Number 7, Prologue

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We walk through the doorway

Heard you calling from the hall

To find you in the bedroom

Not breathing at all

Cellar Door by Escape the Fate

Valias Raymond Marshall the Second (Lias for short.) was annoyed. Not that it was exactly anything different from what he normally was. Lias was a naturally disagreeable person, being that irritable and angry were the commonplace emotion that graced his pale face.

He looked around the street and parking lot for his eldest cousin, Skylar Brandt's big silver Hummer which was supposed to be picking him and his sister up from school. Though, he would freely admit, Skylar had never exactly been known for his tardiness. As if the blonde surfer had heard his thoughts, the gigantic monster-like vehicle rolled into the parking lot, stopping in front of Lias and Aliya. They stood and made their way to the car. Lias took Shotgun while Aliya sat in the back.

"You're late." He stated, anger coating his voice. The blonde laughed, "Sorry, TDB, I got caught up at the beach." Skylar worked at the beach nearby as a lifeguard.

Lias snarled at the nickname. TDB stood for 'Tall, Dark and Bitchy.' He hated it, though he would admit that it was dead on the mark.

"I do not care for your excuses. I was to be home and in my room by now, so you have interrupted my schedule and it will have to be remedied." He sighed, mourning the loss of the precious alone time in his room.

Aliya said nothing, continuing to type away at the keyboard on her phone, as if the world no longer existed. She was a beautiful caramel skinned girl with green eyes and chocolate hair. His twin looked every bit like a young version of their mother. She wore shorts and miniskirts, all in hipster patterns and designs in browns and earth colors.

Lias, on the other hand, was fair in complexion and dark-haired in scalp. His eyes were different, which he was told was passed down from his father. His left eye was a cold, lifeless looking blue, while the other was a dull forest green. He liked to identify himself as a cross between Emo and Goth. He had six piercings in each ear, two lip rings, and three eyebrow rooks. You would never see him wearing anything that did not contain at least a bit of black.

Sadly enough, the two could not stand each other. They shared not a thing in common, not even a single friend either. Aliya was in the crowd that Lias had eloquently referred to as the POD People. Her boyfriend Chad was even among those that took to beating him up between lunch and fifth period. She also had many friends, while her brother had none.

"Cool it, Shakespeare." Skylar said, referring to the way Lias chose to speak, "I honestly don't know what your problem is. Learn to laugh a little." The blue eyed, carefree man put the car into reverse and packed out of the place he had parked and onto the road.

"Laughter helps no one. It just gains people the false sense that everything is alright in the world. Laughter only leads to disappointment and embarrassment." He said, leaning his head on the window.

"Everyone needs to laugh, dude." he smiled, glancing at him out of the corner of his eye, never taking his eyes off the road for more than a second.

"Not me."

All was silent for a bit, besides the incessant tapping of Aliya at the keyboard.

"Well," Skylar began, "My mom says that a laugh could heal more than medicine ever could, and so could a smile."

Zoey Brandt was not really Skylar's mother. Zoey, for years, had given up on finding love years ago. She went to the orphanage ten miles out of town and looked at the children there to see if she would m=want to raise a child, even though she didn't have a partner. She fell in love with Sky's carefree personality and smile. He left with her the very same day.

"She needs to stop quoting my Father. It gets annoying sometimes." Lias quipped, rummaging through his Jack Skellington bag for his Caramel Apple lollipop. Lias would never mention it to anyone, but he was absolutely addicted to the things.

The nineteen year old man shrugged, "He said a lot of smart things. In my opinion, people should quote him more often."

"My Father is dead, Skylar. He was kidnapped and killed. Stop talking about him like he's here."

The rest of the ride home was silent.

In the driveway to the twin's house, a middle aged woman stood. Her dark chocolate hair was done up in a pony-tail, her caramel skin lined faintly with wrinkles, her green eyes worn at the corners with smile lines. Her name was Mikov, their father's Russian wife, and their mother.

Though she wasn't smiling now. She worried her lip between her teeth.

"Mother?" Lias said hesitantly, hurrying to stand in front of the woman.

"Aliya, Lias, We need to go to the hospital now. They just brought a man in." She said, leading the two to her Prius.

"Mom, I don't get how we have to go to the hospital if some random guy got brought in." Aliya whined, pocketing her phone, at least.

"The doctor called me. They were able to conjure some dental records for him. It's Val, sweetie. Your Father is still alive."

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