Battle Torn Angel

A young girl stood in field

A field of blood

Her dress tattered and torn

Blood hanging on to the edges of the white cloth

In her hands

Her beautiful virgin , innocent, ignorant hands

There , there next to her bosom

Cradled the light of hope

Hope for the future

Hope for life

Hope for humanity

For the soldiers lying in that field

A cemetery of the greatest creeds of young men's lives

Were they give their finally and greatest acts of devotion

When they impress their families with their absence

As they grieve but yet proud that their loves are in some nirvana

Where they can no longer feel pain or sorrow

Loneliness or loss

Be touched or held by the ones they loved

Those who they married

Those who left their brides in front of the pastor at the chapel

With tears staining her veil

But they died for their country

The highest honor

One death to save the masses

The masses that can't defend themselves

Who are powerless in the face of oppression

But what does that mean to the grieving mother

Who will no longer see her offspring in this life

As the young girl stands in the field

The field of blood

Blood of heroes past, present , and future

Bleeding for their countries

She unfurls her wings to the sky and takes the light

The light of hope



To be replaced slavery , greed , and oppression

But don't worry it will return during the end of life's unending war.