The Order

Some people would probably advise against what I'm going to write, but it matters not. It's not like anyone will believe me anyway. They'll just throw it away as a work of fiction. In truth, this is a story that's stranger because it is true. But, only those that went to Rise High School. Even they would say that I was kind of, how would you say, stupid for joining this club. They often stated that I should simply join art club or something. I don't really care much for these people. I love my friends and everyday was an adventure with them. I mean, we had our ups and downs like other clubs, but this one was definitely the best.

I should introduce myself before continuing. You see, everyone of my friends, okay, not all of them, but most of them have names that may or may not be their real name. Not even other club members are sure of some of the names that fly around. The only person who really knows everyone's real name was the leader. Anyway, my name is Raven. It's been called a Mary Sue name before, but I have my reasons. I can't really say that I have a gender. I don't like being differentiated in that fashion. I'd much rather be Raven. Though, sometimes I'm a boy and sometimes I'm a girl. It all depends on the way I feel. People say it's easy for me because I have a face that can work for either. Anyway, I'm slightly above average height for males, not very muscular and I've been called emo because of the way my hair falls into my face. It's naturally black despite what others said before. It just hangs into my face. "Haters are bound to hate," as they say.

Anyway, I should return to the point. So, this is a story about my high school life after transferring to Rise High School. My friends were collectively known as "The Order." Still, to this day, I don't know what we were to represent, but I firmly believe that we have the power to become the New World Order.

First Adventure: We are Legion

My first day at Rise High was fairly bland initially. I spent all of first period in the counseling office talking about things like what classes I desire and what my old schooling was like. Honestly, I was homeschooled for the last few months because of my family moving to the City. With so much packing and whatnot, there was no point in starting high school only to be moved to another within an unknown amount of time. When I started at Rise, I was a freshman. Because I was a in homeschool, my classes were a bit warped, so I didn't follow the typical freshman schedule. So, my first class, well, technically my second class since the first was skipped, was Economics. Not my first choice, but it was second nature since my father owned a pet store. I could just watch him work, right?

Well, the teacher decided to turn my entrance into a grand introduction. I figured that we stopped those after elementary school, but it wasn't my choice.

"Class, we have a new student. He was formerly homeschooled, so be sure to help him adjust." It was your typical spew. Be nice, help him out and other things that no one cares about. "Please, introduce yourself."

I stood at the front of the classroom with pretty common thoughts overwhelming my mind. Did I look okay? I mean, vests with obscured band t-shirts are in style, I think. And there was no way that I was leaving my house without a vest. Was I standing up straight? It is good for my posture and makes me look more respectable. I hoped my breath didn't stink. I doubt they could smell it from that far away. I'm just happy that I used the bathroom before I left my home.

And then I noticed it. A burning sensation rose from my stomach rose through my esophagus and into the back of my throat. I bolted from the class room as I smelled the putrid smell in the back of my nose. I didn't make it to the bathroom. I found a garbage bin, but I narrowly missed it. It nearly landed on my shoes. I have this little issue. Whenever I'm nervous, frightened or just experiencing too many emotions at once, I vomit. It's so bad that I'm forced to carry a bottle of mouth wash with me everywhere I do. Last time I left the house without it, the day wasn't pretty.

"Are you okay?" a girl asked me while her hand covered her mouth and nose. She was kind of chubby, but she was cute. She wore a polo shirt that shared colours with the sky, but her pants were incredibly damaged. It made me wonder what she did in her spare time. She was fair skinned and had long hair, messily tied into a ponytail. Her glasses dominated her face, a hat adorned her head and a backpack looked far too large for her body.

"Yeah, I'm quite well," I replied. Then, I heaved.

"I'm going to go find the school nurse and the janitor," she said as she ran in another direction.

I stood up and wiped my mouth. "Well, that probably wasn't the best route to meeting new people."

The girl returned moments later with a nurse and a janitor who looked very angry. My first thought was to advise him on better life choices when I saw his troublesome face. It made me laugh.

The nurse guided me to her office along with the girl. After sitting me on a bed that oddly resembled a stretcher, she advised the girl. "Misao, you can go back to class now. I can handle it from here." The girl nodded and waved as she left. The nurse put on a face mask before motioning me to open my mouth. She held my mouth down with a popsicle stick. "What's your name?"

I tried my best to speak while the stick was in my mouth. How did she expect me to answer a question with something in my mouth. "Ra-ban," I tried to say without salivating all over myself.

