A/N: Welcome back for one final run. This chapter tends to switch up perspective between Koharuo and Kei from time to time. I hope you've enjoyed my mini story here. I'll however say that for this one I had a major inspiration from the song "Cherish" by Naitomea; a visual kei band from Japan. And I hope you my dear readers love the ending as I personally felt it to be fitting for a short story and the message I was aiming for.



Chapter 3: Cherish

Thud! The loud noise of the barrier made when we break open through it. The big creatures and the little creatures walk beside me. The one that was angry before still glares at me, yet this time with something different in his eyes. It wasn't anger, he looks happy to be glaring at me. The kind creature looks at me with warm eyes yet a hint of regret present in there. And the little creature can't even look me in the eye anymore. Just what exactly happened?

It had something to do with them wanting to get something from my master's house. Or perhaps something from him, but now what does it matter? I did my part and they've done theirs by choosing to do what they wanted to with me. Beep! Beep! Beep! A noise comes from one of the areas where I see another creature like me and some more creatures like the ones that surround me. Slowly walking I see them doing something to the same creature as me. What is going to happen to me?

Koharuo looks inside the hospital room where the doctors try to treat the dying dog. But that's not why we brought Koharuo here. My mom, who teaches me to stand up for the right thing to do, is now deep in with the sharks, my uncle. They went for the money; put the cries of the innocent to be subdued by an undeserving punishment. A corrupt society and the innocent ignored, there is nothing to be proud of in this society. I can still remember the insurance agent coming over to inspect the whole situation...

Ding Dong! The bell rang nearly being drowned out by the noise of the rain. Outside a man in his thirties stood with an umbrella over his head as he subtly cursed the rain. I watched him through the side window ringing the bell again, waiting for my mom or uncle to answer. She comes through the room they were arguing in and notices me just staring at the man. She sighs at my inaction to open the door as I remain still holding Koharuo in my arms. My name is scum. It echoes over and over again in my head. I'm Scum. Society has made me to be a scum; humans have made society to be a scum.

The man walks in, his face seems to be deprived off all emotions. He doesn't want to be here in this place of anger, hatred, greed and death. He throws a look my way and at Koharuo as he proceeds to remove his shoes, removing his coat and gently setting it on the ground he follows my mother to the room of my uncle's death. A notebook in his hand probably filled with standard questions they have to ask along with take notes for filing in a report later. I follow them to the doorway of that room as I then stop myself from entering. I didn't want to go in a place of death either, but Koharuo could so bravely sit in there without even showing any signs of response. But then again was I actually right in my thinking. As soon as Koharuo saw that room, his tail stopped wagging, just five minutes ago it was wagging like crazy as he played in my arms. So what's so different now? I look into his eyes and a glimmer of regret hints at me. "Are you regretting what you did Koharuo?" I ask knowing I'm only talking to myself here.

He walks around the room inspecting it slowly. Taking note of the most crucial details to this case, the man remains clear of the blood stains on the ground as he looks away in disgust. Shouldn't they be used to seeing this? Must be a first timer perhaps I thought looking at his carefulness around the scene. But then again it was only natural for him to be this careful right? If they needed evidence later and it was accidently incriminated, then what would be the point to this whole investigation? What would be the point to this whole sense of corruption in the society? Evidence...incrimination, what if I do it? Koharuo, you would be safe then won't you? But isn't that wrong? And anyways how would I even accomplish that?

The man takes notes in his little notebook as he studies the blood stains on the floor now and the stains on the wall. He walks to another room following a set of bloody paw footprints; Koharuo never stood a chance of covering his crime up. But then again, did he ever intend to? While we humans live in fear, other animals just tend to follow the times and their mood. Koharuo slowly nudges at my chin asking for attention, I pat his head feeling another batch of tears coming up. "Ugh" I try to hold them back feeling like crap for doing this. I don't deserve to show you this love, no human deserves to show you this love Koharuo, because we're the scum of society who will take an innocent life.

People will never be able to see from the perspective of other species to understand the actions you took being the right ones. They will only see themselves and corruption to further their own living. Scums, scums, scum's! All of us...trash. We will sacrifice other species of animals for our own advancement. We're not deserving of the things we build, we're all rotten to the core who can only find redemption in death perhaps. Koharuo looks at me and starts whining. He senses my distress. I look down to him, start crying and he stands on his back legs, raises one paw quickly. Pat! He is patting my head. Even though we are so cruel you choose to show us this compassion.

Why are you crying little creature? I wonder this as I pat its head. The big creature in the other place is gone now, were you afraid of him? He is gone so you no longer need to be afraid now. The one in reality who is afraid is me, for I've lost my only supporting beam in this world as I took his life with my own fangs. I'm sorry my master but I could not bear to see your suffering, we both knew it had to end at one time or another and so I only decided to make it sooner than later.

I regret what I've done master, but I also feel happy knowing that you're now permanently free from the physical pain and bounds of this world. Maybe I was a bit too depressed before recalling my crime, but I realize what's important is that I remember the memories we made together. I loved you and I know you loved me. The large creature that came into this territory in this rain before, the one who is looking around with something in his hand as his other hand moves on it is now coming out towards me. That creature bends down towards me looking up at the little creatures, makes an attempt at moving his mouth. That expression, I remember it was the same expression my master made to show that he was happy and friendly. No, I know this is not my master so he is not worthy of being compared to him.

Master was a very brave creature who fought to his last few minutes in this world. I followed my instincts to set him free and he stands by my side even now. He may be gone physically but he is there spiritually for me. I'll remember you, always remember you.

