The Two Witches

In a village far away there were once two witches. One of them was highly trained at spells and the other was more skilled at potion crafting. Neither of them tried to take work from each other so there was never any fighting between them. In fact, they both worked at the same shop in the center of town. If someone needed a spell performed they would ask for Valari and if they wanted a potion then they went to Nix.

They worked this way for years and there were no problems. They were happy and the villagers were happy. That is, until Nix was given her platypire. From that moment on people's curiosity drew them to her part of the shop, just for a chance to see Eddie, and the poor spell caster was forgotten.

As the days past Valari became angrier towards the creature that was taking away her customers until she couldn't take it anymore. Something needed to be done to get people to remember her spells. The platypire needed to go.

That night, when Nix was asleep, she began her devious plot to get rid of the pesky fiend. Being part vampire, Eddie didn't need sleep like Nix did. Which is exactly what Valari planned for as she set a trail of breadcrumbs down for him to follow.

Eddie, being a very curious platypire, noticed the breadcrumbs almost immediately and flew after them, nibbling them off the ground as he noticed them. Being so caught up with his late night snack, he failed to notice how very far he had flown from home. It wasn't until the trail ended that he realized he wasn't near his home but in the woods that he used to search for ingredients for Nix's spells.

He had been in and out of these woods many times and was convinced he knew them like the back of his clawed foot, but he did not recollect this cottage in front of him. It had not been here before, he was sure of it. This was the spot where the four leafed clover grew.

Coming closer to the little house, he noticed something odd about it. It was covered in worms. Lots of them, actually. Not just worms, but his favorite flavor of worms - blood worms. Excitedly, he rushed toward them and started nibbling them from the walls.

In no time at all he had eaten a hole in the wall big enough for a head to pop out and greet him. The suddenness of it was enough of a shock that it caused him to drop the treats from his mouth and look to see who it was.

At the opening of the wall stood Valari, smiling at the platypire and welcoming him into her home. He tried to make it through the opening, but his belly was much too full of breadcrumbs and blood worms so he had to take the front door. Even that took a lot of effort, as it was growing increasingly hard to move.

Once he was inside she helped him settle down and tucked him into a nice cushioned bed made specially for him. Even though he did not need it normally, the weight of all that food caused him to drift off until he couldn't fight the sleep any longer.

The moment she heard snoring coming from the cozy little bed, Valari cackled. Her plan had worked. Not knowing how long a platypire needed to recover from a fully belly, she jumped up and ran outside. She would have to move quickly if she wanted this to work.

The moment she stepped outside, the house began to shift. The walls and roof all turned into iron bars. Eddie was caught in a large cage, still fast asleep and curled up on his bed. Again, Valari cackled, but this time it was much louder. She had succeeded in capturing the customer stealing terror, and she was quite pleased with herself.

From above the trees, she could see the sun rising. Nix would be waking soon and the store would be open to the public. It was time to get back and tend to customers she hadn't helped in too long of a while. With a skip in her step, she headed back home.

Upon arriving home she noticed the shop had yet to be open, which was odd. The potion master was always on time. There was already a small gathering of people forming outside the store. Putting on her best smile, she made her way to the door and opened it for everyone to step through it.

The sight inside was not something she expected. Ingredients were thrown every which way and Nix looked like a complete wreck. As soon as she spotted Valari, she rushed over and let her know that someone had stolen Eddie. There was a note on her door saying he was gone and not to look for him.

It took a lot of restraint for Valari to keep a straight face, but she managed to play it cool and keep off the suspicion that she was the one who had left the note. With her platypire in potential danger, Nix was unable to work and had left Valari in charge of helping all of the customers. Things seemed to be working out exactly as the dastardly witch planned.

Hours passed and the customers kept coming in, requesting spells from the spell caster. The shop was so busy that there was no time for her to even sit down. To make matters worse, she had been up all night kidnapping Eddie so she was becoming gradually more exhausted as they seconds ticked.

Finally it was time to close down the shop, and as she latched the lock her body slumped to the floor. There was no way she could run this shop by herself. She was sure that she would pass out on the floor, unable to make it to her bed, until Nix rushed back in from the back door looking like a complete wreck. Her hair was so messy that you couldn't tell it from rat's nest if you placed them next to each other.

Valari almost felt guilty, until she remembered how much she couldn't stand the platypire. Things would be better this way. Nix would see in time, this would be best for both of them. Using the very last of her strength, she stood to her feet and made her way over to her distraught business partner to console her and lull her into a sense of calm using an undetected whisper spell. She wasn't going to have her hard work go to waste because she felt guilty that Nix was upset.

About an hour later, when both witches were in their bed fast asleep, a crash came from the shop below causing them both to jump out of bed and rush downstairs. The moment they hit the bottom step, Valari's stomach dropped. There with glass, from the window he had just broken trying to get back inside, shattered all around him was the platypire who had somehow escaped his imprisonment.

He hated cages, of all types. When he finally woke up, and had realized that he had been tricked, he knew he needed to get out and teach the witch a lesson. Using the strength that all vampires posses, he bent the iron bars that held him hostage until there was a wide enough gap for him to fit through.

The moment he saw Valari he chattered angrily, flew towards her, and bit her right on her nose. He knew not to trust her again. His chattering became much more loving, though, when he spotted his witch. He flew towards her and gave her many affectionate nips on her head.

From that day on things at the shop changed. No longer did Eddie stay around Nix all day, helping her out with her potions and causing the customers to flock to her side just to watch him. He also dedicated a certain portion of the day to pestering Valari, which drew the customers over to her side of the shop as well so she couldn't really complain.