Under the Helmets

by Alyssa

He heard his brother cry out in pain

As he lie unable to move,

Surrounded in dust the bullets stirred again:

But he was bound by an unseen chain –

By something they vowed to prove.

They all stood in the loudest silence

That they would ever hear,

Until the sound of 21 guns

Echoed through the air.

But what do they receive?

An occasional "thank you"?

A discount that doesn't even matter?

Injuries go uncured, unheard;

Desperate prayers go unanswered.

Who will show them their fears are not absurd?

Painful memories,

Haunted dreams:

Never to be heard,

Never will they fade

When going without necessary aid.

All that is needed

Is a little money put aside

For those that save us

From the fear that we disguise.

As courageous as they may be,

They still know hurt,

Still see the betrayal.

For what ever reason we refrain

From preventing our heroes from being lain.

Without them, how shall this country remain?