The Pixies Dance: Chapter 1-Rahzanias Mistake

In the middle of a garden, at the back of a big, big house, there is a flower patch. In the flower patch there are tulips and daffodils and roses...And a pixie. The pixies name is Rahzania, he is very small, about the length of your thumb, and has pale, freckly skin, bright blue eyes, long red hair with an acorn hat on top, and long thin wings like a dragonfly on his back.

And he is about to get into a lot of trouble!

Rahzania looked over the petal of a daffodil at the huge house that faced the garden. He felt a grin spread across his face, his wings quivered in excitement: Today was the day he was going to explore the house!

"This is it" he whispered as he pulled himself over the daffodil.

"WAIT!" cried a voice.

Rahzania groaned, he knew that voice.

He turned as a little pixie girl flew towards him. With her own long red hair and freckled face she looked a lot like Rahzania, she should do. She was his sister, Laurel.

Rahzania sighed as Laurel landed next to him on the daffodil, her grass headband falling away from her hair.

"What is it, Laurel?" Rahzania asked warily.

"You know what!" she squealed "You can't go into the house! It could be dangerous! You might not come back out again! You could be captured by a human!"

Rahzania hid a smirk "What are the odds of that happening? Most humans don't even believe in pixies!"

Laurels' brown eyes flashed in frustration.

"We're not fairies, Rahz! Even non-believers can see us!"

"Oh, for goodness sake, Laurel!" groaned Rahzania "I flew around the house to make sure, and there are no humans in the house! I'll be perfectly safe!"

Laurel crossed her arms across her chest and looked at the ground.

"Well, don't come crying to me if you...end up as a slave for some idiotic Pixie Circus Owner!" Laurel mumbled.

Rahzania made a dismissive sound.

"Oh please! They're just a myth. I'll be back before you know it, I promise!"

Rahzania hugged his sister, spread his wings, flew through the garden, through the cat-flap (although there was no cat) in the back door, and into the big, big house.

"Oh, wow!" Rahzania gasped as he looked around the huge kitchen. Everything was so...big! And shiny! Flying around the kitchen, his feet danced on the shiny clean counter-tops.

His hands brushed against the clean plates in the drying rack.

His eyes swept across the tiled floor.

His wings almost became tangled in the net curtain.

But, although Rahzania found the kitchen wonderful, he wanted to explore the rest of the house.

The next room he found was the living room. This time Rahzania didn't admire the cream sofas and grey carpet, instead he headed straight for a low shelf that held five china ornaments. A little spotted dog, a small elephant, a bouquet of white roses, a tabby cat, and a little girl pixie the same size as Rahzania.

Now, you should know that Rahzania had never seen a china figure, but he wasn't so silly as to think the statue was a real pixie girl.

What he got wrong was how heavy the statue would be.

Rahzania tried to pick up the china pixie. He thought he could take it to show Laurel, but as soon as he lifted it off the shelf, the weight got the better of him and he dropped the statue. It smashed on the ground.

"Oh no!" whimpered Rahzania. He flew down to the broken statue and did something a pixie will only do in an emergency.

Rahzania gathered all of the broken pieces of the statue into a pile, and began to dance around them.

From every kick, hop and spin that came from Rahzanias pointed shoes came gold sparks that flew on to the broken statue, with every clap and wave that came from his hands, a piece of the statue repaired itself. In no time at all, the statue was fixed. He had done the Pixies Dance.

"Thank goodness!" said Rahzania. Relieved that the statue was mended.

Now, Rahzania was about to try and lift the statue back to the shelf, when he heard a noise from behind him. Slowly, Rahzania turned around, and saw an enormous man with bushy black eyebrows. He was dressed in green overalls and was carrying a rake.

It was the gardener, Gary. Rahzania had seen him from time to time when playing in the garden.

He must've come in without Rahzania hearing.

He had clearly seen the dance.

He was staring at Rahzania with a greedy look on his face.

He leaned down, stretching his hand towards Rahzania to grab him.

"NO!" Rahzania shrieked. He flew up into the air and make for the back door, flying as fast as he could.

"Oh no, you don't!" he heard Gary shout, and before Rahzania could fly out of the cat-flap, Gary's boot came forward and blocked the flap.

Before Gary's big hands could grab Rahzania, the little pixie curved in the air and headed for the living room doorway.

"Blast!" he heard Gary shout, and then his footsteps as he came for Rahzania.

Rahzania didn't have a chance of getting back to the cat-flap, so he flew into the hallway and up the stairs.

The pixie, knowing he didn't have time to look for an open window, looked up to the ceiling and saw the door to a loft. It had a crack in it big enough for Rahzania.

Hearing Gary's footsteps coming up the stairs, Rahzania flew through the crack and into the loft.

Rahzania landed on the floor of the loft and listened. It sounded as though Gary was looking in all of the rooms, grumbling as he left a room that Rahzania wasn't in.

For a moment all was quiet, Rahzania sighed in relief. Gary was gone.

But he hadn't left the house.

Now Rahzania had to think of a way out!

The pixie flew all around the loft, checking for any opening that could take him back outside.

There was nothing, he was trapped until Gary went home.

"Laurel will be so worried about me!" Rahzania said to himself.

Suddenly, he felt very angry with himself.

"Laurel was right! I was stupid to do this!"

Rahzania was still angry; it was all Gary's fault, if he hadn't chased him, if he wasn't so mean!

"STUPID BLASTED HUMAN!" he screamed, and then he clapped his hands over his mouth.

Too late, Gary had heard him.

In no time at all, it seemed, the loft door was opening.

Quick as a flash, Rahzania flew into a trunk that was slightly open. He ducked into a shadowy corner of the trunk.

Rahzania listened as Gary walked around the loft looking for him. He heard Gary come closer and closer to his hiding place. Rahzania closed his eyes and clasped his hands together.

He heard Gary sit on the lid of the trunk. The trunk clicked shut.

After a few moments, Gary left, and Rahzania tried to lift the lid to make his escape.

But the lid was heavy, and Rahzania was a small pixie, he couldn't lift it.

He was trapped inside the trunk.

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