Slender Man

"In a world full of lies, you can only trust yourself." At least that's what you told yourself before I settled into your mind. Now that I'm here, you can't even trust yourself. Not when I'm in control.

I am the guilt that spreads throughout your veins when you remember what you did all those years ago. I am the voice of the victims, of the children you took from the forest outside of town. I am the white, faceless mask you have become. I am the only proof that they are right, that you are the monster that sent their children to their deaths. I am the black suit you are seen in when you are shadowing them, taunting them, driving them deep into the iron clutches of insanity. Driving them into your elongated arms that, in return, steal their life away from their deteriorating bodies.

I am the pulsating of their once living hearts, the monotonous bass that haunts your ever waking thoughts. I will never leave your mind. I am forever in control. You are my puppet; the eight foot tall, humanoid type thing that wants revenge. I make you want revenge on what the humans have. They have love, compassion, while you have nothing but their fear and screams. You feed off of their agony, off of the souls that are slowly withering away.

I am you.

You are me.

We are as one, but I am still in control.

I will always be in control.

Always and forever.