They walked carefully through the vast, tangled undergrowth of the swampy jungle, two bedraggled and lost men with little more than torn, dirtied clothes to their name. One of them, the one with the darkest and scragglist beard, held a pocket knife in his hand, scanning the swampy waters.

"Yah tink anymore of 'em will be cohmin' ou?" he asked his friend.

"I 'unno, yer the one in fron'!" his friend stated with a mixture of irritability and terror.

They stepped around the branches, taking pains to avoid the waterlogged areas. The one with the knife glanced over by the base of a tree, then took another look.

"Aye, looka that."

Pointing with his knife, he indicated to his partner a thorny, short plant, on which grew in great abundance something resembling ears. His friend shuddered and looked away.

"Please Willis, I dun wanna look at these sortah things."

"Where the 'ell are we?" the one called Willis asked to the barely seen twilight sky. "Last ting' I remember, we was runnin' from dem pigs an' we was jumpin' off the cliffside an' there was a flasha light an' now we're here."

"It's nawt good is what it is." said his fellow, appearing close behind him.

"Oh shutup Jack, ya coward." growled Willis.

"Maybe that can 'elp." said Jack, pointing to something on the ground.

Willis followed his point to what appeared to be a large book lying next to another tree trunk. It was closed. A small flower seemed to be growing out of its cover.

"I 'unno, dun think we sho...JACK GIT BACK 'ERE!"

Jack had already toddled in front of him, reaching for the book. The book appeared to notice his presence, the flower tilted toward him.

"Eh, it looks alrigh'"

"Jack, NO!"

Before Willis could reach him, Jack had touched the spine of the book. The book suddenly took on life. It opened itself to reveal a maw of sharp teeth. The flower burst open to release a hoard of tentacles. Jack screamed as the tentacles engulfed his face, gouging out his eyes. One thick tentacle reached out and grabbed hold of his free leg. It began pulling. Willis had no time to react before another tentacle grabbed his reaching arm. In another instant, it had been painfully relieved of its duty.

Willis screamed, falling to his knees, the stump spraying blood throughout the area. The book opened itself and a tentacle popped the arm in, to be chewed. A scream from Jack confirmed his leg had also been popped up for eminent digestion.

The two men's screams as they were torn apart and eaten could be heard across the cubic planet of the Universe X, though these screams became mixed with similar cries of help and death of lost visitors.