North Shore

The blood red sun had began to dip into the horizon, as seen from the large glass window. It marked that the day shift was officially over and the night shift had just begun. Alethea had just finished her fair share of work and at this time would prepare to head home. But alas, today Miss Paula hadn't been able to make it in time. Her excuse was intense pains of the stomach and dreadful migraines.

And so, Alethea had been asked to cover for the ill employee. She filled in Miss Paula's job of standing around and doing absolutely nothing, whilst holding a clipboard and leaning over a counter. An annoyed huff escaped her lips. Bored out of her wits, she began to think. About what? Even she didn't know.

Maybe about how lucky Miss Paula was to stay home during work hours. There had been a rumor about her bearing another child lately. That could definitely explain a lot. Alethea wasn't the one to participate in gossip, even so she couldn't help but overhear, as the Bernardo sisters chatter ever so loudly.

As the sun bid farewell and the cumulus clouds blew around, Alethea was left to answer the confused guests' questions at the desk. They couldn't have picked a job more boring that this, she had thought. It left her wondering how Miss Paula had managed to do it everyday. There must be a secret to it.

She craned her neck to look up at the glass dome ceiling, as the stars were visible on nights as these. She wished she could be outside at the moment. Anywhere other than here. Her fingers drummed on the countertop. She twirled the pen. Passing time. She watched as the guests made their way to their rooms.

They were going to sleep, and she would be left out here for the rest of the night. Leaning back on the wall, she combed a hand through dark brown curls. Alethea didn't feel very sleepy. But when you spend the night awake, doing hardly anything, sleep begins to feel like the better option.


"Huh?" Her head instantly shot up.

"What are you doing?" Asked the brunette in front of her, leaning slightly over the counter in order to look under her dark fringe.

Alethea yawned and raised a hand to her mouth as she did so. "Filling in for Miss Paula. What are you doing?"

"Didn't you take the day shift as well?" He plucked the clipboard from her hands and looked over it.

"Yeah." She shrugged.

He flipped through the pages. "What does Miss Paula do here all night? The guests are all asleep."

"No idea, Jaser." She rubbed her eyes.

"Doesn't seem like there's much to do here, Thea." He put the clipboard down. There was a glint in his eyes. One that Alethea knew much too well.

"No." She told him sternly.

"You didn't even hear what I had to say!" He complained, throwing up his hands.

"But what if Mickey comes around to check on me?" She protested.

"He won't. He's much to busy for things like that."

Alethea's lips set in a firm line. "If I get in trouble, I will not hesitate a bit to blame you, Jaser."

A smile crept onto his face, lighting up his features with the joy he held inside. "So you'll come?"

She sighed and rolled her eyes. "Fine,"

And before she had time to change her mind, Jaser had took hold of her arm and was already pulling her to the doors.

"But just this once, Jaser!"

He pushed open the heavy glass doors, and they were instantly met with a blast of cool summer air.

The night sky was stained inky blue, blowing fluffy cumulus clouds slowly along the horizon. Stars shone above their heads, glowing infinitely in blue-black space.

Alethea's white dress swirled in the breeze, her hair following.

Jaser wore white as well, as it was uniform for them here.

They came up to the rental lot and swiped their ID cards. With a click and a hiss, the locks on two motor scooters came loose.

"So where are we going this time?" Alethea strapped on her white and blue helmet, with the Euphoria Spa and Resort logo on the front.

"North Shore." Jaser replied before speeding off. "Try and keep up, Thea!"

Alethea laughed and took after him.

The beach was empty this time at night. No guests, no noise, it was just them and the ocean. The ocean breeze formed ripples on the waves and the palm trees swayed gently in tune. Alethea and Jaser pulled over and parked their scooters under the shade.

The white sand was still warm after a day of sun, the seawater pleasantly cool. An occasional crab could be spotted scurrying across the shore. The teenagers sat down and Jaser lit a fire. Alethea objected, but he did it anyway, just to get on her nerves.

They sat by the fire and ate lychee fruits. Jaser told stories of restless spirits as Alethea listened intently. Her eyes were wide with fear, but Jaser's obscure tales seemed to fascinate her in a way.

They were very different, Alethea and Jaser, polar opposites. Jaser was fearless and hardworking, always up to a challenge. He is a free spirit and loves to take risks. Alethea was always a bit more calmed down. Conflict and big risks terrify her. She hates uncertainty while Jaser loves it. She never understood him, though. He was just very brave compared to her.

His eyes lit up and he used an abundance of hand motions as he talked. His arms bulged out of his short sleeves and his skin was tanned to perfection, partly because of the amount of time his work requires him to be outside. His hair is luminous and brown, and often tempted Alethea to run her fingers through it, as she believed his hair looked better messy.

Alethea chewed on her bottom lip and nodded every so often as Jaser spoke, just to show him that she was listening and interested. Her curly brown locks swayed with the air, and a blue tropical flower stayed in place at the side of her head. Her skin was olive toned but paler than Jaser's, mainly because her job didn't involve her to go outside much.

It was nights like these she enjoyed the most, when her and Jaser would sneak to places when they weren't supposed to. Danger frightened her, but she had begun to grow fond of it as she spent more time around Jaser. A terrible influence he was on her, and yet she didn't mind a bit.

Author's Note: I wrote this whilst hiding in my room trying to escape all the April Fool's pranks which my siblings had set up. This idea came to me while I had been online, looking at artwork. This one really spoke to me (I put it as the cover photo in case you're wondering), and as I looked at it a story instantly started forming in my head. I really had fun with this but I don't think I will be continuing. Till next time~