"

"Breathe, girl," Amy encouraged. "This place has a great rep. Plus, they're the only ones open 24 hours. And you know what happens if you come back to the dorm un-pierced."

I winced, just wanting to shrivel up and die. I was never, ever, ever taking another dare again. Ever again.

But Matty seemed to sense my indecision, and hollered over his shoulder. "Nick! Get your ass out here!"

There was some struggling in a back room and a few metal clangs, then a muffled shout of, "Calm your tits!" before I heard footsteps.

I didn't even have a chance to prepare myself.

He was around the corner.

Holy. Shit.

The first thing I took into account was his height. He was at least six foot four, and he carried it oh so well. Long and lean with a muscular torso shaped like a 'V.'

Then I saw his eyes. Dark, dark green eyes. Like poisoned emeralds. One eye was hidden by the tangles of his straight black hair, piled in a carelessly sexy mop on his head. His nose was slightly crooked, probably from one too many fights, and his lips were soft and full, pierced only once through the bottom.

My first instinct was the want to touch him, but I restrained myself for the sake of modern society.

His navy blue T-shirt didn't hide his tattoos-but they were so abstract and so masculine I thought it would be a sin to cover them up. One arm bore song lyrics, the other a tangle of spikes and swirls.

I couldn't see his hands yet-he was wiping them on a dishcloth-but I bet a million bucks they were big, the fingers long and smooth.

He took me in with a dark, sweeping gaze, then tossed the rag over his shoulder and held out his hand.


Just like I thought.

Almost identical to Matty, he said, "What's up?" as I took his hand and gave it a firm shake. It was warm and rough-callused from guitar strings.

I knew this from experience.

"Nice to meet you..." I whispered when I finally found my voice. Amy was silent behind me. I knew she was as awestruck as I was.

"Nick," he finished for me. "And you're?"

"Rachel," I squeaked.

"Rachel," he confirmed. Oh, but I loved his voice. Low and sexy and brooding.

This wasn't fair!

"What can I do for you?"

I can think of several things...

Shut up, Rachel! Shut up!

"Um..." I stuttered uselessly when he let go of my hand.

"She's thinking about a clit, Nicks," Matty said shamelessly. "You up for it?"

Nick's eyes flashed with something I couldn't quite pick up, but it was only a moment before he recovered himself.

"A clitoris, huh? Are you a candidate?"

He asked me as if he were asking about the weather.

Mortified, I whispered, "I have no idea."

"How can you be a candidate?" Amy finally spoke up. "I mean, a piercing's just a piercing, right?"

Nick shook his head, "Nuh-uh. Lots of different factors come into play before we can actually poke the holes."

"Yeah," Matty added, "and not to be crude, but if the clit ain't big, then the needle won't dig."

The three of us groaned simultaneously.

"How could that possibly not be crude?" Nick rolled his eyes, whacking Matty with the dishrag. "Asshole."

Surprisingly, the conversation was loosening me up. The tingling in my gut turned to more of a hum...and I couldn't decide whether it was because of the piercing, or Nick.

"So, what do you say, babe?" Matty asked. "You game?"

Amy jabbed me hard in the ribs with her elbow.

"Yeah," I squeaked. "Yeah, I'll do it."

Nick's eyes flashed again, and his tongue darted out to tease his lip ring.

My mouth watered a little bit.

"Come on back," he gestured to me, flipping the rag back over his shoulder and starting around the corner. "I'll get set up."

"Think I'll hang back. Good luck," Amy muttered, and I tossed her an incredulous look. She just shrugged before falling easily into conversation with Matty again.

I followed Nick into the back with a newly released swarm of butterflies in my stomach, and he led me through a door to a small, sterile looking room. Almost like a doctor's office.

I was thankful it looked so clean.

Opening up a cabinet in the back, he crouched down (giving me a fine view of his ass, mind you) and grabbed a thin binder labeled rather boldly, Female Genitalia Piercings.

Paging through it for a moment, he then handed it to me and tapped it once with his finger. "That's probably what you're thinking of."

Thank god they were sketches and not real pictures.

