My Romance Novel – God

It started out with my Son, your Prince of Peace dying on a tree.

I named you, breathed life into you, knit you together in your mother's womb.

Called you mine, and loved you first.

I watched you grow up, and suffered at the hands on others.

I watched you accept my Son and ultimately me.

I watched the people you love join me in Heaven.

I collected your tears in bottles.

I watched Satan tempt you, and go through pain in suffering.

I placed dreams in your heart, that you will follow my Will for your life.

I spoke to you saying "never will I leave you, nor forsake you".

I placed the one you will marry in your path, so you will not be alone, and to show you my love for you through another.

I watched as you grew older, and had children of your own.

I saw you as you followed my Will for your life.

I saw you as beautiful when you discovered gray hair and wrinkles.

I held out my arms as you came home to your Father and embraced you.

So that you will be mine and I will be yours.

This is my romance novel written by me.

~ God