..."Blah Blah Blah" the creatures talk. This place seems to cold as though death stares directly into it. Thud! The barrier opens as we enter. More creatures stand in this place. One of them leads me to a bed, it's warm, comforting but missing the warmth I really want. My master, am I coming to join you soon? I look up at the little creature who is now crying as he hides behind another creature. Why do you cry little one? Why? I try to look at them with proud eyes.

Koharuo looks up at me without any fear of death. Why aren't you afraid? Death is an unknown territory and far too unpredictable to be treading in. The doctors in the white coat prepare an injection; they take the liquid that will do its dirty deed of taking any innocent life. I can't bear this; I'm just a little kid who is already thrown into the pit with the vipers of corruption. Greed, selfishness and carelessness for the innocent cries, this is what our society has been reduced to. I want to crush it all and rebuild it from the bottom up. I want to make sure nothing like this happens again with what is going on with Koharuo. I want to give a better life, a better hope I think no longer being able to hold back the tears. My mother holds me in her arms crying along, she knows it's wrong yet she still chooses to do it. Money, damn you, I'll curse you forever staining our hands and making us scum's. I'll forever hate you for drowning out the cry of the innocence in the massive well overflowing with its dark corruption. I'll forever hate.

The tears fall down from the little creature's eyes. No longer being able to witness such sad energy from them I get up walking to them. I cuddle to the little ones foot as he bends down from the slender creature who was kind enough to pat my head. The little one hugs me as I lick them in return. Are you happy now little one? I don't want to see anyone sad? Is it because of what I did that I made you sad? If I did then I'm sorry but I cannot undo what's already been done. So don't cry little one, and you to slender one as you've been kind do me as well. I look at the angry one who was arguing with the slender one before and that one looks away with sad eyes. Why are you looking away? Weren't you the one who was directing their anger at me? You don't get the right to look away. Aren't we here because of you? I may not be able to speak your language but your energies will not lie to me, I'm the main subject here.

The slender one bends down and I lick her face to, fresh tears escape her eyes. Why is everyone so sad? What I did was that much of a mistake to them all? I helped my master ascend from his pain, why is it a mistake to ease someone's heart of the burdens no one else was willing to help carry? I look up at the little one who is cuddled up to the slender one crying. One of the other creatures dressed in the same color as a few others walks up to me. They hold out their limb, guiding me to the bed they had prepared...cold, the bed is too cold now. I sit down as that other creature walks away to their group. They seem to be doing something I can't see nor understand. That same creature then walks out and says something; I look back at the group of creatures that brought me here. The angry one runs out the door covering their face, did I see a hint of tears for a second? I don't know.

The slender one turns around not looking at me any longer, is that one too mad or too sad now? And the little one looks at me with tears overflowing in its eyes. I thought I patted that one's head, maybe I didn't do it well enough. But now these other creatures aren't going to give me the chance to. The creatures of the same color take out something; it was sharp, frightening and was filled with intentions of death. Done, I'm done for. This is why I was brought here and perhaps this is why they're crying. So this is what that strange man in my master's house said to everyone that time. What's the benefit in this? I guess it's whatever they want from my master's house, that's the benefit. I look to my side and see my master kneeling down beside me. I could see through him but I could feel his hand settle down gently on my fur. He would always be there and I'm soon coming to join you now. Maybe then we can go for a walk like you wanted to all these years.

My last words; little one, don't cry and look bravely to a new tomorrow. I did my part to remain loyal to my master but other creatures didn't see it as such. I'm punished with death. I look to you to find that inner strength.

Koharuo looks into my eyes with strong eyes. How can you be so strong when death is just approaching you now? For my uncle and mother to get rich they have to kill you. A world filled with scum who only look to further themselves at the cost of others. This is a cruel world without remorse, a world of regret and so this is perhaps what humans sought in the end.

The little one's eye glimmers still with sadness. That's right; I can't talk in their ways, so I can't tell him to be strong like they could to one another. But I'll try to tell you from my eyes to not worry. I know my master is waiting; I'm going to join him soon. And out of all this, I'll remember the most important thing. Fear not little one, for I'll cherish every moment in my life. The little time I spent with you I'll always cherish because you made me feel comforted after I committed my deed. I'll cherish my memories with my master. I'll cherish the moments in my life that allowed me to grow strong. The needle approaches as it eats at away at my skin entering my body. The painful sensation is there, but it is overwhelmed by my proud feelings to have lived the way I did. I'll always remember you all, I'll always remember everything and most of all, and I'll always remember I lived in this world with my master. My eyes begin to close with my vision blurring. Darkness it everywhere slowly encroaching to the center of my vision, and death is at my doorstep. But that doesn't matter for I'll cherish. My lungs begin to struggle for air, my heart beats slow down as my head falls to the bed. This is death. But the only thing I can feel going through my mind is to always remember to be strong and cherish, cherish...cherish...cherish...

A/N: So some ending huh? Kind of a sad ending but I suppose it should feel that way. The message in reality is that for our own human benefit we sometimes tend to sacrifice other animals. And the laws of society even allow it, which in my view is outrageous and unjust. I hope you've all enjoyed the story and take away something from this to think about. If you've some opinions to express on this issue, I encourage you to do so in the reviews section. Helps me see what my readers also think about such things. If you've any suggestions to help improve my writing, then also don't hesitate to leave a review =). Hope you've enjoyed this little mini story.

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