As I scanned the page, I watched Nick out the corner of my eye. He spread out a long, clean sheet of paper on the piercing table and pulled up a side tray on rollers to carry the needles.

Swallowing thickly, I turned back to the binder.

The one in the righthand corner looked the most like what I expected. Hell, it even looked kind of...good. There was a ring pierced straight through the woman's clitoris.

Before I knew it, Nick was looking over my shoulder, his body heat unbearably close, breath tickling my ear.

"That one?" he asked, pointing to it.

Shivering slightly, I nodded. "Yeah."

"Alright." He accentuated the "al" in an accidentally seductive way, moving to the wall cabinets and pulling out a clear glass case. "Take a look at these. They're all stainless steel, hypoallergenic and cleaned daily. No chance of infection."

I put down the binder and gazed at the box of jewelry. Most of them looked rather plain-like studded rings-but there was one. Its studs were a pale, mint green. Instantly, it caught my eye.

"I like that one." I tapped it.



"Good choice," he hummed, unlocking the case and picking up the ring with a pair of tweezers. He set in on the tray by the table.

And then he was looking at me expectantly...and I knew the time had come.

"What relaxes you?" he asked, throwing me off.


"What relaxes you?" he repeated. "This is gonna hurt a bit."

Swallowing the fear that rose in my throat, I croaked, "Music."

His face brightened, lips curving up into a sexy half-smile. "We're like-minded, then."

A small laugh bubbled out of me, and I twiddled my thumbs.

"Particular bands?"


His face sported a full-on grin now. "No shit?"

I shook my head, "No shit."

"Saw them two years ago in Sac. Fucking awesome."

"I saw them here, '06."

We were both smiling.

"Well, fuck," he said, turning away with a laugh and moving toward a speaker system in the corner. "I'm impressed. Most chicks like that Taylor Swift shit."

"Hell no," I spat. "She can't carry a tune."

For a couple minutes, the room rung with our laughter as the sexy sounds of "The Clincher" lined the walls.

Then we got quiet again, listening to the music.

"Well..." he said awkwardly. "Sorry about this. You're gonna have to strip from the waist down."

I blushed a dark crimson.

"I'll turn away," he offered.

I snorted, "Not like you won't have a front row view in a minute."

He shrugged.

For whatever reason, though, he faced me while I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down my legs, pretending not to look but doing a horrible job.

With quaking fingers, I removed my underwear, feeling my entire body heat up with embarrassment as I set my clothes down in the corner and put my shoes on top.

Nick patted the table and I slowly heaved myself up onto the crinkly paper.

"So..." he said, and I found his face curiously pink as well. Huh. "I'm going to check that you're a candidate for this. The proper anatomy for a clitoris piercing is kind of rare..."

I nodded, looking anywhere but his eyes.

He pulled a pair of latex gloves from a dispenser and slid them on. "Go ahead and lie back."

Taking a deep breath, I lay down on the table and shifted my hips into a better position. "Face to the Floor" started to play, and I forced myself to relax.

"Can you spread your legs?"

Blushing yet again, I slipped my knees apart and bared myself to him. This random, handsome stranger.

His rubber-clad fingers just barely brushed me, and I bucked with shock.

"Easy," he murmured, patting my inner thigh gently.

And he wasted no more time.

His fingers molded against me, almost as if he were giving me a massage, and spread my folds to glimpse my clitoris.

He sucked in a breath. "I'll be damned..."

"What?" I asked meekly.

"You're compliant. Like, perfect. That's good...because I don't think a hood would look good on you."

"Why's it-why's it rare?" I stuttered, trying to ignore the sensation of his fingers.

"Because the clit," he thumbed it without restraint and I jerked again, "is usually covered by this bit of skin when relaxed. The hood. It makes it difficult."

This is not pleasurable.

This is not pleasurable.

This is not pleasurable.

That mantra became the only thing I could think about. I was trying to force it upon myself, even when I knew it wasn't true.

"So...all systems go, then?" I asked, attempting to hide the breathlessness in my voice.

He nodded when I glanced up at him. "All systems go."

"You have nice eyes."


What the fuck?

