I'm breaking down.
All the walls have fallen
And I've lost all sense of time
Everything means nothing
But I can't find a way out, or the lie
That's left me here unheard
Hearing emptiness
Pathetic, am I
Crying tears that are dry

And my eyes burn like the sand that's in them
And my heart burns like indigestion
And I feel the need to blow up right now
Before this fire burns me from the inside out

Don't count me out.
I'm still fighting, aren't I
Aren't I close enough to touch
Nothing's there forever
But close enough is too much, and too late
Everyone that stares
Blind that they may be
Sightless, you say
Hearing silence of day

And my ears ring with the liberty bells
And my head rings as it starts to swell
And I have to make these feelings back down
Before this silence shakes my body to the ground

The abuse my mind feeds me is the flesh that I know
My torture is illusion that eludes me so well
Keep me hidden in my bed, keep me trapped inside my head
I will write for you
Make you safe from insane