The Pixies Dance Chapter 2: Duncan and Alice

One hour away from the big, big house, there is another smaller house. In the house live a boy and a girl who are going to stay at their Grans for a week.

The boys name is Duncan Green, he is ten years old, his skin is tanned, and his hair is brown and is constantly falling into his green eyes. He is small for his age, and he is not happy about it.

The girls name is Alice Green, she is also ten years old and Duncan's twin sister, she has pale skin, and, like Duncan, she has brown hair and green eyes, but she is one inch taller than him, and she is very happy about it.

And both of them are about to have a great adventure!

Alice picked up her pink suitcase, kissed her mum and dad goodbye, and ran out to her Grans car. She opened the car door and hopped into the car.

"Duncan! Come on!" she called while buckling her belt.

Duncan dragged his own brown suitcase to the front door, turning to look at his parents pleadingly.

"Please don't make me go to Grans!" he begged, and the childrens mother sighed:

"Your sister doesn't seem to mind" she said.

"That's because my sister actually likes sewing and baking and talking about stupid girly stuff!" Duncan moaned.

The children's dad sighed.

"Son, it's only for a week, and you can't expect Alice to go on her own, you know how scared she gets" He said, and Duncan crossed his arms and scowled.

"DUNCAN!" Alice screamed.

The children's dad pointed towards the car.

"Go" he said.

Duncan groaned, kissed his parents goodbye, and dragged himself to the car.

One hour later, they were at their Grans enormous house.

Alice loved the house because it was like an ancient mansion, full of magic and mystery. Duncan hated the house because he was always getting lost and it smelled like old people.

The children's Gran got out of the driver's seat and let the children out of the car. Alice immediately jumped out of it and grabbed her suitcase.

Duncan slowly flopped out of the car, dragging his suitcase out with him as he moved next to his sister, Alice looked at her brother, and patted his shoulder.

"You could try and enjoy this week, you know, for Grans sake"

"Be quiet, Alice" Duncan snapped, and they followed their Gran into the house.

Alice looked around the house and let out a gasp of delighted surprise "It's been three years, but the house hasn't changed!" she said delightedly.

The walls of the house were beige, and covered with pictures of flowers, the carpets were a boring grey, and all of the furniture apart from the big oak table in the living room was cream.

Duncan sighed and walked into the living room, and then he frowned.

"Hey" he said to Alice "Look at Grans ornament shelf"

Alice looked "What?" she said, dropping her suitcase.

Duncan dropped his too "An ornament is missing, her one of the pixie"

"Oh!" said Alice, walking into the living room too. She looked at the carpet, and smiled "That's because it's on the floor!" she said, picking it up.

At that moment, their Gran walked into the living room, and she saw Alice with the pixie statue.

"Alice!" she cried, making Alice jump "What are you doing with my statue!?"

"I-it was on the floor, Gran! I was just putting it back!" Alice explained, her voice shaking.

"She's telling the truth, Gran" Duncan said, backing her up. Gran looked at them suspiciously for a moment, then sighed.

"It must have been Gary, I arranged for him to come round before you got here, and he must have knocked over the pixie" Gran shook her head at the gardener's clumsiness, she looked at Alice again.

"Put her back, dear. Then you and Duncan can come and help me make a cake for pudding tonight, would you like that?"

"Sounds great!" Alice squealed, quickly putting the statue back and rushing over to Gran.

Duncan quickly made an excuse:

"Uh, actually, I should go and unpack; otherwise I'll uh, never do it"

"O.K. Duncan" Gran told him "Come back down when you're done"

Duncan picked up his suitcase and went upstairs.

When he got to the top of the stairs, Duncan saw that the ladder leading to the loft was out. He wanted to go up, but Gran had told him never to go up to the loft on his own.

So he did the sensible thing, and called his sister.

"Alice! Can you come up here a second please?!"

A few seconds later, Alice arrived. She looked at the open loft. She looked at Duncan.

"We can't go up there!" she said, shocked.

"Oh, come on, Alice!" Duncan begged "We can only do this once! And Gran will never find out!"

Alice looked at the loft again, then back down at her twin, and sighed in defeat.

"Fine, but if Gran finds out, it was your idea!"

Duncan nodded and started to scamper up the stairs. Alice hesitated, but soon followed.

Once up there, the twins looked around the dusty old loft. Alice wrinkled her nose, unimpressed.

"Duncan, let's go, I'm bored" she whined, tugging his arm. Duncan shrugged her off, looking around the loft with glee.

"No, wait! I want to look at this old trunk!" he said, walking over it and kneeling in front of the old box. He tried to open it, but the lid was heavy; Alice groaned and helped him lift it, and with a groan the trunk was open. The children looked inside, but they could see nothing inside it except dust.

"Are you happy now, can we go?" Alice asked, clearly bored.

Duncan sighed "Fine, but you don't need to be so moodAARRGGH!"

Duncan yelled as something shot out of the trunk, knocking him backwards and making him cover his eyes.

"Oh my goodness!" he heard Alice gasp "Duncan, look!"

Duncan looked.

And hovering three inches above the trunk, was Rahzania the pixie.

I hope you liked this chapter, I'll be updating soon