I'd literally just regurgitated those words from the darkest recesses of my mind. How the hell could my tongue betray me like that?

Nick's eyes flashed with surprise, and he quirked a brow at me. "Thanks."

"Sure," I mumbled, mentally trying to kill myself.

His fingers continued to prod at me in a hypnotic and dangerous fashion until he finally pulled away, sitting on a stool and reaching for some gauze.

I got nervous all over again. Dammit. This apprehension would never end. It was torturing me.

I'll tell you what else was torturing me. Nick's stare. His eyes were glued to the area between my legs, and not in a way that seemed professional at all.

What could I do?

What should I do, more like? Snap my legs shut and run for the hills?

No. No, I'd come this far. I'd be damned if I didn't see it through.

Plus, a secret side of me would later admit that I didn't mind his gaze at all. It only served to turn me on beyond reason.

A couple seconds later, he was touching me again, one rubber hand spreading my folds, the other dabbing gauze along my most sensitive spot.

I hated the feel of the latex. It was starting to creep me out.

Yet another opportunity for my mind to vomit something, it seemed to think.


"Yeah?" his hands hesitated.

"I feel awful asking. It's really embarrassing-"

"Don't be embarrassed, Rachel. I do this for a living," he encouraged.

And I was too dazzled by the sound of my name on his lips to form any sort of censor for what came out next.

"Can you take your gloves off?"



That was most certainly not what I'd been planning to ask. Sure-maybe I'd been thinking it, but...fuck!

I was trying to ask for some pain medicine, but I didn't want to sound like a wimp. I'd had no intention of openly asking him to fondle me!

It was like dead air on a radio between us.



Then, "Why?"

His response was curt and stiff, as if highly controlled.

"I don't like the way it feels," I covered quickly, afraid that if I went any redder, my head would explode.

Nick took a few steady breaths, then answered. "I...I'm actually required by law to keep them on. Sterilization and all. I'm sorry."

There was an edge to his voice I couldn't decipher.

"Of course. I understand. Totally uncool of me," I babbled.

A long silence ensued, only the sounds of our breathing and Chevelle's trills to keep us company.

Nick broke it about five minutes later. "Okay, this is going to be a bit uncomfortable. I have to spot a vein with my fingers to make sure I don't rupture it during the piercing. Alright?"

"Okay," I breathed, too embarrassed to think straight.

Both hands were on me again, still clad in that dreadful latex. But they were Nick's hands nonetheless...and that was hard to ignore.

He started to make this nearly unbearable pinching motion just beneath my clit with his thumb and his forefinger. The sensations shot through me like electrical pulses, igniting a longing for something more...something stronger.

I spasmed and twitched uncontrollably when he accidentally pinched my clit, stabs of pleasure causing the blood to rush in my ears.

"Did you-did you find it?" I gasped out. Using his knuckles, he pressed a long sweep through my folds that almost threw me over the edge.

"Hmm?" he asked, sounding distracted.

"Did you find it?" I squeezed my eyes shut so as not to appear crazed.

"Oh! Yeah...I just-yeah. I guess I'll-sure," he stumbled, and his touch released me again as he turned back to the tray and grabbed a needle with a plastic cover.

A nervous laugh came from me. "I'm scared shitless right now," I admitted.

"It only hurts for a second..." His voice was curiously soft.

I repeated his words in my head for a minute, calming myself. It almost worked until I felt the tip of the needle against the most sensitive region of my body.

I shrieked.

Literally shrieked.

Nick jumped as I shot up to a sitting position, blurting wildly, "I can't do this! I can't! I can't do this!"

Instinctively, it seemed, his hands came to rest on top of my bare thighs, thumbs stroking in gentle, circular patterns. "Woah, woah, woah...calm down. It's okay, alright? Look at this."

He lifted one hand to show me the needle.

"See how thin that is? It's less than a flu shot."

But my eyes were tearing up and I was shaking my head furiously. "No...no, I can't! I can't believe I agreed to this. I can't do it. I'm too scared."

"Shh..." Nick coaxed. "I'm not going to force you. It's just a lot quicker than it seems."

