Carly loved video games. She didn't get to play them much, because she didn't have any video game systems so she only got to play them when she was at a friend's house. Today, she was playing a dating sim, one she hadn't played before, called, True Love is Hard to Find.

You could get together with one out of five boys.

There was Xavier. He was an american rock star with beautiful blond hair, and golden eyes.

There was Clark, a British boy a sexy accent, silver hair, and green eyes.

Third was Sam, a boy with dark black hair, and equally as dark eyes.

Fourth was Derek, a Mexican boy with choclate skin, and flowing black hair.

Last, was Ranson, a boy with shockingly pink hair that went to his waist, with matching pink eyes.

Apparently they all went to the same highschool, and she was a new student.

She stared at the screen, trying to judge who she wanted to get together with based on first appearances. But you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. She would just play the game and see who she fit most. After all, the character's didn't have descriptions. Her friend, Maddy, said that it was a game that took a few days to finish, so she was looking forward to it.

"Hey, are you playing the game?" Maddy called to her from a different room.

"Yep! Can you get me a drink of water?" she called, brushing her black hair behind her ear, and leaning forward to see the screen better, pushing her glasses up higher.

"Sure." her nice friend said, and she heard her walking away. "Wait for me to get back! I'll watch you play!"


She waited and waited, but after awhile, started to get bored. Jeez, why was her friend taking so long to get her water? The sink was only a few feet from here!

Suddenly the computer stoarted making weird noises. She leaned over to insect it, and saw a light flashing off and on. She backed up to unplug it, but in the process, she unplugged the cord.

"Darn." she said, getting on her knees to plug it back in. When she put it in, she felt a shock so strong that it made her scream, and she fell unconcious instantly.

When she woke up, she knew right away she wasn't in Maddy's house. She was at the front of a school. What was she doing here? She got up and looked around. She didn't recognize the school, or any of the people going in.

She was scared. What was going on? She stuttered and sputtered as people went by, trying to ask where she was, and why she was here, but she was too afraid.

"Hey, are you okay?" a voice asked her and when she turned around, Carly saw a boy with pink hair, down to his waist. His eyes were pink too. Her eye's widened.

It was impossible.

But it looked just like him.

"W-what's your name?" she asked, and he smiled warmly.

"I'm Ranson."

End of chapter 1

So short! That's because I'm scared to publish it. I'm not very good. Scary! Please be nice, this is my first story! Help me! Thank my friend, Alatum Cloud for telling me to write this!