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Chapter 3:

Mikali Weet lay weakly in the corner of her cell. She was a Vampist turned Viper turned fugitive. Now she was a starved prisoner soon to be Ripped. Her first mistake was joining the Viper cult. It was a group of vampires loyal to the Ripper they viewed as a vampire goddess and hunted prey for her. Human and vampires alike. It was sick and Mikali soon realized that she didn't like being ordered like an attack dog. She wanted to return to being alone and hunting for herself and herself alone. But it wasn't that easy. Once she became a Viper, the only escape was death. She soon realized that as well.

The Viper that convinced her to join, once her love, Eaton Grey, tended her rat infested cage. Yet again, it was time for him to come back and feed her, which he did every two weeks. He filled a troph at the edge of the cage with pig's blood. Animal blood was the lowest thing a vampire could drink-it was humiliating to do so. Especially in front of others that jeered at her. She had been starved so dry that as a rat would scurry over her legs, she'd pounced on it, and drain the filthy thing.

"Hey, beautiful."

Caked in mud from her attempt to escape and bony thin, she was anything but beautiful. Mikali silently glared at the Viper she once loved. She didn't waste her breath or her movements on him. All she did was glare.

Eaton slung a bucket of pig's blood into the troph. "Eat up."

Still, she didn't move. Her starved body smelled the blood and fought her mind with all its strength to scramble to the troph. But she still felt she had a shred of dignity to maintain. This happened everytime. Eaton would sit on the other side of her cell for hours if he had to, just to jeer at her animalistic behavior when she finally cracked and sprang toward the troph.

This time, she lasted two minutes and forty seconds. Months ago, she'd held out for two hours. But starvation had worn down her will. On her hands and knees, she dragged herself and her chains to the troph and weakly lapped up the contents.

Eaton's sniggers were unheard. Her instincts had taken over and as soon as they did, her consciousness sunk back into the deep recesses of her mind, mortified. Still, Eaton laughed at how pathetic she looked. "Taste good, does it? Ha! Enjoy it, this is your last meal. Tomorrow's the Tainted Blood ceremony and you're the main course."

His hoarse laughter echoed down the long corridor filled with bony vampires. Out of all of them, Mikali was the only former Viper. She'd been starved the longest, and humiliated the most. But that was all going to end tomorrow.


"It doesn't interest me what you were. All that matters is what you are now. And that is a murderer who has slain thirty-four people in one night after entirely disregarding my warning of how circumstances would be as a Vampist since you clearly didn't want to be a Vampiran," Lionel said. He's brown eyes held absolutely no interest and painful irritation.

The highly attractive actor and lead in the movie, A Fang's Gentle Caress, pleaded with him. "Please, sir, you don't understand. I wasn't thinking straight. When you came to me, I didn't want to accept what I had become. Becoming a Vampiran would mean accepting that I was truly a monster. So I tried to remain as human as a could."

"And you failed. And now you get to hear you're execution date," Lionel said simply with not a drop of sympathy.

"Please, no! I had such a wonderful life, I didn't want to give it up. I pushed myself to be human until that one scene where I had to kiss my co-star and I...I lost it..."

"We'll include that in your memoir. November 13th is when you'll be drained. You won't ever have to worry about being a 'monster' again," Lionel said with a dismissive wave of his hand. "My large muscular friend behind you will escort you to the Council."

"N-November 13th? That's today!" The actor leapt to his feet and leaned across the desk. "Mr. Nightshade, I had no-"

"You're one and only right as a Vampist is the right to a speedy execution. Have a wonderful evening. Bruno, if you wouldn't mind," Lionel prompted.

The tan skinned Vampiran minor officer with arms the width of cows nodded and picked the actor up, slinging him over his shoulder. He didn't notice the smaller man's thrashes and punches. He simply continued walking out the door.

Lionel massaged his temples and with a slight groan turned around in his chair to look over the files sent to him by the Regional Secretary of what all new vampires had been made and who he hadn't yet relayed the Vampiran offer to yet. This was possibly more painful because it involved lots of movement. Walking to and fro from block to block knocking on doors and having to socialize. It was awful, but someone had to do it. Unfortunately, he wore the imaginary badge to do so.

Not yet reaching for the files, Lionel sank back in his chair for a moment, recalling his encounter with Zekiah. Perhaps he was a bit hypocritical. Condemning actor Richard Joel for killing 34 people while Zander had killed 34,000. But it didn't bother him. His method of luring a Ripper would soon enough prove to be effective. Whether or not he'd regret his encounter with a Ripper was an entirely different story.

He might die. He might live. The odds were fifty-fifty. Lionel was an exceptional fighter though he didn't fight often, but a Ripper was something he'd never faced before. This would most likely be a painfully new experience.

Either way, Lionel had to get back to work.


"Er... You okay, Zek?" Shayna asked at the wide eyed stare her partner gave her.

With a roar, Zekiah whirled around and punched the metal wall, denting it slightly. He cursed vampires of all kinds and muttered, "The wretch was right..."

"Wanna talk about it, hun?" Shayna said, putting her hands on her hips. She was well aware he had a secret and was well aware when he was referencing to it.

"No. We have to find these Rippers and kill them. Every last one. No questions asked," Zekiah growled.

His partner sighed putting a hand to her forehead. "Yeah, that's the plan. Always been the plan with the Ripper. Still the same with the Rippers."

"What other information did Greidous offer?" Zekiah snapped.

"Don't use that tone with me," Shayna scowled. She then revealed, "One's right-handed, one's left-handed, and there's a third we don't know anything about. Righty likes watches and men though. All his victims, he steals them from. Lefty isn't discriminate."

Zekiah gave her a bizarre look. "Don't talk to Greidous anymore. He's nuts. Now come on, we've got research to do."

"You've got research to do. I'm gonna see if Gree's got anything new to offer us. The more time I give him, the more he digs up," Shayna replied.

The silver haired assassin paused watching her walk away. He frowned crossly. "Shayna! You aren't Gree's partner, you're mine!"

A laugh escaped her. "Ha! I ain't yours. I ain't nobody's. I'll catch up later, 'kay? I have to consult my consultant."

Zekiah boiled by himself. This treatment was blatantly disrespectful. But he could do this without her if he had to. He needed to trace out a few patterns Lionel had mentioned. Then scope out those areas, up close and personal.

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