"My friends think I'm a coward," I sobbed, covering my face. This was mortifying. Utterly, face-meltingly mortifying.

Nick smiled sweetly. "You should've seen me when I got these tattoos."

I took one hand away to look at him, sniffling, "Did you scream?"

He grinned. "Like a girl."

My smile was somewhat lame, but a smile nonetheless.

"My question is...do you actually want this piercing?"

I went quiet, thinking about it for a moment. Some people would call a genital piercing vulgar, but I'd never thought that way. If I did get it, it might be a symbol of courage and determination, as well as something sort of...attractive.

Yes, I wanted it, I decided.

But a secret part of me also didn't want Nick's touch to disappear. It was entrancing.

"Yeah..." I breathed. "I think it'd be cool."

"Want to try again, then?" he asked. I nodded. "Lay back for me."

Something tingled in my brain...and I wished he'd been saying those words under different circumstances.

You just met him!

I know, I agreed with myself. And it was that quick.

I leaned onto my back again and tried to take a relaxing breath, waiting for the feel of the needle.

For a long while there was nothing, though.

I had my eyes closed, but I could tell that Nick wasn't even moving. What was he doing?

Then, suddenly, as if making a rash decision, his entire right hand came down on me, rubbing a heavy path up my core to the crest beneath my navel.

A gasp shook out of me.

And he did it again...


"What are you-" I panted, but he cut me off.


The next moment was my undoing.

His finger snaked down through my folds and pushed gently into me.

A long, languid moan eased out of my throat before I could control it and my hips bucked. Seizing the paper sheet beneath me, I crumpled and tore it with my fists, writhing madly. "Nick...oh!"

He pulled out and pushed back in more forcefully. I responded with a series of choked gasps, and he thrust his finger in with quick succession.

Oh, oh, oh!

"What are you doing?" I finally managed, eyes screwed shut with the pleasure of it.

He didn't answer. Only asked, "Do you want me to stop?"

I tried to speak, but nothing came out, so I shook my head vigorously.

I couldn't believe this was happening. But now that it was, there was no way I was putting an end to it.

It just felt too good.

My jaw went slack as he curled his finger upward, hitting my g-spot with practiced ease, and I arched my back, moaning.

There was a slight sting as he inserted two fingers into me, and I gasped in shock before closing my eyes with a whimper.

He knew what he was doing...and I wasn't sure if that intimidated or aroused me.

Jesus, I was so wet, I was practically dripping. His third finger joined the other without any strain whatsoever.

And I had a flashback to Conner, my ex. He'd never done this for me...it had been all about his own needs.

Nick started to make a corkscrew motion, twisting his fingers this way and that, and my eyes rolled back into my head, insane with the sensations. My toes were curling, my legs writhing on the table. I wasn't sure how much more I could take...

Then, suddenly, his fingers yanked out of me-and the sudden emptiness made me groan, my eyes flying open.

"Fuck this," Nick muttered, tearing off the latex gloves and tossing them at the wall. His strong, warm, wonderfully callused hands then rested on the skin of my hips, and our eyes met in a moment of startling clarity.

What are you doing!? My conscience screamed.

I don't know...

He dragged me toward him, face uncomfortably close to the apex of my thighs, and my breath caught.

I don't know. I don't care.

Sweeping his hands down my inner thighs, Nick spread my legs further, and I struggled to contain a nervous hiccup.

He breathed on me...just a slow, gentle exhale-and I was wrecked.

"Nick..." I sighed, hands releasing the paper sheet to reach for his hair. It was thick and masculine as I tangled my fingers in it, just as I'd hoped. A soft groan sounded from him, vibrating through his hands and into my body.

This was surreal. Completely from another world.

But who gave a fuck about Earth anymore?

His thumbs slid to my folds, and he spread me wide, exposing the most sensitive part of my body to the open air and his warm breath...

And then his tongue dipped out...and he tasted me.

Just a quick, teasing dab. But I shrieked as if he'd just inserted ten inches of cock into me.

Would he really be that big? Would I ever even find out? Oh, god...

The next lick was more daring-a swipe. I wracked, twisting back and forth and mewling, my eyes screwed shut once again. How could it possibly feel this good?

