This is my first script I have written in a long time. I hope you enjoy it.


(The quietness of the place is unsettling only because it is the location of fears, terrors, and misery. Empty room after empty room. There is a rumbling sound in the midst of the darkness. Someone is in the house and is searching through box after box for anything important. That someone, rumbling around in the bleak darkness, is Donovan Perry. Donovan could be considered a loner…and a scavenger. He looks over at a teenage boy who had put a gun in his mouth and took his own life. The body was sitting under a window sill. Blue light from the moon is seeping in though the window.)

DONOVAN: Nothing around here.

(He continues to look rummage around in search of supplies. The lack of useful items around the place is not frustrating to Donovan because he has gone through this whole looting process over and over again.)

DONOVAN: (to the dead body) Hey, by any chance, do you know where a guy can get some food around here?

(No response from the dead body)

DONOVAN: I'll take that as a "no".

(Then, Donovan notices something odd as he holds up a small mirror. Behind him, he sees that there is an open door on the other side of the hallway that was once closed. He sighs. Donovan puts the mirror back in the box where he found it, picks up his backpack, and heads for the door.)

DONOVAN: (to the body) Sorry, but I gotta make a quick getaway…And, uh…stay in school.


(The time is about five o'clock in the morning. The black sky is shifting towards a darker shade of blue, and Donovan is headed down an empty, country road. He doesn't even bother to look over at the abandoned cars anymore. A couple of cars are painted with blood. Donovan carries his red backpack on his shoulders. In the distance, there is a light. From a house! Donovan's eyes grow wide as he stands in complete silence. He runs towards the source of the light. He passes by a street intersection which indicates that the house with the light in it is located on Sullivan Circle.)


(There are loud voices coming from the inside of the house. Two people are screaming at one another, but they cannot be seen. A bright lamp is the only thing that can be seen. The fight is between a man and a woman.)

WOMAN: Look, I don't like this place any more than you do, but—

MAN: All we do is just stand around and wait for something to happen! We aren't living in a home, we are living in fear.

WOMAN: You want to leave?! Then, leave!

(The lamp is picked up by the WOMAN and thrown across the room, at the MAN. The MAN moves his head at the last possible second. The lamp shatters against the wall behind him. The MAN is a young man in his mid-twenties by the name of Jackson King. His sister-in-law, Mandy King, is a few years younger than him. Her husband was slaughtered by mysterious hands/claws.)

JACK KING: What is your problem?! I think you need to calm your nerves. We are all a little antsy from everything that has been going on.

MANDY: (mumbling under her breath) Whatever. I don't care what you do, Jack. As long as it doesn't involve me, I don't care what you do.

(A knock on the front door. Mandy and Jack turn their heads in awe and surprise. Both of their mouths hung open because a formal knock had become a foreign thing to them. A pen drop could echo through the home. All that could be heard was running shower water. A third person was taking a shower in another room.)

MANDY: I heard a knock.

JACK: I did, too. From the front door?


JACK: Did you want to check it out?


JACK: …Did you want me to check it out?

MANDY: Sure.


(Donovan is panting outside of the home. He is the one who is knocking on the door. Scanning the lawn and the house itself, Donovan concludes that the house is occupied by living, breathing people.)

DONOVAN: Anybody home? I'm a good guy and I don't mean that in a sarcastic, deceitful way!

(He can hear some whispering coming from the inside. Donovan's heart is racing. He knew the doorknob was being grasped on the other side. It was turning. As the door was slowly opening, Donovan peeked in to see as much as he could. All he could see was the rising, red sun, shining a dim light on a young man.)

JACK: Back up. We are armed and dangerous in here.

DONOVAN: I'm not.

(Jack takes in a deep breath of fresh air. He fully opens the door to get a good look at the new stranger. Jack glances over Donovan's shoulder and sees his backpack.)

JACK: What do you have in there?

DONOVAN: Just enough food to last me a week or two. Nothing special.

JACK: You're telling me that you have lasted four years in this Hell without a weapon of any kind. I don't believe that.

DONOVAN: I'm a lucky guy. Do you want to see the contents of my pack? If you do, I want to come inside.

JACK: Sounds like a plan to me. Just know this: if you try anything, we will not hesitate to cut your head off.

DONOVAN: (smiling) Fair enough.

(Donovantakes the pack off of his back and hands it over to Jack. Donovan casually walks into the home on Sullivan Circle while Jack shuts the door behind him.)

NEXT TIME: Jack and Mandy introduce Donovan to the leader of their group: Indigo; The history behind the desolate world will be unraveled.