The Pixies Dance: Chapter 3 Pixie Magic

Rahzania stared at Duncan and Alice.

Duncan and Alice stared at Rahzania.

The pixie was the first to speak:

"Hello, my name is Rahzania, thank-you for freeing me from this box"

While Duncan was still staring, Alice decided to speak to the pixie.

"Are you a fairy?" she asked.

Rahzania suddenly looked angry, and Alice could tell that she had insulted him.

"How dare you!" he cried, fluttering in front of Alice's face furiously "I am NOT one of those silly, flowery, giggly little pansies! I am strong! I am adventurous! I am a Pixie!" he shouted.

"O.K. I'm sorry!" Alice whimpered.

Duncan was still silent, and still staring at the little pixie.

Rahzania looked at him, and frowned.

"Are you so silent because you're planning on how to capture me, like the other human?" he asked, flying out of the children's reach.

At last, Duncan spoke to him:

"H-how did you get here?" he asked him, still a little surprised to see a pixie in the loft.

"I was chased up here by Gary, the gardener, he saw me-" Rahzania broke off, staring at the children as though trying to decide if he should trust them or not.

"Well, he saw me doing magic, and he tried to capture me. So I flew up here and into the trunk, and I got stuck!"

"But you're free now" Duncan said "So why don't you fly away? Why are you sticking around?"

Rahzania flew down and sat on the upright lid of the trunk. He looked at the children for a full minute and breathed out.

"I'm still here" he said "Because whenever a human frees a pixie, or a fairy, they have to grant them one wish. Kind of like a reward"

Again, the children were speechless. Rahzania sighed with impatience:

"Well, come on! Hurry up, I want to go home!"

"A wish?" Alice whispered, hands clasped in front of her chest "A...whole wish? Just for us?!"

Rahzania groaned "Yes" he said "You get one wish each! Now can you please get on with it?!"

But then, just as the children started to think of what to wish for, they heard Gran call from the kitchen:

"Alice! Duncan! What is taking you so long?"

"Oh no!" Alice squealed "If she finds us up here, we're in so much trouble!"

"We'd better get wishing then!" Duncan told her.

"You know" Rahzania put in with a sigh "You don't have to make a wish right now, it's just that I can't leave this loft until you do"

"Oh!" Duncan gasped "I know what to wish for!"

"Yes?" Rahzania said, looking at Duncan hopefully.

"I wish" Duncan said "That I was taller than Alice!"

"Duncan!" Alice moaned; she knew he'd wish for that!

"Alice, you know I hate being the short one!" Duncan said, shrugging.

"O.K!" Rahzania said, standing on the trunks lid and clapping his hands. He spread his wings and flew to hover over Duncan's head.

"Don't move" Rahzania told him "Three extra inches coming right up!"

Alice watched as Rahzania began to do his strange dance above Duncan's head. As he kicked and hopped and spun around, golden sparks flew onto Duncan. As he clapped and waved, Alice saw her brother grow taller.

When Rahzania stopped dancing, Alice could tell that Duncan was now two inches taller than her.

"Wow!" Alice whispered "How did you-?"

"ALICE!" Gran suddenly shouted "DUNCAN! Where are you?!"

"Oh bother!" Alice grumbled, she turned to her now-taller brother:

"We have to go or Gran will guess we're up here. Sorry Rahzania!" She said, turning to the pixie "I'll be back later!" Alice pulled at Duncan's arm, and then left the loft. With a wave to Rahzania, Duncan soobegan to wash up faster.n followed, and as he went down the stairs he said a quick "Thanks" to a very glum pixie.

For what seemed like a hundred years to her, Alice helped her Gran cook a cake for pudding (Duncan had decided he still needed time packing) all the time she was there she was thinking about what to wish for.

Should she wish for a pet pony?

Should she wish for a pair of butterfly wings to fly with?

Should she wish for Duncan to be short again?

As Alice stood washing up a big mixing bowl, her wish came to her. Now she couldn't wait to get to the loft, and began washing up as fast as she could.

After she was finally finished, Alice headed to the loft, telling Gran she was going to unpack. Once she was outside Duncan's room, she knocked on the door. Knowing where his sister was headed, he followed her.