Not a minute later, his tongue was inside of me, probing at my entrance, and I could feel his lip ring, the metal cold against my enflamed skin.

"Oh, god, Nick!" I gasped, certain I was knotting his hair with my fingers. He didn't seem to care, though...

It had all happened so fast. How had it come to this...in just a few minutes?

I didn't have time to think about it.

Without warning, the orgasm attacked me. Like small pricks of ecstasy on every inch of my body, it was like one of heaven's clouds had been unceremoniously dumped upon me...and then repeated in waves.

My hips bucked, knee nearly jabbing Nick in the side of the head. He pressed me down again, rested his head between my legs, nose still buried against my core, as I rode out the ripples of pleasure into a blissful state of lazy ease.

I went limp.

"Jesus Christ...did you really just do that?" I whispered, the embarrassment finally hitting me. My face heated up at least five hundred degrees. I could probably fry an egg on my cheek.

Nick straightened up, looking flustered but somehow in control. It irritated me.

I was obviously completely unhinged.

"Either that," he answered, "or I have a better imagination than I thought I did."

"W-What do you mean?" I breathed, slowly closing my shaking legs for the sake of any virtue I had left.

His seaweed eyes locked on me with an intensity I didn't expect, and I nearly gasped aloud.

"I can still taste you..." he murmured.

Oh, just fuck me to death.

Please, my inner nymphomaniac added, directing the plea at Nick.

I don't know. Maybe he could see it in my eyes...or maybe it was just his own decision...but he stood up, lifting his t-shirt and reaching for the fasten of his pants.

I forgot how to breathe.

And then I started to hyperventilate.

Nick noticed my distress and stopped what he was doing, raising a gentle brow that was anything but condescending.

"Hey," he whispered, voice more soothing than a lullaby, leaning forward to take my hand and pull me up to a sitting position on the table.

He brushed a strand of hair from my forehead, sliding the hand down to cup my chin and tilt my head up. "I may look like a criminal, but...I don't like hurting women."

"You don't look like a-"

He took advantage of my open mouth and crushed his lips to mine, earning a startled squeak out of me. He swallowed the sound in only a way he could do and make it seem sexy. I was sure of that.

It was the first time I realized just how soft his lips were...like an angel was kissing me. He sucked my bottom lip like a melting popsicle, his tongue skilled in more ways than one, and then moved to my top lip soon after.

The area between my thighs moistened again.

"Rachel..." he whispered against my mouth.


"You're gorgeous..."

I whimpered for what must've been the thousandth time, arms looping around his neck with abandon as I bit down on his lip ring, flicking it gently.

The kisses grew deeper, his tongue battling mine for dominance. He won. And I realized how right he was. I could taste myself on his lips...

Oh. My. God.

I heard his zipper drop, felt his barely suppressed erection against my core.

"This is illegal," he whispered. "What we're about to do is illegal."

"How?" I panted.

"Doesn't matter. I just want you to know. Personally, I don't give a fuck."

His fingers found the buttons of my shirt, hot mouth moving down my jaw to my neck. With each button he freed, he placed a kiss upon my exposed skin. "Am I forcing you?" he murmured, voice finally betraying the desperation within. "Please, tell me if I'm forcing you."

I hesitated for perhaps a moment too long, my open shirt swinging to the sides from the air conditioning and revealing all of my, aside from my breasts, still clad in dark blue lace. Thank god I'd worn something sexy today.

Nick stepped away, eyes concerned, "Rachel?"

Gathering a deep breath, I said the one thing I was sure of.

"Please, Nick. I...want this. I want you."

With something resembling a growl, his lips crashed back down on mine as he tore the shirt off my shoulders. His hands slid hypnotically up and down my thighs before reaching behind me to yank at the clasp of my bra.

I didn't think twice as it was undone and discarded, rendering me completely naked before him.

A complete stranger...

Hungrily, his mouth latched onto my nipple, and I shrieked in wild sensation, twirling my fingers in his hair again. That damned lip ring! I could feel it everywhere, marking the territory where he'd been.

