A/N: I know I should be working on my "Life IV: Bonds of Life" story but I think I need a break from all the drama happening in there. Instead I decided to write something very different, something I've never attempted before. This story takes place partially from a dog's perspective and the actions the dog; "Koharuo" took leading to the humans bringing Koharuo's existence into question. But those questions aren't without selfish reasons. Read on to find out =). It also does question some ethics of our society, also commenting somewhat on how much superficial the world is now days. I hope you like this story. Please review if you can think of ways for me to improve or simply want to express your own thoughts on the topic itself in the review section.



Cry of the Innocence

Chapter 1: Creatures & Deed

"Blah! Blah! Blah!" is all I hear. I sit quietly wagging my tail to any who is still willing to show me their love. A world so noisy, so much I can't understand from their words, the only thing that lets me understand even a little is their body language. I sit in the corner with my head between my paws. A fight between these strange creatures that show me love, hatred, kindness and sadness rages on. One of them points at me shouting in a sharp tone, making quick body movements and eyes that glare deep into my lonely feelings. My master is no longer here, why? Because I killed him.

Another creature from the one glaring at me comes towards me and pats my head. I look up in the hope of being saved from this lonely hell I've damned myself to. Why did I kill my master some might question? Even though they may not be accepting of my true intentions, it was reality. My master was dying, and it was only a mercy to end his pain for all the times in his hard life he took care of me. A street dog thrown out into the rain no one wanted to care for. But only he appeared on one gloomy and a rainy day. He held me in his frail yet warm arms with a reassuring grip telling me it was all going to be okay. He tried to look for a home that would take me in, but no one wanted a street dog. We were slandered against as though we were some sort of disease and constantly hated by everyone. Even the little creatures that would throw stones at us while being happy. Inflicting pain on to others made them happy. I don't even remember how many bruises I got as I used to roam the streets looking for my next meal to survive on. Scavenging through garbage bins and whining to the creatures with food.

But he changed all that, he showed me the meaning of courage as he would stand up for me. But slowly even that courage fell apart as he was falling more and more succumbing to the illness which resided in him. It took him and brought him down from the brilliant sky he once walked upon to the hardness of the ground he laid upon. But even then, he would not stop to care for me. I remember seeing him crawl out of his bed to refill my food. I remember seeing him suffer so much as he would sweat with each crawl he took. He would leave a trail of sweat in his path and crawl back to his bed before another creature would come over to take care of his lunch and then come back for dinner. And yet all I could do was sit by his bed side in my best attempts to comfort him. All was in vain as his health would only falter more and more, I was powerless...always powerless from the beginning. When the little creatures threw stones at me, he would protect me with his body, when I needed food, he would give it to me. When I needed the comfort of knowing I exist, he would pet me with loving and compassionate eyes.

I'm back to the present from my reminiscence, and the kind looking creatures cuddles me in their arms gently kissing my head. I instinctively wag my tail a little, but the depression is greater than my joy. I'm a murderer, one who killed to put someone out of their pain. This must be my punishment for committing the deed of the devil. The mean looking one points to a paper, I don't know what it says. I can't read this at all, and then he points towards the bed my master once laid upon, the kinder looking creature walks up to him and starts arguing by the sounds of their tones. What is it they're arguing about? I don't know. But all I can remember is my crime and how I did it...

My master lay coughing on his bed, his coughs would echo through the house reaching my ears like a violent tornado. A cold wind blew outside with the cherry blossom tree close to our house blowing it's pretty leaves in the sky. Such a mystery that tree remains to me, such a mystery so many things in this world remain that I want to learn, that I want to know, but all I can do in the end is bark in the hopes that someone might understand. I've found a master who understands what I mostly want to say, but I can't understand him back, only his kind eyes show me his true desperate self. He is fighting to survive and so I walk up to his side laying down near the bed. He coughs more. I walk closer. He coughs. I sit at the bed side. He coughs again. I get up on the bed. He again coughs. I pat his head as he notices. His coughs begin to lighten as he says something, gratitude was all I felt. I cuddle up to him slowly dozing off to sleep as he does the same.

In the middle of the night I hear it again.

Cough! Cough! Cough! Only this time more violent than others. There is blood on the ground as he is crawling towards another room, that room had a circle like aperture with water pouring out into it, one where my master would stand every morning looking at himself. He crawls and I get up walking to his side. What can I do to soothe his pain? What can I do beside remain powerless? Fangs, claws...strength. That's right, I've been granted strength in these primitive and violent ways. What if I use that as my solution to this problem? Can I ever put my master out of his misery with such hurtful means? He will be dead if I do. But he will be out of this pain I witness in his soul. He will be free from these burdening illness. So I shall open my mouth to reveal my fangs, I'll walk close to him by his side like I did for so many years now. But this time I'll do it with selfish intentions of putting him out of his suffering. I stand in front of him as he looks at me confused. He calls out my name to which I feel a gleam of sadness brewing in my eyes as I see blood coming out of his mouth. "I'm sorry!" I want to say but he hears a sorrowful "Woof!" So there is nothing else to say now.

I open my mouth huffing as I summon the courage to do it. Breath in, I'll be helping him. Breath out, I'm not doing anything wrong. Breath in, I'm only doing this because it's all I can do. Breath out, because I'm powerless I know no other means. Breath in, open my mouth. Breath out, reveal my fangs. Breath in, trying to hold back a tear. Breath out, but the tear falls regardless. Breath in, I constrict my muscles to take a strong stance. Breath out, I jump. I'll always remember you master, forever you shall be there by my side both in memory and spirituality. Bite! Snap! It's done.

...Only after my crime against my master I realize in the present how lonely I'm now. Loneliness is a wall keeping me on one side away from everyone else; an unavoidable barrier in life.