Ten years ago... A group of friends were 7 at the time innocent and young.

Then they arrived out of no where they were guys in suits they walked to us slowly and simply said this.

Guy: You're gonna have to come with us.

And they took us and put us into a black van and drove away.

They sent us to a facility...They ran tests on us...And 4 years before now we were trained guns for hire.

Now before i tell you this story it's best to know more about the kids who were taken.

Name: Stuart

Codename: Stealth

Age: 17

Mask: Gas mask

Name: Brooke

Codename: Red

Age: 17

Mask: Skull mask

Name: Caleb

Codename: Neck Snapper

Age: 17

Mask: Clown Mask

Name: Iris

Codename: Drugger

Age: 17

Mask: White Mask

Name: Lauren

Codename: Bullet

Age: 17

Mask: Guy fawkes mask

Name: Bradley

Codename: Torture

Age: 17

Mask: Hockey Mask

Name: Tony

Codename: Strangle

Age: 17

Mask: Scarecrow mask

Name: Jordan

Codename: Suit

Age: 17

Mask: Demon mask

Now it Starts...

Man: I think they're ready.

Woman: Agents!

They all come in and line up.

Man: Our target today is a man called Jack Stevens...He sells drugs illegally and has never been caught. I want you all to take out the guards silently. And Agent Stealth you give this guy a taste of his own medicine literly.

Stuart: I understand.

Woman: The location is LA here is the equipment you would need good luck agents and here is some masks to keep yourself disguised.

8 Masks are shown with the equipment Mask 1. A Skull Mask 2. A White mask 3. A Clown mask 4. A Gas mask 5. A Guy fawkes mask 6. A Scarecrow mask 7. A Hockey mask 8. A demon mask.

Stuart: Lets go!