"Mr. Fukkana?"

I tried to keep myself focused on Doctor Misoku without falling asleep.

"Yes?" I smiled weakly.

"I believe you have Narcolepsy." The female doctor tried to explain it to me.

"Narco-WHAT?" I asked.

"Narcolepsy. It's a condition where you fall asleep for prolonged bouts of time at any given time. It sorta...cuts down your daily life. But many sufferers have gotten better. There is medication for it, but we would have to prove that your Narcolepsy was so serious that you needed it." Doc replied. I looked at her, confused.

"What do you mean by the fact that it cuts down my life?" I shrieked.

"Well...you'll find out for yourself." She muttered, and shooed me away.

"Goodbye, Doc." I called to her as I slammed the door shut behind me.