Everything is empty.

All around me there is whiteness, blank whiteness and nothing else. I can't feel anything else, can't see anything else. I can't even see myself.

I can't tell if I'm moving or not, everything seems suspended in time, place, and sense. Nothing is adding up. I'm not sure where I am, or even what I am.

But something starts to materialize in front of me. It gives me a sense of being somewhere, and with that sense I am able to discover myself. I can see something, I can feel the air. I can find my legs, and I take a step forward. A step towards whatever it is.

Closer, closer still, and I still cannot make out what it is. I am looking at a dark shape of some kind, somehow, and tentatively I reach out when I am close enough to touch it. But my fingers go right through it; it seems to dissolve into mist. All that it is is a dark shape, some kind of shape.

But as I look closely, I can see that it is the remains of a wall. It has crumbled, broken down into almost nothing. Nothing solid, in any case. I still can't touch it. But as my hand, and then my body, passes through the mist, I can feel an ancient sadness entering my mind. It is something long lost, something I shouldn't even know about anymore.

And as I walk through the wall that is no more, I find myself in a different world.

There is green grass, trees, mountains - the most picturesque landscape imaginable, but as I reach out to touch it I realize that there is still nothing there.

Then my finger encounters something. What can it be? It's harder, rougher, than anything in this paradise looks to be. But as my eyes adjust to what I think I am seeing, I realize that there is no meadow, no mountains. No color.

Only crumbled rocks, and remains of something that once was. A civilization that has fallen into disrepair. The loss of something that never should have been lost, something that can never truly be repaired without disaster.

The gods are gone, too, ironically. The loss of thought, of imagination, the loss of the ability to find beauty in our world. Some say that gods are keeping us from free thought. But the gods that ruled this land weren't gods, they were spirits. Muses, even. And when the muse has gone, then all else vanishes into the mist.

When I wake up, I realize what this lost civilization was. It was our civilization. What we, as people, are allowing to slip between our fingers.