Come hither child,

Spring is apon you.

The flowers are blooming,

And on grass there is dew.

There's no'thing to fear,

We are here with you

Now and forever,

And flow'rs will guide you.

Let the snow fall in

Flowers and bright lights.

The sun will go to bed,

And soon it will be night.

Let spirits guide you

Into the meadow,

Where faeries will show you

Where you should follow.

Come hither darling,

Spring is calling you.

Days pass you gracefully,

Love will come soon.

Now let us tell you

Of faeries calling

Those out to the woods

In the middle of spring.

Where there is love

Deep in the meadow

And the waves of the ocean

Dance in the new snow.

When we are gone now,

You are not alone

In your heart we reside

Now and forever.