I got angry once

in front of the girls

growled and yelled

and climbed over people

to get at one

she ended up locked in the bathroom

another girl started crying

I walked past a boat of girls – another time

and snapped at them to lock out their arms

no nonsense style

they did so quickly

I heard later that the coaches love me

because I do things like that

Music was playing in the background

and I had a beer in hand

and an idea in my head

a challenge to my friend:

Power Hour

she accepted but

later regretted it

she lost she was hungover

I won I felt like a champ

It's much later

when I have a red pen poised

over works of others

many already bleeding

from my cruel editing

that I am asked

"what are you"

Irish – Polish

"that explains everything"

by Megan Parmarter