China dreams of India

tea dreams by candlelight

I dream of music tones

I'd never heard before I smoked the white.

She dreams of the babe they took

dreaming of a mindless mother

He dreams up a wordless book

as their dreams dry up beneath cloud cover.

Claim your fears, and they will surely fade away

To live your dreams, you'll find the demons in your way

Dreaming lives that never can be, never have been

Don't let that demon claim to be your friend.

'Cause once he's in, he'll never leave again

Misty-eyed and ashen-faced

starving spirits of the world

Chained to demons caked in red

a mockery of innocence long-sold

Too many lives not ever lived

cowering behind fear's power

Grace to those newly forgived

mercy to the children all gone sour

Dreaming lives or living dreams

A burdened choice, neither what it seems

Running scared to a painted nightmare where you don't exist

Or working hard to build a world more worthy of your gifts.