Chapter one:Serious Clowning Around

The Linbush reporters were having a ball. They finally had something to talk about. Something as dramatic as this hadn't occurred in years. A woman, who had been identified as Bianca Watson, was found dead in an ally behind the local theme park, Clown Town. Everybody around was speculating who did it and why.

Scene change.

Man, he really sucks at... whatever he's doing. The man following behind me was a familiar sight. I'd gotten used to it. It'd been happening for days now. After what happened last week with the girl, as soon as people hear I work at Clown World, they start asking all sorts of questions.

"Ah hah! Returning to the scene of the crime, are we?" he muttered to himself, bringing me back to reality.

I walk up to him and tell him "You know, I work here, Ryder. OF COURSE I'M GOING TO RETURN!".

"Look, I was told to investigate anything suspicious at Clown World. You, Hudson, happen to be the most suspicious thing here" He replied.

Investigate me? I guess I was working here that night, but I know no more than anyone else about how that chick died. I didn't even know the lady. But of course, that doesn't matter to him. He's hated me since high school. He'd love to get me behind bars. So while whoever really did it is escaping, I'm getting hounded by detective batshit.

Ignoring the man behind me I walk in and change into my clown suit. And put on a big smile. Yech. Clown World was originally meant to be an amusement park for children, but it wound up as a place for teenagers. To them, it's like a haunted house that runs all year long.

Really, what's so scary about clowns? It can't be the way they're always smiling, or the way they been portrayed as evil in every movie ever.

Did you know there are support groups and therapies to treat coulrophobia. Like, somebody walks into a room and says "I'm Hudson, and I'm afraid of clowns." Supposedly, there are extreme cases where the person is so afraid of clowns that they stay indoors rather than risk running into clowns or pictures of them. Just saying. No one likes clowns.

Clown world was the only place that would hire me. And I hate it here. As soon as I get the money, I'm moving out of Linbush and I'm never going to look at this stupid park again.

"Ohhh, hello Mr. Shnoop. How are you? Fine? Ohh, I'm glad."

My boss, the owner of Clown World. I flatter him, even though every instinct I have tells me to avoid him. Theres nothing worse than an old man who always smiles. I hear he smiles while he fires you.

Scene change.

So I'm walking around the park handing out balloons, detective dumbass oh-so-subtly following me.

I seem a small girl, probably lost. "Hello, kid? Why are you crying?" I don't blame you for crying. Your parents must be really stupid to have brought a kid like you here.

Ryder chooses this moment to pop out "Don't go near him, little girl! HE'S THE MURDERER!"

Everybody thinks Ryder's telling the truth. Just like they always have. Everybody turns around and looks. Stares really. And the kid runs away screaming. I was trying to be nice; its my job to help the customers of the park. And what do I get for being a good employee? Arrested.

he drags me out of the park and into his car. Isn't that kidnapping? We're halfway to the station when he pulls the car over.

"Please tell me you've come to your senses" I whine.

"Never been out of them. I needed to talk to you alone." He says seriously.

"Great. I've been just DIEING to hear what you had to say. And why does this situation suddenly seem kind of awkward and creepy?" I say, yanking at the handcuffs.

"You wouldn't have came along otherwise" Ryder explains patiently.

"Ass. And I'm the bad one? This better be good. Like 'worth getting Hudson fired from one of the only places in town that will hire him' good." I said

"I need your help, Hudson." he explains mournfully.

"Of course you do. You never could do anything on your own," I practically spat at him.

"What? No. Of course I can. Anyway, I need an inside man on this case and frankly, I don't know who else to ask." Ryder continued.

"Well, you should have thought of that before you created a scene. I'm probably going to get fired now. And what happened to me being the murderer? You want my help after you accuse me of that?"

Ryder crumbles and admits to me "I... recently found a different lead. Look, theres something strange going on there. I don't know what it is, but my detective intuition says there's something wrong there. Some kind of cover up, maybe."

"You think the park is involved in something weird? Yeah, the place is creepy, but that type of creepy?

Doubtful, but sort of intriguing" I ponder, an evil grin snaking across my face.

Let me be honest, I would love to see clown town go down. (Heh Heh, rhyme), And, well, now that I no longer have a job there, I'm free to pursue my dream. But is it worth it to team up with HIM? Wow. I'm either going to have to help the person I hate the most or protect the place I hate the most.