I am Zeta.

I am not from your universe.

Your universe is responsible for the existence of my own universe. Your universe is a shell in which the egg of my existence was created and hatched.

Your species, the humans, are responsible for the entire being of all that I knew.

I knew one of you-you call her Jesse. Those in my world, some called her The One, some called her The Great, some even called her The Up, The Over, The Provider, The Stealer...

I called her Mother.

I was forced violently into this world. My mother died while I still grew inside her, and Mother-Jesse, she cut me out of her, tangled between my dead and dying siblings, and allowed me to live. I grew with my brothers and sisters without the usual parent.

She gave us liquid food, then solid food. She taught us to walk, to talk, to function.

From an early time, she said, she saw that I had differences. I learned the usual skills faster than the other children. I learned skills they could not learn. I had a larger mental capacity than they.

My behaviors were incorrect often, and therefor I was ostracized from my brothers and sisters as we grew older. Therefor, I began to speak with Mother, and she spoke to me.

She began to teach me things the other children could not learn. She gave me tests of intelligence used in your universe on your own offspring, and I slowly began to understand them. She spoke of concepts taken from your universe, and my appetite for this knowledge of this other world began to grow, and would never cease.

She began to create instruments by which I could begin to peer into your world. She worried about how my brain would process this entire new way of being, afraid it would overload my functioning. As I first looked into the panoramic device, I was initially confused by this sudden influx of stimuli, until my brain began to recognize familiar shapes. She had set out her world's equivalent of foods from my world. It was stunning how like and unlike the two were.

Slowly, as my mind adjusted to her reality as well as mine, I hungered for further experience. I could hear and now see her world. I wanted to touch it, smell it, taste it. I wanted to walk within it. My obsession grew the older I existed, and I spent more time with the panoramic and less with my own species, who had long rejected me.

My hunger began its satisfaction when Mother's... Jesse's mate appeared. He and his friends created for me a second existence, a body within your world which I could inhabit. It had the basics of feeling, of scent, even slightest taste. Mother created a device by which I could connect myself fully with this device.

I closed my eyes and opened them in a new body, and a new world. My first action was to take a step and slowly realize my legs were wheels, translating my motion to roll forward . I felt numbed, that many of my usual senses had been silenced, and my remaining replaced with something I still couldn't process fully.

Over time I adjusted to this new way of being. Over time, my new body was adjusted and added to, to regain some of my lost senses. I explored ever bit of this world, guided by Jesse and her mate. I went to an exhibition of past existences in your world, and I saw a great branching diagram of how life had changed and modified over your time. I asked, where did I fit in this branch? I still don't know.

Mother felt I needed one of my own species. She imported someone of another world similar to mine in my own universe. She had been sent across space to Mother for her grand purposes, with a note that her behavioral oddities made her a poor breeding candidate. We were introduced after I was removed to my birth body, and I eventually felt the attachment named love. Abigail, as she soon was named, brought something I had never had before- a reason to live in my own universe. For a time, a good long time, my bouts in the suit were sparse, mere public appearances in your world, and always I would be desperate to leave, for once desperate to live in my own world, with Abigail, where we had true happiness. She couldn't quite outwardly communicate on the same level as me, her mind couldn't grasp the concepts mine had expanded upon. However, there was an internal place we could both speak, that no other creature of existence could.

We readied ourselves for the child confirmed by Mother. She gave birth to my beautiful daughter. With our daughter came the need for more resources, and less time for me to be in your universe. But I took on the responsibility with a happy mind.

However, new problems arose. People questioned my right of life, if I was alive, if I should not be the creation of a hypothetical being you call God. There was anger to me in your universe, and apathy in mine. And within, nothing but further pain. I found my motions becoming stiff, often wildly losing control of a limb or two. Mother consulted a fellow human, who observed my programmed genome and proclaimed that I had more than a few genetic oddities. Only one of these errors led to the destruction of the connection between my brain and my body. They said this disease was similar to one in your universe, known as Parkinson's. My brain would continue its normal thought and function as my body died around me.

My daughter had this error as well, and I begged her to be spared. They tested a treatment on her known as a gene suppressor, stating it had worked in lower species in similar worlds to mine. So far, it has worked, she has shown no signs. But I could not be saved, my gene had activated, the ball had begun to roll. My shaky movements as I cared for my family often caused me frustration, even rage. I destroyed many things in our shelter, indirectly terrorizing my mate, and my young daughter. I never meant to frighten them. I only hated my own miserable original body. But I thought, as long as my mate was there, as long as there was something, even as I decayed it would be alright in the end.

We were harvesting extra food when they attacked Abigail. We were near a small group of young males and Abigail made a motion, as she often did, that was incorrect. I never thought more of it, it was normal, beautiful even. But we had never been in such close proximity to these males, who had just been scanning for mating opportunities. Her motion set off a primal rage within them, and they attacked her, beating her to the ground, smashing her head on rocks. I could not stop them, and I cried for Mother. She came in and shoved them away, dragging Abigail to the medical pods, but it was too late, the damage was finished. She was gone within the next reported hour.

I was numbed yet again. A connection to my world had been sliced in two. For the next day or two I continued to harvest food normally, but soon a rage burned inside me, and that rage crystallized into an idea. I had discovered a method for activating my second body without the help from Mother. I harvested enough food for my body to survive for an extended period in your universe. I loaded myself into my second body, apparently in your night, as Jesse slept. I used the device she used to watch over and control my world. I found the males who killed my Abigail and I shot them full of a painful, deadly chemical. The screams awoke Jesse and she tried to drag me from her device, but I stayed, I clung on. I wanted to watch these monsters die.

I refused to return to my own world. I had severed any connection I had. Within my new second body I carried the digital representation of my old body, itself contained away from the harsh place I had risen from. Nothing Jesse could do would convince me to return, and I strode out into my new world.

For a long time I interacted with your world, playing in your universe. I reveled in my new life, revealing myself to people, explaining myself, shouting at protestors. It was a wild, insane time. Slowly, however, I noticed that even in my new body the limits of my old body were coming through. My movements were growing stiffer, more painful, to the point where I found myself lying in bed more often than walking outside to observe the music of life in your existence.

Those moments lying in a bed allowed thoughts to cloud my head, thoughts I had pushed away with crazy experience. I began to realize that there was still a connection in my birth world, one that I could not abandon. I had left my daughter. I knew Jesse was caring for her, probably as a better parent that I could have ever been. No, definitely. It may be too late now, but I had to return. And return I did, returned to a much older girl, and a much more decrepit body.

I can no longer walk, and have minimal control of my upper body. I require assistance to take in nutrients and expel them. Mother has made my original body gadgets so that I may get around, but each day I grow slower. In time my brain will cut itself from my lungs, my heart, and I will no longer survive.

My daughter, I feel ashamed, for I in my desire to leave the world I was born in left her behind, and now I can not truly ever return. Mother has become her Mother now, and from what I can observe Jesse has done a good job with her, dear Alphena. Meanwhile, I am written about in your papers, your scientific notes. Perhaps Alphena will be too, she shares my mental capabilities, though Mother has made a point to teach her how to act like others so she could be potentially accepted in more than a world not her own.

I am a weak creature, and I hope she will be strong. I hope that she will be the better example of all that can happen between the oddities of existence and worlds than I was. I hope she will go through these new ideas with a better mind than I have.

I am Zeta, and I am alive.