If you can think of something, it's possible. My life is living proof of that. They took me from my parents when I was young, said they were going to help me, and then used me as an experiment! They turned me half human, half anything they could think of! They gave me abilities never expected. They made me smart, taught me how to think with my head, and told me never to trust humans, their downfall. I don't trust humans. I hate them. They are pathetic and always want more. I may have started human, but I ended up nothing close.

My legs made a harsh impact with the ground, but I kept running. The finish line was only a few yards away. I unfurled my wings, jumped, and then dove for the finish line, my speed increasing by a few mph a second.


I pulled in my wings, dropping like a stone, rolling before impact on the ground. I hit the ground, and rolled to a stop in front of the tall scientist. I stood straight, and aware.

"Yes?" I questioned with both eyebrows raised.

"Alexandria, you- you have wings?"

I nodded slowly. "I've had wings for a few weeks now. I thought you noticed in the last test."

He shook his head, and ran his fingers through his hair. "We have to do another test. There's a new test with each ability."

"What about the other kids in my room? Two others have wings. I believe its Boone and Nico. Also, Colt and Elle have been getting mysterious powers. Colt can see into the future and control matter, and Elle can control time."

He glared at me. "Don't ever tell anyone about them. You are already the main test subject. If you get them involved, they could get hurt."

I glared back. "So it's fine if I get hurt?"

He sighed and grabbed my hand. "Next test."

I complied and matched my pace.

I already knew everything about this building, but I went over the plan in my head one more time. The main entrance faces the north, with a gas station just a few miles away. As soon as you enter the main entrance, there is a four way intersecting hallway. In the middle is a spiral staircase that leads down to the bedrooms. Immediately after you turn right to go into the first hallway, there is a door. Behind that door is a huge room that they use for indoor training. There are several more sets of doors down the hall, but they are operation rooms. I hate it there.

Down the hall on the left is a big dark room where they hold meetings with other companies. There are several of them scattered throughout the building, with one way glass, and lead lined walls.

Down the center hall is somewhere I will never go. The execution rooms. That's where they kill the failed experiments.

"Lay down facing the floor, and take off your jacket."

I did so, and then they pulled my shirt up. I heard the sound of ripping fabric, and felt the strips his my exposed neck. Something shot onto my back, and I recognized it as a needle. It stung. Some of my feathers were plucked off, and I instinctively pulled my wings in.

"Extend them as far as you can."

I let them loose, and let them rest. Each wing was about eight feet long, and two feet tall. From what I felt when I stretched, they were attached to my shoulder blades.

"Okay, you can get up now. Go back to your room. Ask them when they got their powers. Don't tell anyone but me."

"Fine." I mumbled. I left the testing rooms, a chill going up my spine. I had forgotten to pick up my jacket on the way out. Dang it! I rushed back, but stopped in front of the door, having heard voices inside.

"If we kill her now, she won't start wondering what the rest of the world is like. She'll die nonexistent."

It was a female voice, with a hint of fear. Was she afraid of me? I'm not scary.

Nathan, the scientist that was assigned to me, spoke up, with loads of fear in his voice.

"She's almost sixteen, and she's never said a word about the outside world. Besides, doesn't North Korea want to use her as a weapon? They promised us millions!"

Selling me for a million? They could kill you right afterward, and you die knowing you just sold your prized possession.

I opened the door, making sure she saw my wings, and grabbed my jacket with a goofy smile. "Sorry, I forgot it." I swear, one day I'm going to kill these little-

"Leave us, you cheap experiment."

I glared at her, and folded my wings in, slipping my jacket on. I heard them yelling after I left, and I jumped down stairs, running back to my room. I ran past the chamber where they kept Elle and Colt. All of us were kept in there until were thirteen. Colt was fifteen, because he had some 'problems' that they had to fix. Elle was only twelve.

I stopped in my tracks, and grinned evilly. I ran back, and pressed the button that released them from their imprisonment. Elle came out tumbling first. Elle is a sweet lithe girl with raven hair, blue eyes, and a smile that I had never seen before. She acts younger than she is, and doesn't talk. She can't. She looked at me confused, and I held my arms out in a hug. She ran to me crying, and I grabbed her hand. Colt walked out confused same as Elle. Colt has white blonde hair, grey eyes, and the coolest ability among all of us. I grasped his hand tightly with mine, and ran down to Boone and Nico's rooms.

"Why did you release us?"

I looked back smiling. "Were leaving."

Colt stopped. "All of us?"

I yanked his hand back into a run. I noticed he was stumbling more than Elle. We came across their rooms, and I took a bobby pin out of my hair, picking the lock. When the door finally clicked, I swung it open, and smiled.

Nico grinned at me with his signature grin and light brown hair swished to the side, red-ish brown eyes sparkling, and Boone, the only kid that didn't grow up here, kissed me playfully on the cheek. He had black hair and looked like Elle, except he had brown eyes. "Ready?"

"Whoa chick, I thought you didn't want to leave."

I shrugged. "I found out more than I was supposed to."

I unfurled my wings, and they gawked. "I know you have them too."

They looked at me, hesitant.

When they were unfurled, I gasped. Nico had the most beautiful wings, black on the top, then slowly fading to grey the lower they got. They looked to be about nine feet each, with a rounded top, while as mine were more straight.

Boone didn't unfurl his wings.


He slowly let them out, and I let a single tear flow down my cheek. They were cut and bloody.