Preface: Lost history

Cheers and screams of joy sounded from the streets of Aswan as masses of people crowded on the sidewalks, all straining their necks to get a better view of the parade. Fireworks and flash bags went off in a rapid and seemingly endless succession as the night air was filled with laughter. The atmosphere was permeated with joy as the excitement from the crowd became seemingly infectious and touches each and every person in attendance. Today was Remembrance Day in the republic, the day all would come together and celebrate those who held great importance the different sectors. Today in particular was happy. When asked by travelers the people would say they were currently celebrating the defeat of the greatest threat in its short history, the death of an infamous serial killer who threatened the lives of all who lived in the republic. The name of killer was lost to history, as he was as mysterious as he was deadly. But the name of the vile man held little importance to the people, for they had the name of their hero, Lord Allen Elvey de Kenway. It was this man who single handedly defeated the serial killer and saved the people. So naturally, in light of this momentous occasion the people rejoiced, shouting his name from the streets and the windows for all to hear. "Eat, drink, and be merry. Scream his name whenever you get the chance, and remember him, for he has saved us all." The town's people would tell any traveler who stopped them to ask what was going on.

So caught up in there joy, no one noticed a figure slink through the crowd. Maneuvering skillfully through the throesof people, as if disgusted by all the cheer; The figure easily de-tangled from the crowd and took shelter in an ally, only stopping to glance one last time at the boisterous crowd. "Sheep" he muttered shaking his head as he turned and getting ready to disappear when he suddenly felt a tug on is cloak. Looking down he suddenly came face to face with a young boy. "Jasper there you are!" shouted the boy. "Hush, Will and let me go" sighed Jasper as he tried to tug his cloak free from the teen. "But, I want to follow you." "No. You are too young to understand. " "I'm fourteen, Jasper! Soon to be fifteen! In the eyes of the republic, I'll be an adult and I'll finally be able to leave that bloody orphanage. I think I'm at least old enough to know where you disappear every year on this day" protested Will as he tried to stare down Jasper, almost willing him to say yes. For a long time jasper stared at Will debating with himself. "Is he really old enough to hear this?" he thought his head swimming at the thought of possibly ruining the innocence of one so young. "Still, he has the right to know more than anyone else." "Very well he whispered almost reluctantly. But you must keep up with me. There are things not meant to know by the common people." with that he turned on the spot and continued to stalk down the alley, knowing will was following.

They continued to walk in silence with only the sound of their footsteps and the roar of the crowd in the distance to break the otherwise still atmosphere between the two. Soon even the cry of the people could be heard no more and the silence became deafening causing tension to take hold of the two as they continued to move toward the outskirts of the city. The once vibrant decorations and lights that reflected off the brightly colored buildings, faded in to dull gray rubble and a grass-less field.

"What's this Jasper, you every year you escape the parties just to come stare at some old rubble?" Will asked confused. "For you this place is just rubble, but for me this place was once a home. Not one I liked, mind you but still a home." replied jasper as he took a seat in one of the bigger pieces of stone. "But how could this be your home, you're Baron Jasper von Ellwood. You could probably buy every the home in the city. So why? What is this place?" Will rushed out, a million questions in his head. "There are two ways to gain a titlein the republic, Will. Jasper said slowly as if he didn't know where to begin. The first is to be born into it. That makes up most of the aristocracy in this city. The second way is to be awarded the tittle by one of the lords." "Which lord awarded you the title? I can't see any of the current lords giving any one anything much less a title" Will said skeptically. "Lord Elvey de Kenway gave me my current title almost sixteen years ago today." "No way, the hero? How was that possible!?" Jasper suddenly turned sharply in will's direction. "Quiet! This is a place of resting for many. If you wish to know the full story sit down and I will tell you. But you must not interrupt me." Will froze at his stern tone. Jasper was rarely serious, but on this day every year since he could remember, Jasper became solemn and pensive. He wanted to demand answers, but he knew that would not be welcome today.

Curiosity winning over his need for answers, Will sat down next to Jasper, eyes wide and willing. "What do you think about the hero, Will?" "I think he was just some pompous ass who probably sent someone in his place to capture the killer and took the credit." Jasper chuckled. "Interesting theory, Allen would most likely have the head of any one who thought he was anything like the other pompous bastairds on the counsel though." "Really?" asked Will interested. "You knew him that well." "No, we weren't the best of friends or anything of the sort," thought Jasper. "I looked out for him sometimes and he looked out for me the times when it counted and before he left he entrusted me with a few things. That's all." "Well what did he give you?" asked Will. "He gave me the truth." Jasper said simply. "He gave me the truth about the serial killer and him. I'll warn you now, the story isn't light. It's completely different that the tripe the council feeds people every year. I'll give you the one chance to back out and go back to the celebrations." Will stopped to think. He had never liked the council any way. They were nothing but a bunch of idiots, with money who did everything in their power to make themselves look good. It made sense that they changed the hero's story too. "I want to hear the story" he said with a determined look on his face. Jasper grew solemn one again. "So be it. It begins with two boys Allen and his brother Ren…