Clash of the Gods

By Kala Helm

The Ancestral Field became a battleround long before the time of man. The gods of every region gathered here to Clash. "For Asgard!" Odin cries as he enters the Ancestral Field with his fellow norse gods by his side. Thor strikes the ground with his mighty hammer and makes the earth shiver in fear. Tyr the norse god of war sends out a terrifying battle cry. "I will sacrifice much to achieve victory today. Responsibility! Duty! Honour! These are not mere virtues to which we must aspire! They are essential to everyone on this field today!" Says the mighty Odin. Odin impales the barren waste with his spear and gazes at his enemies with the utmost ferocity.

Zeus the Greek god of lightning stares across the miles of rugged land. "These barbaric Norse think they can best us?"says Zeus to the Olympians beside him. "Like children, they need to be reminded of the order of things!" Shouts Poseidon the greek god of the seas. "Then we shall show them the true power of the gods!" Zeus screams, Zeus then produced rain clouds that turned the day into night, Lightning bolts that pierce the heavens themselfs, and thunder that even Thor would find intimidating. The greek gods stood firm and prepaired for a battle that would leave a dent in the universe.

Ra the Solar sentinel of Egypt draws his scepter and releases a light so powerful that it made Apollo seem like a Dim candle. "This victory is ours for the taking! These false gods shall witness our might!" Shouts Ra. "Only i could feel pleasure for a battle such as this one." says Horus son of Isis. Seth the god of the desert puts his hand on the shoulder of Horus, "There are no pleasures in a battle but this battle will be a pleasure to win." says Seth to Horus. Anubis gives out a howl so vicious that Odins wolves Geri and Freki whimper at there masters side. Odin was displeased with this and responded by hurling his spear and piercing the leg of Anubis. Anubis cried in pain and soon after the spear vanished from the leg of Anubis and returned to Odin,only leaving behind a fatal wound.