Mystery Man flew over the city, looking for any trouble. I should really invest in a police scanner…He thought to himself. Alas, he could scarcely afford to eat. Occasionally, people tried to offer him rewards as Mystery Man. The most notable example was Mr. Lowe.

Mystery Man had seen the burning building from miles away. A smoking, towering inferno raging from that wood house. It was almost like a cabin. A charming little log cabin on the outskirts of the city, way past the suburbs.

Mr. Lowe had been at a dinner party. They had just gotten a new babysitter. Only fourteen years old, the poor girl hardly knew a thing about cooking or fire safety. She'd cooked the kids' dinner and put them to bed. She'd forgotten about the oven, still switched on. She'd forgotten about the open window and the gusting wind. She'd forgotten about the paper towels, blowing in the breeze.


By the time she'd realized what was happening, the fire had already consumed most of the kitchen. She called 911 as she raced upstairs to get the kids out. Trouble was, by the time she'd gotten all of them, the fire had spread and all but destroyed the staircase. They were trapped.

Mystery Man was actually just about to head back to the lot and call it a night when he saw the orange light. He flew, zooming towards it. On his way he saw the firemen speeding down the road. They're too slow, he thought. They won't make it in time.