The Lonely Witch

There once was a woman who was a beautiful witch with red feathers where most everyone else has their eyebrows. Her name was Nix, because when she was born her skin was as pale as the snow. Nix was a happy witch, for the most part, but she sometimes felt a little lonely. She did not have her mommy or daddy anymore, like most witches or wizards, and she lived alone in a cottage in the woods.

Most days she stayed by her cauldron brewing her potions or in her library studying spells to keep busy, so she wouldn't notice how sad she felt when she was alone. She had some other friends, but they were vampires and liked to wake up at night when it was time for her to go to sleep.

She had a shop open in the city where people could come in and buy her potions and spells. Lately though, she seemed to be brewing nothing but hair tonics for a very powerful man that had an image to maintain. It wasn't hard work, but tedious, and she wished for something big to happen to make life more interesting.

Her wish came sooner than expected. A vampire came into her shop that very afternoon. It was Mr. Brollachan, a friend of hers, and he asked her to make him a special potion. He needed her to help him get rid of something that was bothering him and explained this to the witch.

What he requested wasn't easy, nor was it something she had ever done before, but that wasn't going to stop her. She loved learning new things, even if they were hard, because she wanted to become the world's best at making potions. Being the kind soul she was, she readily agreed and he told her where to find him when it was done.

Making this her top priority she set to mixing the ingredients at once, promising she would call on the vampire as soon as she was finished. For the rest of that afternoon she was in her library researching and at her cauldron stirring. It took many failed attempts, but she finally finished it.

Once it was bottled she closed her shop and set out to find her friend, Mr. Brollachan. Following his directions, she found him waiting for her at the spot he told her to meet him. She handed over the potion to him and when he tried to pay her for it she refused and told him she was always happy to help a friend.

The next week he came back into her shop to tell her that potion had worked magnificently. She was glad to hear it and thanked him for coming out to tell her, especially because she liked his company. He told her that since she refused the money he had to get her something to repay her for her services. Before she could refuse, he called out out of her place of business to look at the gift he had brought for her. As soon as she saw what he got, her heart melted. She fell instantly in love.

Flying near the front of her shop was an odd sort of creature, it looked like a platypus but with wings from this distance and was the cutest thing she had ever seen in her life. Mr. Brollachan explained to her that it was called a platypire, and it was hers to keep.

It was the nicest gift anyone had ever given her. The platypire flew over to her and nibbled her nose, which is how they show affection. It was a perfect match for her. To thank her friend for the present she decided to name the adorable creature after the vampire, whose first name was Edward.

From that day on Nix was never alone. Eddie, the platypire, accompanied her everywhere. He was playful, friendly, and protective of her. Most importantly of all, he was happy helping her out in the shop by finding her ingredients for her potions.

That is the story of how one lonely witch found companionship with her platypire.