Clutching desperately at his shirt, I forced him to back away so I could yank it up over his head. Tossing it somewhere in the direction of the latex gloves, I leaned back to take in the sight of him.

Oh, heaven help me...

That abstract tattoo on his arm continued over his shoulder and down the smooth planes of his chest, like a tribal marking. I traced the strong, bulging muscle that was his bicep with my fingertips, all the while with him watching me carefully, eyes hooded. God, he was so big...

Pressing slightly on his pecs, I earned a deep groan from the back of his throat and his head leaned forward to rest against mine.

But I wasn't near finished...

His left nipple was pierced with a ring like his lip, and I twirled my finger around it to tease him. Another groan.

Mirroring what he'd just done, I dipped my head and took his nipple slowly into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the pert nub.

His hands slid around to grip my hair, pushing me down further-increasing the pressure. And then he pulled me away quite abruptly, so hard it almost hurt.

"I can't wait," was all he said, and I was suddenly lifted and sprawled across the table as he crumbled up the paper sheet and swept it to the floor.

I heard his shoes come off, watching him yank off his socks which joined the ever-growing pile of our clothing in the corner...and then he was dropping his jeans.

I got one look at the impressive bulge in his black boxer-briefs, which were just tight enough to make him appear like some kind of warrior. A boxing champion, more like, considering his build.

Then he was crawling over me, warmth seeping into my skin like a sedative. My eyelids drooped as I released a sensual purr. I was surprised when one of his moans echoed it, and he lowered his head to whisper in my ear, "Do that again."

My already speeding heart jumpstarted, and the same noise came out on its own, without even trying. He growled in approval before reaching low and separating my thighs.

His final covering must've somehow disappeared-because I suddenly felt skin on skin! His hot, pulsing member was pressing against my entrance, and just to emphasize it, he rocked his hips up and down, sweeping it between my folds.

I whimpered, constricting my arms around his neck again and seriously considering begging for it.

"Now, if you'll forgive me..." he murmured into my collarbone as he feathered barely-there kisses across its expanse, "I'm about to be extremely unprofessional."

"Please!" I panted, and with a final growl, he entered me-a swift, commanding movement that left me screaming at the top of my lungs in ecstasy.

It was so full. He was much too large for me...enormous, in fact.

I'd never experienced this feeling with Conner. It had always felt a little under par with him. But if we're speaking in golf terms, what Nick was doing right now was nothing short of an "eagle."

He allowed me to adjust to his size for a full minute before slowly pulling out and gliding back in.

I was beyond words, reduced to a constant stream of strange, agonized "oh's."

His pace quickened suddenly, and they morphed into shrieks.

But then he stopped, cutting me off mid-scream and leaning down to my ear once more.

"Birth control?" he panted.

"Y-yeah..." I gasped, nodding my head vigorously.

"Thank god." And then he was pounding away again, carrying me with absolutely no effort to the highest peak I'd ever climbed in my life.

"Yeah, baby-come on. That's it," he coaxed. his breathing ragged as I tried to withhold my orgasm. "Let go. Just let go."

"No!" I could barely contain it. "Together!'

Despite it all, Nick laughed breathlessly in my ear, "I'm already there, babe. Better make it fast."

Holy shit! Conner and I never came at the same time!

This isn't Conner, I reminded myself. Far from it.

And with a final clench of my inner muscles, he gave a great shudder and erupted inside of me, hot jets of his ecstasy gunning against my walls. His climax was accompanied by a rumble of my name and then a deep sigh.

There was no delay in my following him right into it.

I came with a fire so intense, I thought I might actually kill myself in the process. It was an unearthly feeling-a feeling only angels deserved. Nevertheless, I took it greedily in hand and rode out the waves of my orgasm with Nick as my guide.

We collapsed together, his wonderfully heavy weight sinking onto me.

I hadn't felt this at ease in...forever.

"Oh my god..." I whispered, so quietly I wondered if he'd even heard. Lazily, I stroked the back of his neck, twirling my fingers in the thick, black strands. "I think I can handle that piercing now..."

At first, I thought he might have choked...or coughed or something, because his body jolted over mine...but then I realized he was laughing. Really hard.

