Welcome, stranger, into my world!

A beacon of light awaits you there-

Would you care to come exploring with me?

I still haven't gotten this life thing yet,

but how bad can it be, if we're together?

As long as we move, we'll be okay

And even shone through the light,

And though the world is changing,

weakness will always remain,

but through all the pain,

I'll have you

and you'll have me,

and we'll help the world along the road!

Just promise me, that you will see

the point of our adventure,

and enjoy every step of the way.

Because our adventure is called life,

and you need to have fun as you go!

So, what do you say?

Don't you see that it has to be you?

The time to start is now!

The world is so much bigger

than you could ever know,

so let's explore the future!