Dreaming will be the death of me

though its fun to dream, for awhile;

they'll let you live your deepest desires

and give you a temporary smile.

I no longer fear bad dreams,

now that I know they cause no harm.

when you wake, all you feel is happiness,

wrapped in blankets to keep you calm.

A dream rips your soul apart,

tears emotions to shreds.

realizing the happiness was only a dream

though the memories fill your head.

Reality stabs through your heart

and you know it could never be true;

your subconscious playing a funny trick,

showing all that you want to you.

A dream crueler than a nightmare

visits me every night.

Happier than I've ever been

I can feel my heart take flight

Everything I could want is there,

holding me in its embrace.

I look up from the warmth and finally see

his beautiful, smiling face.

Just like that its snatched away

like a feather lost In the breeze;

I should have known, the person he loves

could never really be me.