"Raban. Nice name," she said. "My name is Catherine Collier. Most of the students here call me C.C." She spoke in a London accent. Her cheeks were big and dominated her face. She has a similar build to Misao. I assumed that they were sisters. I was thrown aback by her hair. It was short, but with long, I think you would call them, side tails. It burned an unnatural red. Normally, teachers are more conservative than that, but she seemed to be very experimental. She did retain a doctor's uniform, though. She removed the stick from my mouth before speaking again. "Could you tell me how you feel?"

"Confused, nervous and overwhelmed," I stated.

"I meant how you feel physically. Do you feel sick, you know?" she told me.

"Oh, no. I feel fine." I took a breath. "You see, I have this condition where I get nauseous and vomit when I'm nervous. I'm not sick at all."

"Oh really?" She smirked. When she smiled, her eyes became really small. "I'll be the judge of that."

"No, really! I'm perfectly healthy. Well, mostly health is a much better description if you ask me," I tried to explain quickly.

"Oh, geez. I'm just going to give you a check up," She replied. "What is with kids these days being afraid of a doctor. It's not like I'm going to cut you or anything. That's not my job." I was still a bit shaken. "If you don't want me to, it's fine. I won't force you. You can leave."

As I approached the door, I noticed a lighter sitting on her desk. It was one of those fancy, expensive and can be refilled. The kind that people like to perform tricks with. On the wide side, there was a cross with a snake wrapped around it. I had seen this symbol on medical buildings before.

"Hey, do you smoke?" I asked.

"Ew, no. Why would you ask that?" C.C. Responed.

"The lighter." I pointed to it. Her eyes followed my arm to it.

"Oh," She said, slightly surprised. "I got that from a friend. Now, hurry back to class. You still have time to make it." I followed her instructions diligently and returned to the class. By the time I made it to the door, only thirty minutes of the hour long class remained. I would have simply left if not told specifically told by the probably crazy nurse to return to class. I knocked on the door and hoped that the teacher wouldn't open it. I didn't get my wish.

"Oh, are you feeling better?" he asked me.

"Yes. I just, uhm..." I tried to think of a valid lie. "I just had to make sure that I was in the correct classroom. I didn't want to end up taking the wrong class for an entire semester."

The teacher gave me a strange look. I could tell that he didn't believe me. I didn't want to look bad on the first day, but I couldn't think of a better lie. I looked to my peers. There was a girl toward the back of the classroom. Her laugh was high like a little girl's. She had short black hair and a hook nose. I also noticed that her polka dot dress was shorter than school regulation. She must have taken much pride in her legs.

"Makes sense," a boy's voice came. He was tall with dark skin. He seemed to have a relaxed view of the world around him. He also wore a scarf even though it was ninety degrees outside, but the rest of his clothes gave the impression that it was warm outside. His hair was a very short mini afro. Large headphones adorned his neck with the scarf. He looked like someone I would avoid fighting. "You wouldn't want him sitting in your class when he somewhere else to be, right?"

The teacher looked irritated. "We don't have enough time left for introductions, so you can sit in that empty seat over there." He pointed to a window.

I sat down and dropped my bag heavily to the ground. The tall boy sat up abruptly and began to speak to me. "My name is Envy."

"Oh. My name is Raven," I responded.

"You do seem like a Blade Master," Envy responded. I think I was obviously confused, because the small girl spoke next.

"Don't mind him," she stated. "Everyone in the Order is like that. My name is Jia."

"What is the Order?" I asked.

"You don't know? Well, you'll find out eventually." Jia smirked after speaking.

"Why don't we just tell him?" Envy asked her.

She was lost in thought for a moment before thinking. "I don't know. I think that Diary should handle that. I mean, he is the president."

"But, we're the officers," Envy argued.

"That's true too. Hmm," she hummed. "I guess we should. Okay!" Suddenly, her voice raised in volume to level eleven. "The Order is-" She stopped abruptly as the bell rang. "I'll tell you tomorrow." I failed to stop them from leaving the room before I could ask more questions about the Order.

I spent the next few periods asking various peers about the Order. It received some well mixed reviews on this group of people. Some claimed that the Order didn't actually exist. Others said that it was just a rebel group bent on breaking school rules. Even a few said that I should avoid them at all costs if I want to avoid being expelled. It wasn't until P.E. that I received a different view.

It was your typical P.E. class. Nothing particularly stood out. Many of the students were complaining while others took it too seriously. You even had the girls that were too lazy to change their clothes. That's when I met a girl. A nice girl named Maxxy. She actually bothered to dress for the class, but still complained about it, But, she didn't complain about the running. She complained about the boredom that was induced by the running. She was relatively short and the sides of her face were riddled in acne. And, she wore glasses. Honestly, I was starting to feel like everyone in this school had some sort of sight issue because most of the people that I had run into had glasses: Misao, Envy and now Maxxy.

