Dear Diary,

The middle school building is huge. It's because our town has a lot (11) of elementary schools, but only three middle schools and two high schools. There were so many kids everywhere. There was a lot of shoving and bumping and loudness in general. I got a lost a few times. I wished Julia was here to help me find my way, but she already graduated to High School. I did find my locker, but I didn't know the people with lockers near mine. I wished Susan's locker was next to mine so we could be locker buddies, but she's all the way on the other end of the hall. AND we're not even in the same homeroom! Fawn and Susan are in the same homeroom, and I am very jealous. Eliza and Mary-Beth both go to the Catholic school now, and Melissa goes to a Jewish school that's very far away. Lena and Diana are still in the school. Fawn and Susan are in Mr. Patel's homeroom, Lena is in Mrs. Hutch's homeroom, and Diana and I are in Ms. Kimball's homeroom. Diana saved me a seat and I took it to be nice and because I didn't really know anyone else in the homeroom. I'll show you my schedule:

Also on Mondays and Wednesdays I have to stay late for gym class. And on Tuesdays I have to stay late for health.

Ms. Kimball is okay for homeroom. She's also my English teacher, and she's pretty nice. The first book we're reading is called The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. I haven't decided if it's interesting or not.

Mr. Lowsky is my math teacher. I decided I hated him immediately. He's also the soccer coach. I hate him because he gave us a quiz ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. He said this was all stuff that was covered in our summer math packets. I didn't understand anything in the packet. So I probably failed the test and I guess he hates me because I didn't get most of the work right in the packet. It's his fault for giving us work we didn't understand. And I'm not the only one. A bunch of other kids also didn't know what to do. Fawn is in Math with me, and she whispered to me that she didn't know what to do for about half the packet. So I guess I'm not the only one in trouble.

For Science I have Mrs. Lawrence, but she seems like the kind of teacher who doesn't care about anything. I heard she's retiring soon.

For Social Studies I have Mr. Heller. We also already have work for him. A current events article with our "summary and analysis" due Wednesday.

For Art I have Ms. Powell, but she told us to call her Gena. She told us where all the supplies and stuff were, then she went to the bathroom for the rest of the period.

Hold on a second.

Ok I'm back. That was Julia. She asked what I was doing, so I told her I was writing in my diary. She asked what I was writing about so I said, "School." and she asked

"What teachers do you have? Do you have Ms. Pot-Ms. Pow-Gena?"

"Yeah. Why'd you call her Ms. Pot?" I asked.

"It's short for Ms. Pothead. Jessica Grayson went to the bathroom during art one year, and saw Gena smoking a joint."

"What's a joint?"

So Julia explained to me what pot was and what a joint was. I asked her if she had ever smoked one.

"No!" She answered. "But, and don't tell Mom and Dad, I went to a party over the summer, and a few kids were smoking. You could smell it."

"What did it smell like? And what were the kids like?" I asked. I really wanted to know.

"It smelled really weird. Not bad weird. Just…weird. And the kids were acting so retarded."

"Jules!" I yelled. Colin Brown, who lives across the street, has down syndrome and a few kids call him that. Mom and Dad have always told us never ever to say it, so I was surprised Julia did.

"Sorry. Stupid. They were acting stupid. Like, they kept looking at their hands and ate everything in the fridge."

Then Julia left.

During Lunch I went to go sit with Susan and Fawn (there were already there because they're both in Advanced Science), except there were already two girls there. Still, there was plenty of room so I just sat down. The two girls gave me mean looks, and one of them whispered something to the other and they both laughed. Susan introduced me to them. Their names were Brianna and Kaylee and they were from a different elementary school. Then of course all four of them started talking about Science, and I had no idea what to say.

For French I have Mademoiselle Pierre. Most of the kids already knew some French. Everyone except for the people from my elementary school. Just me, Lena, Brian Nolan, and Marty Fine. Most of the kids from our school took Spanish, because that's what we all learned in Elementary school. I signed up for Spanish, but there wasn't enough room. Probably because Brianna and Kaylee took all the last spots. Anyways, Mme. Pierre told us she'd get the four of us a different book and we'd work together. I'm friends with Lena. Marty is ok, but he's always really focused on work and nothing else. And Brian Nolan is the kind of kid who…it's hard to describe him. I'll use this story as an example:

So once in fourth grade Diana Chase got a note from Brian that said READ THIS OUT LOUD and it had a really dirty word on it. I guess Diana didn't know what it meant, because she did. So she got in HUGE trouble. Susan and I eavesdropped when she had to talk to the principal. Diana said that Brian had sent her the note and it wasn't her fault. So they brought Brian in, and he insisted he was innocent. And he used Ma'am a lot. So naturally he got off scott free and Diana got in big trouble. So yeah, you know that kind of kid.

Gym was torture. Coach Simmons is evil. She hates everyone who isn't on a sports team. Also she calls kids fat. I'm not joking. Ok, maybe not exactly like that. But she told a kid I don't know named Thomas to lay off the potato chips. He wasn't even eating anything! But a bunch of kids snickered. She is evil and must be destroyed.

Well, I think that's it for toda

Oh, one more thing. It was really weird. But when I was in the locker room, as we were all getting changed, I saw Susan taking off her shirt and I saw her with just her bra and underwear on. And, I don't know. But it just gave me this rushing feeling in my chest. Then of course Brianna called out. "Why are you staring at Susan's boobs, Kimmy? What are you, a lesbo or something?". Some girls started laughing. But Susan narrowed her eyes and shot Brianna a look. And suddenly I got all brave and I walked right up to Brianna and said "My name is Kim."

She looked kind of panicked for a moment, then rolled her eyes. "Whatever, lesbo."

And for the record, I know what a lesbo is. It's short for lesbian. Like Kelly and Erica. They have twin three-year-old sons and Julia babysits for them sometimes. She was saying it like an insult, but it's not a bad thing, right? So what? Am I a lesbian? Please. I just got that feeling, that's all. I'm not a lesbian.