I am breathing deep, filling my lungs with acceptance, exhaling release.

The soft pitter-pater of rain against my window soothes me, as I repeat my practice. Feeling a sense of stillness in the air, a peace within me spreads from my core. I wrap myself in a thick, warm blanket of serenity.

The rain picks up. No longer a softer pitter-pater but a strong drum beat that threatens to smash the fragile glass. Closing my eyes, I can feel the drum beat vibrating throughout my being. Growing, spreading, till it becomes one with my heart. Rooting itself there, it pounds against my rib cage. Slowly beating faster until there's a raging tempest in my chest, begging to be let lose. I want nothing more than to let it free, to let it do its havoc, but I keep up with my practice.

After what seems like an eternity, the rain slowly subsides. The storm inside me fades along with the rain. Still continuing my practice, I'm left with a sense of slight understanding and oneness with the beast inside of me. I have taimned it for now. Until another storm comes along to encourage it forth, but until then, I'm safe. Safe from myself.