Snow sat there looking at her ex-boyfriend Thomas, wondering if he ever thought about her. It's obvious that she's not over him, but I mean what can she do? Snow makes sure that he doesn't see her looking at him, because if he did she's sure all sorts of awkward thoughts would be going through his head. It's extremely difficult for Snow, because she likes other guys but at the same time she still likes her ex. So she turns away.

Thomas looks over at his ex-girlfriend Snow wondering if she still likes him. He wonders if he should ask her out again. He knows that he's a giant douchebag for breaking up with her the way that he did. Thomas really regrets breaking up with Snow. He's come to realize that he was happy with her, and that he doesn't want anyone else. Thomas looks away, wondering if they'll ever get back together.

Later that day

Thomas passed Snow in the hallway, and glanced back. Wondering if she noticed him.

Snow glanced back at Thomas and caught him staring at her. She blushed catching his eye, and turned away, praying that he didn't think that she was still hung up on him. Even though she was. She kept walking to Spanish thanking god that she wouldn't see him again until lunch. Unfortunately lunch was only two periods away.

As it was lunch time Snow was not surprised when Thomas walked into the room. What did surprise her, and to her utmost dissatisfaction make her jealous, was the fact that he walked in with that whore Samantha clinging to his arm.

To be honest Samantha really wasn't a whore, and Snow knew this. What made her think that was that Samantha was Snow's friend. Until that moment. That killed their friendship in Snow's eyes. And if you think about it she had every right to be mad. My god that was her ex boyfriend and best friend. Little did Snow know that Thomas had asked Samantha to do this to make Snow jealous.

Snow sat quietly eating her lunch and sulking. Her best friend Payne wondered what was wrong, but immediately knew as soon as he looked up. He saw Samantha and Thomas sitting together, and began to quietly discuss with Snow and his' mutual friend Sapphire about their friend's predicament.

Payne had been telling Snow ever since her and Thomas broke up that he knew that she still liked him, and that they would eventually get back together. *How right he was.* thought Snow. Here I am still pining for him, and he's clearly moved on.

As you can probably tell, Snow had never had a boyfriend until Thomas.

A couple of days later

Snow didn't know this but her friend Dahlia had already told Thomas that she still liked him. When Snow found this out, she flipped. Then she realized that meant that she didn't have to tell Thomas that she still liked him! She still figured that she would need to tell him, but at least he already knew.

The next Day

That fact made it easier for Snow to corner Thomas the next day and confront him about her feelings. Thomas looked at her for, what felt like to Snow years, and said to her, "Is this a joke?". He couldn't believe that she actually wanted to date him after how he treated her. Referring to how he broke up with her. Snow just shook her head no. She thought that this meant that his answer was no. She turned and started walking away. Thomas called after her to stop, but Snow wouldn't listen fearing the rejection that she thought was sure to come if she even paused in her escape.

What Snow didn't take into account is that Thomas' legs are twice the length of hers if not more. So just when she thought she was in the clear he came up beside her, grabbed her, and pushed her into the wall cushioning her head against his hand.

Thomas looked down into Snow's eyes as he slowly bent down to press a kiss upon her lips. Snow didn't know what to do, seeing as it was her first kiss, so she started panicking and pulled away. Thomas looked down at her in surprise. He didn't know what was wrong until he looked in her eyes and saw how insecure she felt, and finally understood what she couldn't bring herself to say out loud. To say that Snow was surprised, when he leaned in for another kiss, would be an understatement. She was shocked. After a minute or so she understood what he was trying to convey. Snow started moving her lips in sync with Thomas, and when she felt his tongue on her lips she immediately opened them. As Thomas kissed her good and proper, Snow felt his hands start to slide up her sides, and under her shirt.

Thomas felt around for the clasp on Snow's bra. As he was unclasping it, they heard the principal coming down the hallway. "We need to hide, fast!" Snow whispered to Thomas, but he was already in motion, pulling both of them into a janitorial closet. "I could have sworn I heard some kids down here." their principal said walking away.

"That was close." said Thomas as he continued to divest of Snow of her clothes. "Sure was." Snow said breathlessly.