When they got to the loft, they found Rahzania lying on the now-closed lid of the trunk, he was on his back staring at the ceiling when he heard the children's footsteps, his head turned and he sat up, a hopeful look on his face.

"Have you thought of a wish now?" he asked Alice, his voice made the question sound desperate. Alice felt sorry for the pixie, and wished she had thought of this sooner:

"I wish" Alice said "That I had a bag of magic dust, like fairy dust!"

The children watched as Rahzania's hopeful expression changed into one of shock. For a while he simply stared at the ground and said nothing, then, he nodded:


Rahzania stood up onto the lid of the trunk; he closed his eyes, breathed in, breathed out, and began the Pixies Dance.

He danced in a smallish circle, the gold sparks from his feet falling into the center. As he clapped and waved his little hands, a small purple bag began forming around the gold sparks. After a few seconds, Rahzania stopped dancing, panting he was so tired.

Where the gold sparks had been there was now a little purple bag, small enough to fit into the palm of Alice's hand.

"All you...have to do" Rahzania said, still panting "Is sprinkle...that dust in the air...and whatever you happen...will happen!"

He paused, and looked at Alice as though to make sure she was still listening:

"Unless it's for something bad, then it won't work" he said, his breathing back under control.

"Oh no!" Alice said, shaking her head "I would never!"

Rahzania shrugged "There's only enough dust in there for one use, anyway"

A smile had appeared on Rahzania's freckly face. He was clearly looking forward to going home. Alice picked up her purple bag and put it into her pocket.

"You must be looking forward to going home" Alice said to Rahzania with a sigh.

Rahzania was now hovering above the trunk again, a look of glee on his face "I am, yes" he nodded, then the smile left his face, and he stopped flying. He landed on the trunk with a bump "But how can I go back? With that stupid gardener looking for me?" he said sadly.

"What do you mean?" Duncan asked.

"Gary" Rahzania said "He saw me dance, remember? He chased me up here! How can I go back without him seeing me?"

"Oh! But Rahzania!" Alice laughed "Gary's not here! He was gone long after we came back! You can go home!"

Rahzania stared at Alice, he seemed frozen. Until he shot up into the air and let out a very high pitched WHOOP! He then flew down and beamed at Alice and Duncan.

"Thanks for not telling anyone I was here" he said.

"No problem!" Duncan said, a little surprised at this.

Still hovering in the air, Rahzania took off his acorn hat and fiddled with it nervously, he looked at the ground as though shy.

"Erm, I was wondering" He mumbled "If you could take me back to the garden, it's just I can't let the old lady see me"

"Oh!" the children said, they looked at each other, and Duncan opened his shirt pocket.

"Climb in; Gran won't be able to see you"

Rahzania put his hat back on, and slowly hovered down into Duncan's pocket; he ducked inside it so that he was almost invisible.

"O.K." came Rahzania's voice from the pocket "Take me to the back door, and I'll fly out through the cat flap"

After putting the stairs back into the loft, the children went into the kitchen. Luckily, Gran was in the living room watching T.V. So she didn't see Duncan bend over so Rahzania could fly out of his pocket.

The little pixie quickly shot through the cat-flap, and, with a quick wave to Duncan and Alice through the kitchen window, he flew off to Gran's flower patch, and disappeared.

Alice sighed "I'm going to miss him" she said, a little upset.

"Hey" Duncan said, putting his arm around her "At least he's happy! And safe from Gary!"

"I never did like Gary" Alice said moodily "He was always mean!"

"Well, thank-you very much, Alice!" came a gruff voice.

Duncan and Alice looked up to see Gary the gardener, he was staring at the cat-flap, and holding a green rucksack.

"You remember Gary, don't you kids?" said Gran from behind him "He's just come round because he left his rake in our garden!"

The children watched in horror as Gary moved past them and walked into the garden. When Gran went back into the living room, Alice looked at Duncan in a panic.

"Oh, come on Alice!" Duncan said nervously "Rahzania escaped from him once. I bet he can do it again!" he added.

But Alice could tell that her brother didn't truly believe his own words.

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