Was he mocking me?

Lucky for me, he didn't make me wait too long to find out.

Raising his head from the crook of my neck, he managed, "Baby...I did it ages ago."

For a moment, I just stared at him in confusion...and then my eyes snapped wide. "What?"

"The piercing," he clarified. "In and out, completely clean."

"WHAT?" I repeated, aghast.

Rising up off of my, he rolled onto his feet and held out a hand to pull me up. "Have a look."

And sure enough, as I glanced between my legs, a silver glint caught my eye. The piercing was perfectly centered, impaling my clitoris straight through.

"H-How did you-I-how?" I spluttered.

Nick smiled wickedly at me. "You'd be surprised how far distraction goes."

I gaped at him for a moment longer before a delirious giggle bubbled out of me. I clapped a hand over my mouth, shaking my head in disbelief. This had to've been one of the most outlandish things I'd ever done.

"Is that...standard procedure?" I managed after the laughter subsided.

Nick gave me an incredulous look as he slid into his briefs, hiding what brief glance I'd gotten of his half-eased manhood. "What? Making love to clients?" He ran a hand through his tousled hair after zipping up his jeans and shook his head at me, "No, Rachel. Christ. No, it's not."

My heart skipped a beat.

Making love...he'd called it making love. Not sex. Not fucking. Making love!

It made my nervous system melt into a useless puddle deep inside.

Blushing, I ducked my head and set about finding all my clothes. There was something in his eyes that told me I'd said the wrong thing...insulted him, somehow. And his next comment just confirmed it.

"I don't think I can charge you for this. It would make me some kind of gigolo, wouldn't it?"

A male prostitute?! Oh, great...now I just felt wonderful about myself.

Scurrying to the corner to get my jeans, I quickly dressed and laced my shoes with shaking fingers, finding it impossible to look him in the eye.

"I should go..." I said meekly, catching a glimpse of him as he shrugged back into his t-shirt.

Feeling horribly guilty for possibly the best moment of my entire life, I dug into my pocket and pulled out a fifty dollar bill, setting it on the table regardless of what he'd said.

Then I made to rush past him, blurting out a quiet, "Thank you."

Halfway through the door though, I was snagged back, Nick's hand latched onto my wrist. "Rachel..." he murmured, pulling me so that I turned around. When I finally met his eyes, they bore the same guilt as I did in mine.

He, too, dug into his pocket, and for a few horrible seconds, I thought he was going to pay me back. But then he drew out a ballpoint pen, clicking the top and twisting my hand gently so that my palm faced the ceiling.

He began scribbling something, hand steady and sure.

Then he clicked the pen again and dropped it on the floor, tugging my arm up to place a sweet, caressing kiss over the fresh ink. "Call me..." he whispered, and then he closed my fingers over what he wrote and gave me a half smile.

My face heated up again, this time with joy, and I nodded, making the slow trek back into the main room with a new spring to my stride...and new sway to my hips.

Except I didn't expect to see Amy and Matt so soon...and I was caught off guard, my face still a brilliant shade of scarlet.

They both looked startled, and Amy rushed over to me. "I was so worried about you! I heard screaming! Was it really that bad?"

The heat must've been radiating off of me!

"I'm fine," I croaked, avoiding their eyes. "Thanks, Matty. I paid Nick in the back."

He nodded, looking confused and they both stared after me as I hurried out the door to the car, barricading myself inside.

I watched Amy say her goodbyes, and then she was headed toward me, that suspicious look I knew all too well on her face.

"What happened?" she asked, after she'd started the engine.

I shook my head, "I got the piercing...that's all."

Her eyebrows raised for a moment, as if scrutinizing me-testing me, and then she shrugged, seeming to think I was only mortified from the experience. "Wow, Rach...I'll admit, I'm impressed. Didn't think you had it in you..." and we sped off toward the dorm where I'd have to face the other girls...

"Neither did I," I whispered.

Neither did I.

Secretly, when she was focused on the road, I opening my shaking palm, still clenched from when Nick had closed it for me, and stifled a gasp.

His number was there, of course...accompanied by the four words that changed everything.

I don't regret it.

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