Mr. Wallace


The crowd bolstered itself with excited voices and loud applause. The lights dimmed down just a tad so that the stage lights could pave the way for the main act. The sound of a snap echoed throughout the theater and the audience became as silent as a graveyard. A few taps of a microphone amplified and tensed the viewers' eager muscles.

"Ladies and gentleman – may I present to you The one, The only, The jolly… Mr. Theodore Wattson!" The crowd clapped for the intro and waited for their star. Two spotlights skimmed the theater's walls before stopping in the center of the stage. The velvet curtains opened up, leaving a slit large enough for someone to easily pass through without touching the fabric. Grabbing the audience's attention, a faint but visible shadow appeared from behind the curtains and gave an outline of what the figure looked like. The figure was round and the hat he wore resembled that of a top hat. One more shout is heard before the first glimpse of what appeared to be the main act exited the back through the slit.

"Jolly good show!" a jolly and powerful voice stated as the man from behind the curtain walked out. Kids seated in the front rows cheered for the man, but he made a hand notion for them to sit back down. They obeyed without hesitation and the man bowed to show his respect for the audience. His back straightened, leaving the audience a clear view of their entertainment.

"Hello, everybody! My name is Theodore Wattson, but you can call me Mr. Wallace." Mr. Wallacewas a short, half-portly man that boasted rosy red cheeks and a bright smile. He was mainly bald (besides the hair still growing around his ears), but had a large, bushy, black mustache on his upper lip. His eyes were a bright blue and matched the solid green tie he wore with a crayon black tuxedo. His top hat was large, but not too big so it didn't bother him. A red stripe decorated the hat along its outer circle and the solid black matched with the tuxedo. Mr. Wallace also held a cane, which his old self was clearly visible to the audience, excluding the younger ones. Mr. Wallace patiently waited for the crowd to calm down before twirling his cane around and pacing the stage.

"Well, well, well… It's good to see so many people that want to witness my show! Is everyone ready for a fantastic night?!" He stopped pacing just in time to see the crowd cheer wildly for him, forcing a big, cheesy smile onto his face. He twirled the cane once more before placing both hands on its handle and standing there, laughing.

"Then, let the show… Begin!" Small squares of paper confetti shot out from the sides of the stage, creating a more exciting effect for the show. Mr. Wallace glanced back and signaled for his assistant to appear. The audience waited in anticipation for the assistant – they knew who was going to appear (most of the older adults took notice, while the kids usually listened to Mr. Wallace and watched his acts). The lights focused their beams onto the left hand side of the stage, hoping to light the way for the new person. A sudden shadow appeared from behind, creating uproar from some of the males within the audience.

"Here she comes!" one man shouted, while another whistled. Two more stood up from their seats to get a better view, but were quickly told to sit back down by the theater's employees. The auditorium went silent long enough for the assistant to appear from the left and walk to Mr. Wallace who was at point of center stage.

"What a beauty!" Every man in the audience whistled and made cat-calls towards the woman that just now showed up. She brushed a strand of her red hair away from her eyes and made a small wave to the audience, starting another uproar. She was a gorgeous woman who's shapely figure made almost every man she met drool. Her eyes were a deep, ocean blue (a darker color than Mr. Wallace's) and her hair was both in curls and long enough to touch her upper back. The red from each strand blended with the maroon colored costume she wore.

"Hey there," she spoke in a mystical voice to the smaller kids. The woman kneeled down and smiled at the little children who eagerly stood in front of the stage. Their big eyes glared up at her. The wonderful vixen wore a specific costume at each show to entertain the kids – she wore a type of bunny suit. The thread covering her stomach and chest was colored in a maroon shade of red, while fluffy white fur covered the bottom and top of her clothing. She wore fake rabbit ears on the top of her head, which she occasionally had scratched several times because of the irritation it had along her ears. The assistant gave another big wave before cradling both arms around Mr. Wallace's.

"Once again, my dear, the audience loves you." Mr. Wallace patted her on the back and proceeded to give a friendly kiss on the cheek. "You are becoming more popular than I am at my own shows, Valerie." Mr. Wallace made a noticeable sigh in front of her.

"You know that isn't true, Wallace. Most of your act is what 'really' grabs their attention. Besides, I always love your act." Valerie, whom Wallace knew to be caring, returned the gentle kiss and unlatched from his side. Wallace confidently nodded to the beauty and turned his attention back to the crowd.

"Let's not keep them waiting then," he whispered to Valerie.

"For my first act…" he began at the start of the show, losing himself in the moment as he performed his many tricks and comedic shows with Valerie. For the rest of the night, the theater was filled with the various laughter from each man, woman, and child.