It is said that when an angel falls from grace they lose everything about them. But when this angel fell she became grace.


'20 years later and I'm still living with my parents. I can't believe this' Grace thought to herself. She was looking out of the newly bought SUV that her dad had gotten her a few days ago. It was still new and she was pushing all the wrong buttons. Even at that driving was not her best skill; she could not be bothered with these small tin boxes that barely did any good trailing. She was more of a sailor. That was when the wind could race through her auburn hair and she could see the clear blue sky with her light hazel eyes, the sun would touch and tan her light caramel skin and she would be free. 'At least there was one good thing out of living with her parents. They pay, I play.' She was diving to her parents shore house in the south of Maine. Her mom had planned for her to visit her cousins in Maine for two weeks but she could think of much more fun things that she could do instead.

Grace was adopted into her family so even though her mom and dad may love her the rest of them don't even consider her family. She rather spend days with the wild seas and storms then any time she had with those fools. Her cousins where the cold hearted type that had a very unnecessary love for money; they bought their way out everything that could get them self's into. They had even bought their way into Graces heart. Even though she was not the type to be bought in the first place it's not like she could turn down a band new boat. It was a semi-finished Back Cove 34 and was hers as soon as she got down to the docks and played nice with her "family".

The car was coming close to the wooded area right in front of the house. There was a service road that right next to the wood that she could've taken but didn't have to. She toke that road only because she liked the view of the woods. "And maybe they won't see me coming from over here and I could sneak away without anyone knowing." She said to herself with a small grin on her face. She had a thought of getting lost in the woods. Running freely with the suns light shining everywhere around her. It felt too real.

When she opened her eyes there was a man standing in front of her car, his hands were spread out and he looked freighted. He was also coming closer to her and she wondered why. And she realized she was the one moving and she was getting closer. Before she had time to think her foot hit the brakes. The car turned and swerved, just stopping just in time for the side of the car to tap the mans out stretched hands. Grace breathed out a sigh of relief; she really didn't need another accident. The man didn't move from where he was standing until Grace shut off her car and stepped out. He was tall, almost about 6 feet from what Grace could see. He was also very tan with freckles played out everywhere on his face. He wore a tight white long sleeved with an even tighter half sleeved jean jacket with jeans and boots.

"Oh my god, Are you okay!? I didn't hurt you did I? We don't need to go to the hospital do we?" she was talking fast, the way she did every time she was nervous about something. He was standing looking at the car and down at his feet, then at her. And at once he had a smile on his face as soon as he saw who she was.

"Grace? Grace Montgomery?" she stopped talking the instant she heard her name and looked at him with confusion. "Jarrett. Jarrett James? Little JJ?" When he said that her eyes became wide with knowledge and acceptance.

"Little JJ? Not so little anymore!" she looked at his 6 foot figure. He was slim with shown muscles, like a swimmer. "More like big JJ now! I haven't seen you since you were this small." She had her palm out to the ground below her hips. When she says where her hand was placed tilted his head back laughing

"Yeah I remember when you were taller than me." He said in-between burst of laughter. When he calmed down stopped he looked at her up and down. She was a good five feet, with shoulder long hair. "So coming in to see the family?"

"You already know? I should be asking you what you're doing here?" she snapped her fingers remembering something. "Doesn't your mother work for..?"

"She used to works for your family and she's dead…" they both stood there quite. "But I'm working for you now." She was afraid to look at his face when, but when she did her eyes shot up to his eyes. They were shinning to a point where they looked hypnotic. When she looked away she had to shack her head to clear he mind.

"So you goanna help me get this over there o we just goanna stand looking at me." Grace walked over to the passenger side of the car and sat in the car waiting. Jarrett smiled at her actions and got into the driver's seat. Looking at her he started the engine and drove to the house.