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Thorns and twigs kept poking and prodding me in the feet, as I searched for safety. They had been chasing after me for three weeks now, and I haven't had enough sleep, or food. The last time I ate was a three days ago, when they lost my scent.

"You little brat! Come back here!"

I poured on more speed, and skidded to a halt, when I was met with a cliff. I whipped around, and stared at the grove of trees.

"So, you've finally stopped."

I looked up, and saw my old friend. He was wearing a creepy crisp, white, suit. I felt saddened, and angered at the same time.

He had lost his way, and betrayed me. Thinking that he could control me and my ability. Not even mom could control it. She drowned with my brother. That was the only day that I actually felt helpless.

"You look so weak. What happened to you?"

"Well, with your little mutts following me, I never found time to eat."

He tsk'ed at me, and looked at the tree line. I followed his gaze, and saw nothing. I could sense that something was there, but I could not see it.

"Capture, not kill." He muttered, and sat down on the edge.

I gripped the hem of my t-shirt with my left hand, and braced my feet, to run sideways, and then sprint, as fast as I can.

Something in the shadows rippled. I flinched, and squeezed my eyes shut.

"Please, just keep me alive long enough to see my sister again. Please." I begged.

I opened them, and saw cream.

Chapter 1

"What the-?"

"Wake up Dakota! It's your birthday!"

I sat up, and looked around; it was my room, before I ran. Before Salem went missing. Someone was jumping on my bed, and I was getting really annoyed.

"Dakota? Why's your hair blue?"

They stopped jumping, and I looked the person straight in the eyes. Deep pools of chocolate stared right back. It was my adopted sister. After Salem went missing, my parents put me on the other side of the country, and I was adopted by some very nice people.

"Blue?" I asked.

"Uh-huh. It's pretty. Not all of it is blue, but there are some light blue streaks in it." Rin is nine years old.

I pulled the quilt off of my bed, and walked over to my mirror in the closet.

"See? Pretty."

My eyes widened, and I gingerly touched my hair. It had also been magically straightened. My hair has never been straightened. Ever. It's just too curly.

"Honey! Wake up!"

"She's awake now mommy!" Rin looked over at the window, "who's that?"

I squinted, but only saw the neighbors' house, sidewalk, and snow everywhere. But it seems like there's always snow in Colorado. There were two figures covering a block of the sidewalk. I recognized it as my best friend Kaiden Smith and ex boyfriend Talon Rose. We had tried dating each other once, but we both knew it wasn't happening.

"Dakota, you coming? School is starting in like ten minutes, so hurry."

"What!" I screamed, "WHY WERN'T YOU HERE EARLIER!?"

He laughed. "I wanted to see your reaction."

"When I get out there, I'm gonna kick your sorry-"

He started laughing. I quickly pulled my head out the window, and ran over to my closet. I shuffled around for clean clothes. My black and grey striped hoodie caught my eyes, and I snatched it up and a pair of dark jeans. I quickly pulled on my jeans, and slipped the hoodie over my head. It went to the rim of my jeans, and I pulled it down. I quickly went over to my small jewelry box, pulled out my small cross necklace, black studs, and stuffed them in my pocket.

"Mom! I'm gonna have to skip breakfast today!"

She poked her head around the door, black hair in a perfect bun on top of her head. "No you're not! Here is some toast to take with you. The bus is going to be here soon, and Rin has a piano recital later, so try to get your homework done before that, okay?"

I nodded quickly, and we both smiled at each other. "Thanks mom, you're the best!"

I pulled my old converse out of my hall bathroom. By now, they were covered with so much sharpie they were almost black. I slipped them on, and messily tied the laces.

The sink started dripping again, and I exasperatedly, threw my arms up and yelled. "Gosh, stop doing that!"

The water started to glow, and I stared at it, wide eyes. I reached out to touch it, but my hand went right through it. I pulled my hand back, and slowly extending one finger, I said in a hushed voice, "Um, flow?"

The water began dripping normally, and I let out a breath. "What the hell just happened? Did I just stop that water?"

I quickly got up, and ran down stairs to the living room. I pulled my heavy jacket on, and ran out the door, toast in one hand, classic brown bag lunch in the other.

They both put an arm around me, Talon on my right, Kaiden on my left.

"So…" Kaiden started.

Talon glared at him. "Wimp. Hey Dakota, what's with your hair?"

I pinched both of their hands. "One, Kaiden, I know exactly what you're thinking. No, I'm not going punk. Talon, you say anything that could potentially be called harassment, I will plain out slap you."

"Aw, it wasn't going to be that bad..."

I pinched his cheek. "We all know it was."

The bus pulled up in front of the sidewalk, and we all walked up to it. I plumped down into the second seat, and ignored all the yelling behind me. Something hit me in the head, but I ignored it. The snowy white scenery passed by, and my thoughts wandered to my dream last night. Now that I try to remember who it was, I can't. All I remember is white.

Something hit me in the back of the head again, and I turned around.

A smug smile three seats back met my eyes, and He got up, walked to the seat behind me, and shoved the girl that was already sitting there up against the window. He was a complete loser. Poor grades, not really good looking, and I could beat him in probably two or three hits. His greasy brown hair was slicked back, and dark black eyes showed a dumb smugness.

I glared at him, he smirked back. "Finally going emo?" One mental punch.

"You really look stupid." Two punches..!

I gripped Talon's book bag, and he grabbed my hand.

"Maybe you'll kill yourself soon. Save me a lot of trouble."

"That's it!" I yelled.

A water bottle exploded right next to him, and some of the water went onto my face, while as he was soaked to the bone. He slid off the seat, and I jumped out of mine, unto him. I only managed to punch him once, before Kaiden had me off of him, and seated between him and Talon. Talon hugged me to his chest, and began to whisper calming words in my ear.

"You little-"

Kaiden quickly stood up from our seat, and stood face to face with him. He backed down, and went back to his seat, glaring daggers at me all the while.

"Thanks Kaiden. I probably would have kept hitting him if you hadn't pried me off him."

He smiled. "Don't want you in jail on your birthday."

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