"They're mostly like a group of cartoon and anime characters," she answered when I questioned her about the Order. "If you really want to know more about them, why not just join? But, here's a word of advice: They will completely wreck your world."

That night, when I went home, I kept wondering about the Order. I mean, it seemed to be well known, but there were so many opinions on it. People who seemed to have nothing in common seemed to be a part of this group. At the same time, even they could not describe what the point of the club truly was. I was kind of determined to find out who they are. So infamous this club was, but it was also way too mysterious. Maybe it was just a massive joke that the students told to the knew kids. That was probably the most wrong thought that I could have ever come up with in the history of my entire life.

I rushed to second period and skipped first period the next day. I have yet to attend that class. Standing outside of the classroom, there was Envy and Jia. Jia seemed to be struggling with some sort of handheld gaming system with Envy standing over her shoulder guiding her through.

"This is so confusing!" she shouted. "I don't get it. Why do you guys keep making me play these?"

"Because you keep asking about them," Envy explained. "This way, you won't have to anymore. You will just understand."

"No!" She said abruptly. As I walked up, she shoved the gaming system into my hand. "Here, Raven. You take it."

I looked down at the monster capturing game. "I beat this game when I was eight years old," I stated. "But, that is not the reason that I approached you at this moment. When do clubs meet?"

"I don't know," Envy said.

"Ask Diary," Jia told him.

"But he never tells me anything," Envy whined. "I'll try though." He texted away on his phone. Moments later, he received a message. "Apparently they meet at lunch in the circular building. The really tall one next to the cafeteria's outside pavilion."

During lunch, I felt a wave of idiocy wash over me as I stood in front of the circular building. Its shiny white walls mocked me with sounds of lost and confusion. I stared at it with green eyes as it held the information that I lacked. In short, I forgot to ask Envy and Jia where the Order's meeting room was. I wouldn't see Maxxy until after lunch. Against my better judgement, I decided to look for the room anyway. There was no directory beyond the doors. The students that crowded the hallways were rushing by so quickly that I couldn't find anyone that I recognized. Soon, the halls gloated their superiority with absolute silence. The building stood ten stories tall-easily the tallest building in the surrounding area and it towered over the three story school building. I ran around the first two stories before forfeiting. There was no way that I would be able to find them before lunch ended. At this rate, I wouldn't find them before the week was over. Maybe even longer. As I walked through the doors, this time traveling in the opposite direction, a familiar face ran pass me. As she ran pass me, I could hear her grumbling.

"Stupid Envy. Why couldn't he just return the game to me when he was done?" she said angrily. I instantly recognized the voice. It belonged to the first person that I met at the school: Misao. I followed her a swiftly as I could. She ran all the way tot he exit door and then down a flight of stairs. The stairs led straight into darkness. Then, she opened a door at the bottom and the sound of what can only be described as insanity was released. I stood at the top of the stairs confused. Not a single word that escaped from the doors made sense out of context. Hell, they probably didn't make sense within context. I walked down the stairs slowly and let the sound engross me.

"And I think the new kid is stalking me. He followed me to the stairs and then just stood there," I heard Misao say. Well, I guess that it's my current occupation to clear up that misunderstanding, I thought to myself. I stood at the front door shaking. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard a voice behind me.

"So, are you going to go in?" it said. I turned around abruptly to see a boy only slightly shorter than me. If he stepped into the darkness, he would vanish. His hair could only be described as a straightened afro. He wore a tie and dress shirt. His aura emitted an unnecessary mystery. "It's perfectly fine, but I won't force you." He stepped into the darkness, vanishing except for his white hair.

I followed him down the stairs swiftly. As I stepped into the room, everyone froze for a split second before resuming their business. It was as though I didn't exist or even matter to them. The room itself was massive. It was filled with desks covered in computer parts, art supplies, books and other various nick-knacks that seemed to have very little correlation to each other. There was a closed door at the end of the room. This club, the Order, had the entire basement to themselves, and they managed to nearly fill all of it.

"Alright, folks, pay attention," the white haired boy said. "We've got a new member. His name is Raven."

"How did you know that?" I asked.

"He kind of knows everyone," a thin girl with long black hair explained.

"Oh." It was all I could possibly think of saying. The other members began to all greet me. Far too many to count. Many made it well known that there were more members than what I could see. Only about sixty five members were active and the numbers jumped significantly every few months. At the end, the apparent president walked up to me.

"I'm Diary," he said. "And this is your zippo lighter. Everyone gets one." He handed me a fancy black lighter with two wings across it. "You're going to have to fill out some paperwork eventually, but you're fine for now. Welcome to the Order."