Nin started out the window at the falling rain, eyes glazed over with boredom, She let out a loud heavy yawn, then fell back on her bed.

"I'm soo bored..."

The world moved slow, in her eyes. Nothing exciting. Nothing paranormal. Even the books she'd read and loved felt lifeless to her now. The endless use of magic, vampires, was all so old to her. Sure, certain books caught her eyes, and certain manga series, but the world was a dark whole of completely nothing. The most excitement she'd ever had was getting in that car accident-

But it was mainly tragic, teary eyed, a time that plunged her family into bankruptcy, and she had no recollection of the year before it. Every time Nin tried to recall any of it, her head hurt and the world spun. So she just stopped thinking of it.

"Nin! Time for-" In a blur, Nin already had the uniform blouse on and scrambled down the stairs in a fury. She passed her younger sister, Gemma on the way down. Gemma had her chocolate brown hair in one low ponytail, and her hazel eyes dulled, as usual. Nin had always wanted her sister's and mother's eyes instead of her father's dull gray ones. They were much prettier than hers.

"Nin." Gemma's quiet, sweet voice rang out into the air. Her voice definitely fit to her looks. Eyes, big and hazel, past the shoulder length hair, full of life, and short. Her eyes bored into Nin's as she ran past her, running into the run down kitchen, nearly tripping over the bucket that collected the rainwater from the roof.

"Nin." Gemma called again, as Nin ran past their mother, grabbing a piece of toast from the toaster, steam raising from it, giving it a mouth-watering aroma. "Mornin' mom," Nin ran past her, "how was your sleep?"

The girl's mother grinned at her. Their mother had certainly been a beauty in the past, her chocolate hair fair and luscious, kind, bright eyes, a winning smile. One of the qualities that had drawn their father to their mom. But time hadn't been kind. There were a couple gray streaks in her hair, eyes sad now, and her body and health fragile and frail. She rarely smiled, now.

"It was nice, dear. You don't have to worry about me!"

As soon as Nin ran out of the kitchen, Gemma crossed her path, blocking the doorway with both arms. "You forgot something," she said calmly. "Your hair is a mess, you forgot your blazer and skirt, and don't forget your umbrella. It's raining cats and dogs out there." Nin looked down at herself, her with blouse lazily pulled on, and her cotton faded pajama pants, decorated with baby chicks. Her house slippers were still on, and she could only imagine what her hair looked like.

"Shit!" Nin cried out loud, running up the stairs, cursing again when her leg collapsed inside the stairs, tearing the entire left pant leg. She made a mental note to fix her pants later, and the stairs. In her room, she grabbed the gray and blue plaid skirt, pulled them over her now bare legs, and grabbed the black blazer. Quickly she ran a brush through her hair, and put it up in a ponytail. Hastily running down the stairs, avoiding the hole, she grabbed an umbrella and her bag and ran out.


The world outside was entirely gray. In the distance, you could hear the distant thunder, and see the black clouds roll. Not even a peek of sunlight came out. It was all dark, gray, and entirely depressing. Typical Friday.

In groups, kids huddled together, sharing umbrellas, and occasionally slipping or stepping on worms. They all grouped away from the road, for each time a car went by, the water from the tires exploded onto the sidewalk.

Nin walked alone. She didn't have many friends, and she didn't want any either. Her only friend, Emma, always got dropped off to school, so that alone time on the walk to school helped her think. Emma was a loud, cute blabbermouth, that loved sweets and anything cute. Her blabbering would only halt her brain flow.

Okay, Nin thought to herself, I have to buy eggs, rice, tomatoes, and milk, after I go to my job at the bookstore. Then, I have to make dinner, do the laundry, study for math, and take out the trash. She sighed loudly, her posture sagging. Switching the hand she was currently holding the umbrella in, she sighed once more.

It's hard taking care of my family... Nin thought.

In the car accident one year ago, her father passed. He was a doctor, making most of the families money. Her mom was only working part time at a drugstore, and just suddenly, as fate hated them, the drugstore went out of business. That year was the worst. They spent one week on the streets, and they had to move, because the town they currently lived in didn't have any work. So the Aubrey family moved, Nin got a job, her mother currently trying to get one, and Gemma working when she could, except Nin didn't let her work for long periods of time. She didn't want Gemma's pure heart tainted by the burden of a job.

As Nin was thinking, she crossed the road just as the light turned green. She didn't notice the truck driver scream. "KID WATCH OUT!" he cried out in panic, desperately jerking the wheel to the right. Nin, as if in some sort of trance, gazed up slowly to meet the blinding lights of the truck. Her eyes widened in shock. She just stood there, frozen in fear. Then she closed her eyes, waiting for the impact.

The pain didn't come.

Nin felt herself being carried, a light feeling lifting her up, a warm, kind, familiar scent filling her up. She breathed in deeply. Is this... What it feels like to die? Nin thought, her eyes fluttering open. But... I still feel the rain,,,

Opening her eyes wider, blinking to clear the lights from her eyes, her own gray eyes met green ones. Her eyes traveled the stranger's face, gold bangs shading it, chiseled features, and a perfect nose. The stranger was a guy, and a handsome one, at that.

"What the Hell are you doing, idiot? Pay more attention." His voice snapped her out of it. Then she realized they were on the sidewalk, safe, and that she was wrapped up in his arms. Red rushed to her cheeks, and she smacked his arms away. She jumped to her feet, panting, hoping her bangs covered her blush. She looked up into his eyes, and when she did, his eyes widened, but his facial expression stayed emotionless.

"D-don't touch me, idiot!" Nin mentally cursed herself for stuttering, and for not apologizing. But her mind contradicted her. Nin stomped off in a huff, as the boy stared after her, then pulled out a picture. It was crumpled and soggy, but there was a picture of a girl. Namely, Nin.

"...I found you..."


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